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How to choose a wife? What should be the ideal wife
How to choose a wife? What should be the ideal wife

Many men are interested in the burning question that becomes the dilemma of a lifetime: "How to choose a wife?" The strong sex is full of endless criteria regarding their future halves, and therefore the most used list of qualities of an ideal beauty is presented to your attention.

how to choose a wife
how to choose a wife

Age limits

In order to determine the most popular age limits for the fair sex, often chosen as wives, it is necessary to refer to a survey of gerontologists and psychologists. The best age that a beautiful wife has is considered to be between twenty-three and twenty-seven years old.

If she is a little younger than the established framework, then it is believed that the fair sex does not have sufficient property, social status, or useful character traits. If her age is much less than the established criterion, therefore, the young person needs to know by heart all the articles of the Criminal Code relating to the seduction of persons under the age of 16. Therefore, you should keep in mind that eighth graders with huge and beautiful eyes will not fit into the category of "ideal and young wife." It is up to you to decide whether it is good or bad to adhere to this point of view, but life experience shows that maturity of character comes only with years and experience.

Education and education

If, analyzing all the qualities of a wife, you touched on education, then you cannot do without the help of highly qualified teachers, the Ministry of Education, heads of personnel departments or, in extreme cases, grandmothers from the entrance! This, of course, is a lyrical digression, but education should be present as a personality trait for every self-respecting girl!

However, as practice shows, educated girls with a developed intellect in all ways and ways strive to get a higher education. In any case, if there is nothing to talk about with your girlfriend, or if she does not understand elementary life issues and problems, you should think about her role in your life.

how millionaires choose their wives
how millionaires choose their wives

Marital status

How to choose a good wife? Being in search of an answer to the question posed, it is necessary to ste althily look into the passport of the chosen person. If there is a column on divorce, with a closer acquaintance you should find out about all the circumstances of what happened.

As a rule, smart and self-respecting girls do not allow rash serious decisions in the form of imminent marriage. However, situations in life are different, so you should unobtrusively understand what happened.in her fate a drama about family life.

And, of course, a girl should not be in the status of a married woman, as this creates not only obstacles for the further development of relations, but also catches her in a lie. And even if such an unpleasant incident happened, then even the most beautiful wife cannot be a faithful companion, therefore, the status of “ideal” is not assigned to such a lady.

Question of nationality

The problem of nationality is by far the most relevant, as young people of various ethnic groups experience some difficulties in communicating with their parents. If there are no barriers of this kind in your head, you will easily find your life partner.

However, the rich wives of modern men, as practice shows, will never wear a hijab, veil or kimono, if there is no special theme or occasion in a modern European state. Thus, modern men, to the question: “How to choose a wife?”, Answer the following: “She must have a European appearance, have luxurious long hair, cook well and wear skirts - these are the main selection criteria.”

beautiful wife
beautiful wife

Height: short or tall?

The question of the ideal growth is largely decided by purely individual preferences. But there are also several opinions on this issue:

  1. If you prefer a girl of standard height, you will never be able to experience unusual sensations in communication, intimate life, the spiritual sphere, everyday life and so on. As practice shows, women are very smallor of great stature have exceptional character traits, instilled by the amazement of others by the features of the meter mark on the wall.
  2. Since it is not easy to choose a wife, it is prudent and correct to give preference to the option of "medium or short height". In any situation, you can look down on your companion and not deprive her of the opportunity to put on her favorite heels. But, again, your decision depends on your own preferences and characteristics of your own growth.

Weight and figure

The issue of weight is directly related to the figure of the fair sex. In this situation, the arrow of the scales can be deceiving, as the structural features of the body speak for themselves.

As for the figure, now girls of athletic build are especially popular and everyone's attention. This does not mean at all that you need to settle in the gym and start gaining mass under a pile of iron. Not! You just need to keep yourself in good physical shape, sometimes "dry" and regularly give the body physical activity. So you will become not only the owner of a chic and alluring body, but you will also observe one more criterion when answering the question: “What should an ideal wife be like?”

Russian wives
Russian wives

Flying walk

When wondering how to choose a wife, pay attention to the gait of all the fair sex who make up the immediate environment. When determining this criterion, it is also useful to simply observe others.

What does the "perfect walk" mean?Men describe this phenomenon in the following words: “A perfect and eye-catching gait is a blurry silhouette on the horizon, causing a passionate desire to get to know a lady without even seeing her face.” Effortless ease, natural movements, a certain rhythm - this is not taught in model school. One of the above gesture or qualities in itself will go unnoticed, but together they give an amazing result and attract men like a sweet piece of cake. It is worth noting that Russian wives have the most flying gait in the universe, as their men are the most courageous, capable of inspiring the lady of their heart every day!

A couple of words about appearance

How do millionaires choose their wives? A similar question is asked by many men and women, since it is believed that rich men have all the options open to them, but this opinion is considered erroneous.

If the first thing you think of when you see a woman walking down the street is: “Gorgeous breasts!”, you are looking at a far from ideal wife. The issue of appearance is not determined only by the dimensions of the body, since this is a wide field for women's work. As the magnificent Coco Chanel said: "There are no ugly women, there are only lazy ones." Seductive bulges of one part of the body, of course, look like the dignity of a beautiful lady, but appearance is always evaluated in aggregate. Here you should definitely pay attention to the condition of the hair - clean and neatly styled; nails - decorated manicure; faces - beautiful and discreet makeup; figures - a slightly pumped up body will not be left withoutmale attention; clothing style - no non-standard solutions, only if any element fits well into the gamut of the image as a whole.

what should be the ideal wife
what should be the ideal wife

Tender voice

Many Russian wives complain that a loving man does not pay attention to them and does not utter affectionate words. Not understanding the reason, many leave the issue without trial, bring the matter to terrible quarrels and, ultimately, to divorce. But the point is the lack of a trembling and tender image.

Judge for yourself: at the moment, a parody of a screaming woman in the kitchen, scolding her husband for minor flaws, does not surprise anyone. Moreover, the audience laughs contagiously at the presented images, understanding the inevitable reality. But every man, being in search of an answer to the question: “What should be an ideal wife?”, Wants to hear compliments addressed to him from the lips of an angelic creature with an angelic voice every day.

As a rule, men are attracted to a thin voice. The words of such a woman sound soft and gentle, forcing you to catch every sound and listen to every phrase. This does not mean that you need to whisper pleasantly … Not at all. This fact only shows that if you want to get the status of an ideal wife, you need to work hard not only on your appearance and character, but also on the timbre of your voice.

What should be the ideal wife and her sense of humor

Remember: the woman you love should not be entertaining, but a sense of humor is a necessary selection criterion. In the presencethe fair sex, with a good sense of humor, you can always show off bright erudition, compatible with wit. Having told a good joke, you can be sure that it will not go unnoticed!

Moreover, someone with a good sense of humor is able to not only understand your jokes in any situation, but is also able to laugh at herself. And if she can let go of a bright phrase in the company of your friends - immediately lead her down the aisle! To understand whether a woman has a sense of humor is extremely simple, you just have to joke a couple of times on a first date.

What should be the salary?

The ideal wife, even if her age varies within two and a half dozen, should have a useful profession that is welcomed in society. Her salary should be enough to take care of the comfort and well-being of a man, as well as allow her to create an ideal wardrobe and devote some pleasant procedures to her body and face.

However, keep in mind that such a criterion will be present only in the process of developing the relationship "a young man - a beloved girl." In the event that you, as a couple, enter the stage of marriage, all expenses will fall on the general family budget.

qualities of a wife
qualities of a wife

He alth: quality, without which nowhere

The first and most important reason for having this criterion is that the ideal companion never has a headache. If you look at how millionaires choose their wives, you will see only loving and caring representatives of beauty next to them.sex, at least in public.

Only your charm and charisma can put such a woman to bed, but certainly not severe flu attacks. Of course, everyone has the right to catch a cold once a year, but constant illness and complaints show the failure of the female body, and therefore the least ability to bear a he althy child - after all, this is what attracts male men.

The most important thing is character

"A woman with character" is just the expression that men will not always like! The ideal wife should always shine and be irresistible. If you are used to numerous reproaches, dreary whining or despondency - the image of an ideal woman does not fit with your personality, because men love affectionate, caring and obedient.

Great character lies not only in radiant smiles and good mood, but also a bit of discontent. The only condition that must be observed in this situation is that your man should immediately find out the reason for his bad mood! And momentarily, and not after several months during a quarrel!

Another feature that distinguishes the ideal character from the temperament of an ordinary modern woman is that she not only knows how to have serious conversations, but also start them at the right moment and at the right time. This means that after a tense meeting or in the process of solving work issues, you should not distract a man from work, since it is terribly difficult for the representatives of the stronger sex to quickly switch from one problem to another. Surely sensibleyou won’t get a solution to the problem, but you can spoil your mood pretty badly. At home, you can always turn to your loved one for help, as well as solve all your concerns.

wife age
wife age

Following all the above criteria, you can appear before a man as an ideal wife, but the most important condition is to have true and sincere love for him!

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