How to punish a dog: education, methods and means, advice from experienced dog handlers

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How to punish a dog: education, methods and means, advice from experienced dog handlers
How to punish a dog: education, methods and means, advice from experienced dog handlers

Video: How to punish a dog: education, methods and means, advice from experienced dog handlers

Video: How to punish a dog: education, methods and means, advice from experienced dog handlers
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Raising a dog is quite an interesting process. The most important thing is not to be lazy and start learning from an early age. It is easier to find a common language with puppies, they are easier to educate. At the same time, we must not forget that a dog is a predator that can even attack its owner.

Often, domesticated animals try to show by their behavior that they are the leaders here. You must immediately make it clear who is in charge in your house. Therefore, punishing a dog is not only possible, but necessary. But not all owners know how to properly punish a dog. Some believe that the regular use of physical force is the most reliable and proven method over the years. But is it?

can you punish a dog
can you punish a dog

Who is the boss

Dog upbringing is built on mutual love. If you constantly apply physical force to your pet, then it is unlikely that he will love you and begin to obey. It is important to be flexible and kind.towards your pet. Since puppies are more sociable, it will be much easier to establish contact with them. Adult dogs (especially those taken from a shelter) may be distrustful and show aggression towards a new owner. You must clearly understand that it is not the dog that is to blame for this behavior, but the hard life that he led before you appeared. Perhaps he had to endure beatings and ill-treatment more than once. Establishing a relationship with such an animal will not be so easy. Patience and your kind heart will help.

Everyone who wants to teach something to their pet should be able to control their emotions, be as restrained as possible. You should not immediately beat the dog if it gnawed on a new sofa or shat in slippers. But you can't do nothing either. Otherwise, your pet will learn that everything is allowed to him. Then it will be very difficult to correct his behavior.

There are a few simple rules that will help the owner to improve relations with the dog:

  • Regular outdoor walks.
  • Friendship, games.
  • Delicious gifts. This is not about sweets and cakes, but about a bone, a piece of meat.

It is also very important to show the dog who is the boss in the house. For this you need:

  • Do not allow jumping on the bed or sofa.
  • Reprimand if the dog tries to steal something from the table.
  • Teach your pet standard commands every day (sit, lie down, etc.).
  • Praise good behavior.

You can't punish a dog with food. Only stupid people can advise this. But deprivationa fascinating walk for a pet is a very effective and safe method for he alth. Deprivation of a walk that is exciting, that is, communication with other dogs. Walking the dog, of course, is necessary. Otherwise, he will be forced to defecate at home.

how to punish a dog
how to punish a dog

During a walk in the fresh air, it is necessary to teach the dog to walk next to the owner. If the pet behaves aggressively, then you can put on a collar and keep it on a short leash.

When to punish

Many amateur dog breeders make a gross mistake by punishing their pets for an offense that has been several hours since. If you were at work and did not see how your pet shit on the sofa or nibbled on it, then you do not need to take a belt and conduct educational activities. A dog can only remember events for a couple of hours. If you punish her for a trick that she has already forgotten about, then there will be no point in your actions. Even if you poke the dog's muzzle into a puddle on the floor, he still won't understand anything.

You need to punish the dog at the time of the "crime" or immediately after it.

How to punish a dog for disobedience? Many dog breeders believe that it is enough to deprive a walk (but not a walk in order for the dog to relieve himself). Let's explain the difference. While walking the dog, you need to give the dog time to go to the toilet. During a walk, she can play with other members of the genus or with the owner, explore the territory. if the dog is punished, it is not allowed.

Very important to followfor your mood. If the dog scratched the furniture, and the owner scolded it strongly, because he was angry at that moment, and the next time he just laughed at it, then the dog will not understand whether he is doing the right thing or not. It is always necessary to punish for the same offenses. Here are two ways to punish a dog.

Reprimand the culprit

Choosing a dog for wrongdoing is the easiest and safest method. How to punish a dog if it shits at home or behaves inappropriately? You need to learn how to scold her correctly. It is not recommended to raise your voice, hoping to achieve positive results. It often happens that in such cases the pet begins to growl at its owner, it can even bite. You need to control yourself and learn to work in stages: call the dog (by name), make an angry facial expression and scold, but without raising your tone.

dog snaps when you punish him
dog snaps when you punish him

If a dog snaps when you punish him, it means that he does not recognize the authority of his master. The reasons for this behavior can be very different, but the main one is that at some point mistakes were made in education. As a result, the dog began to consider his position as such that everything is permissible for him. Yelling at her and hitting her in such situations is impossible. Re-education should be done by all family members. You need to stop showing your dog your great love for him (hug him, kiss him, treat him with delicious treats). It is necessary to calmly but persistently seek from her the fulfillment of all reasonable and necessary commands (“Come to me!”,"Place!" and so on).

How to punish a dog with physical force

There are strict rules about when physical force can be used on a dog. For example, it is allowed to hit a dog if it throws itself at others and does not react to numerous comments. As a rule, receiving spanking from the owner over and over again, the dog begins to understand that he is doing bad things. But you shouldn't hit too often. Regular beatings will turn a beloved and kind pet into a nervous and cowardly creature that will hide or whine at the sight of the owner.

What can you beat a dog with? The best option is folded newspaper. Such a whip will frighten the dog more than bring him pain. Under no circumstances should a stick, belt or other device be used. Punishing a dog with a leash is also the wrong decision. In this case, you can ensure that your pet flatly refuses to use the leash for its intended purpose. The following are situations in which you can hit a dog:

  • Shows outbursts of aggression at passers-by.
  • Does not respond to multiple comments.
  • Trying to bite on the hand when food has fallen off the table and the person is trying to pick it up.
  • Throws at children or elderly family members.

It happens that a dog, when you scold it, starts to growl strongly, thereby trying to show that it is in charge here. In this case, experienced cynologists advise to sharply grab the dog by the neck and press it to the ground. This is exactly what pack leaders do when someone disobeys them.

howpunish the dog if it shits at home
howpunish the dog if it shits at home

Water treatments

Water is the most annoying thing that dogs try not to come into contact with. Thanks to water procedures, you can quickly and painlessly cool your pet's ardor and teach him obedience. The liquid should be cool, not hot. Do not pour a whole bucket on the dog. One large mug is enough.

How to punish a dog with water? Dog handlers recommend using a spray bottle. Started growling? Got a soft toy? you need to spray on the pet several times so that he stops his actions and learns that this is not necessary. Training a dog is a long and painstaking job. There are many ways to raise a pet.

Playgrounds for dogs
Playgrounds for dogs

First way

If it is not possible to instill good manners in a dog and teach it to perform various commands, then you can give it to a professional trainer. An experienced trainer with knowledge in the field of zoopsychology will quickly teach a pet to listen to its owner.

However, now few people give their beloved pet to the so-called dog school for a long time. Why do this if you can raise a four-legged friend on your own, but under the supervision of an experienced dog handler?

Second way

Every city has specially built areas for walking and training dogs, where you can train with other dog breeders under the guidance of a professional trainer.

This method is quite effective if there are not very many people on the site at the same timeMany animals. Otherwise, they will be distracted and interfere with each other to carry out commands. Some cynologists argue that dogs tend to imitate. No studies have been conducted on this statement, so it is impossible to say for sure whether this is actually true. However, dog owners claim that their pets learn science faster if they have a positive example in front of their eyes.

Is it possible to punish a dog in front of others? Of course! By shaming your dog, you can be sure that the offense for which he was scolded will not be repeated.

Third way

The last method is considered the most effective and is recommended by experienced cynologists. Raising a dog takes place without strangers. The owner independently teaches the dog to follow commands, based on theoretical knowledge, own experience (if any) and expert advice.

You can't punish a dog if it doesn't follow commands right away, because all animals have different intelligence. However, for a correctly executed command, the reward should follow immediately. In addition, the pet must be praised.

punish the dog with food
punish the dog with food

Forbidden methods

Every person who raises their dog should know a few important rules that must be observed at all times:

  1. You can't raise your voice at the dog. Small individuals can get very frightened and become cowardly, while large ones can bite.
  2. Locking a dog in a room without food and water is unacceptable.
  3. If the animal bowed its head in front of the owner and pressedtail, which means that it has realized its mistake and sincerely repents. You must immediately stop scolding the dog and let him go about his business.
  4. If you beat a dog with a chain or a leash, then soon it will begin to be afraid of these accessories. It will no longer be possible to put a muzzle and a collar on her.

You should always punish your pet for any misconduct. If this is not done, then he will feel like a leader or head of the family.

how to punish a dog
how to punish a dog


A dog is man's best friend. For this friendship to be strong, it is necessary to persevere in training. You need to punish the dog in such a way that your actions do not cause hatred or hostility in the pet. Punishment is necessary only as an educational measure. Doing this for pleasure or to demonstrate your power is unacceptable. Also, you can’t take out your grievances or bad mood on your pet.

This article discussed how to properly punish your dog. If you follow the above rules and listen to the advice of experienced dog handlers, then raising a pet will bring a lot of positive emotions.