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Applique of leaves on a sheet of paper

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Applique of leaves on a sheet of paper
Applique of leaves on a sheet of paper

Autumn colors the trees in bright colors. All kids like to play with colored leaves. They are happy to collect them and bring them home. This natural material makes excellent applications. From leaves, preschoolers enthusiastically lay out animals or trees, simultaneously developing imagination, diligence, fine motor skills and artistic taste.

Collecting materials

Autumn is the best time to hunt for beautiful leaves. At this time, they delight the eye with bright colors, an unusual combination of shades. However, natural materials for leaf applications can be collected in other seasons.

In spring and summer, lush greenery appears on the meadows, wild flowers bloom. Do not be too lazy to select the brightest and strongest of them while walking, trips to nature, relaxing in the country. In addition to grass, in the summer you can stock up on down and ears of corn. In winter, pay attention to tree seeds. Lionfish wings from maple or alder will perfectly fit into a children's application, as well as mountain ash and needles. The more diverse the collected material, thefinished works are more creative and unusual.

Drying leaves

In addition to natural material, to create crafts you will need: paper, glue and a brush. In some cases, scissors, felt-tip pens and paints will come in handy. It is easier for kids under 3 years old to work with freshly plucked leaves and plants. They are stronger and do not crumble in the hands. Older children will cope with applications from dried leaves.

drying autumn leaves
drying autumn leaves

There are three ways to dry:

  • Leaves are inserted between the pages of a thick book. It is better to lay them with paper napkins on both sides. The whole process takes several days.
  • Iron drying. To avoid leaving prints on the ironing board, place thick paper under the bottom. Top the leaves with a newspaper or a napkin.
  • Microwave drying. You will need utensils for microwave cooking. We remove two covers from it, put leaves between them and turn on the device.

Applique technique

Before doing the work, cover the table with oilcloth, prepare all the necessary materials. Decide on the plot of the future picture. To create an applique of leaves on a sheet of paper, first lay out the planned composition. You may want to make some changes, try different placements of the natural material.

autumn paalication
autumn paalication

When the result suits everyone, you can take on the glue. It is more convenient for a child to apply it with a brush. It is better to coat the leaves around the edges. If glue is applied tothe entire surface, after drying the picture will warp. Place the finished application under the press of heavy books. Let her lie like this for one or two days. To make the work please you longer, insert it into a glass frame. Now you can decorate a child's room with a picture, brag to your relatives or give your grandmother a birthday present.

Crafts for the little ones

Children under 3 years old find it difficult to come up with a plot for a picture on their own. However, it is very useful for them to sort out and lay out autumn leaves, spread them with glue. All this develops fine motor skills, and hence speech. The simplest craft that kids at 1.5 years old can handle is the Autumn Leaves applique. It will require a sheet of colored paper. The child glues autumn leaves on the base, placing it at his own discretion.

learning colors with autumn leaves
learning colors with autumn leaves

Parents can draw a landscape with trees. Then the kid sticks leaves that hang on branches or fall off in the wind. Children 2-3 years old learn to distinguish colors and sizes. It is useful to create compositions from leaves, lay them out in order of increase or decrease, from the lightest shade to the darkest.

Teach children to lay out ornaments in which elements alternate in a certain way. For example, spread birch leaves between maple leaves. You can lay out the pattern, and then invite the baby to continue it on his own. Such tasks contribute to the development of logical thinking.

Leaf animals

Older kids like to put it on paperfunny little animals or men. Applications from autumn leaves allow you to create butterflies, fish, chickens, bunnies, firebirds, hedgehogs and other animals. Girls can come up with an unusual dress for a fairy princess, boys - a headdress for an Indian. Before starting work on the basis, make a pencil sketch of the future picture so that the child can see where to stick the leaves.

autumn leaves animals
autumn leaves animals

The following types of applications are distinguished:

  • Invoice. The leaves are simply stacked one on top of the other, which creates a funny character. Plant seeds and dried berries can also be used to create a picture. Separate details are allowed to finish. In this way, you can make quite complex images by gluing leaves in several layers and playing with shades.
  • Silhouette. From autumn leaves, the child cuts out the details of the desired shape, creating beautiful pictures.
  • Modular. For such an application, leaves similar in shape, color and size are selected. They are used to make tails for birds, scales for fish, a skirt for a fairy.
  • Symmetrical. The right and left halves of the butterfly are created from the same leaves. The same applies to the wings of a dragonfly or a soaring firebird.

Coming up with stories

Children over 5 years old can become the authors of complex applications from leaves on paper. They are quite capable of recreating the autumn landscape. Symmetrical pictures look interesting, where the forest is reflected in the water.

landscape of autumn leaves
landscape of autumn leaves

Using leaves, you can recreate an underwaterworld with colorful fish and algae. Also, the child can combine several characters in one plot, telling his story. These may be sketches from the poultry yard, where the rooster is raising chickens. Or maybe a forest fairy tale about the adventures of hedgehogs, bunnies and squirrels.

The possibilities for artistic combinations are truly endless. Let your child experiment with leaves to develop their imagination and creativity. Works that combine different materials look good: plants, colored paper, pebbles, cereals, small shells.

Appliques from leaves teach children to see the beauty around them, to notice something unusual in everyday things. In addition, they develop perseverance, so such activities are useful for hyperactive, inattentive children.

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