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How to recognize a frivolous relationship: signs
How to recognize a frivolous relationship: signs

She browsed thematic sites, choosing a wedding dress. The friends made bets on who would be the lucky one to catch the bride's bouquet. He watched football with friends and did not even know that his girlfriend was waiting for an offer. By what signs can you understand that a man considers a relationship frivolous? Is this even possible?

Let's get acquainted, let's get married

dating for casual relationships

At all times there were jokes about the fact that the girl begins to get ready for the wedding, only catching the interested look of the gentleman. And if it came to a date, you can choose the name of the future joint child. It's just not fun at all later, when hopes are not justified. The girl's soul can suffer from resentment and disappointment for a long time, trying to find the reasons for failure. Is it possible already at the first stages to determine what are the true motives of a man? How to understand that for him this is another acquaintance for a frivolous relationship?

As soon as the first women's magazines appeared, it becameobviously: the love theme is the most popular among the population. Universal tips on attracting suitors and secrets on how to get married faster have always been in special demand. In the modern era of the Internet, recipes for a successful life have become especially common. Popular authors claim that they know all the signs of a frivolous relationship. It is worth considering the main ones in more detail.

Man does not talk about his childhood

frivolous attitude of the girl

It is alleged that a person in love will definitely want to share memories of his youth. However, it would be worth clarifying here: having a desire and doing are not the same thing. Maybe the groom feels the need to pour out his soul, only the previous unsuccessful experience of revelations stops him. And this applies not only to the male population. Almost everyone can remember a situation when, having trusted their childhood experiences, they had to bitterly regret it. What is dear and touching to the survivor turns out to be funny and stupid to the listener. Not having received the expected reaction, a person becomes isolated and promises himself to be more restrained in the future. But often the one who was entrusted with a secret allows himself to joke about this for years and aggravate the situation. So the lack of revelations about the first semolina can hardly be considered a reliable sign of a frivolous relationship.

This terrible ex

Another self-confident statement that the guy clearly considers his girlfriend an empty place is based on his unwillingness to talk about past relationships. For some reason, it is believed that if the previous union is validclosed to continue, then it should be easy to talk about it. Otherwise, the lover should be suspected of surviving feelings for an ex-girlfriend. And anyway, maybe he still runs to her on Mondays. Especially if he does not answer calls at this time.

Silence is golden

casual relationship to serious relationship

In fact, the fact that a man does not discuss his ex-girlfriend with his current one speaks more of his tact and respect for both. Any reasonable person understands that from unnecessary knowledge only sorrows are added. When the brain has nothing to do, it energetically takes up the savoring of painful details, which include previous passions. The more nuances are known, the more active the experience. Obviously, such an attitude is not at all good for a calm, benevolent relationship. The desire to climb where it would not be worth it will make them frivolous, but not the secrecy of a man. So you just have to be glad that your beloved does not belong to the large class of talkers, and live in peace.

Meeting the family is a must

One of the most common misconceptions is that partners simply have to invite each other to family dinners. If a man has not done this yet, then he is treated as a woman for a frivolous relationship.

getting to know the parents

In practice, there are many more reasons why meeting parents may never take place:

  • Relations with relatives are badly damaged. Andnot necessarily the fault of the man himself. It is possible that he was pressured all his life, regardless of opinion. At the first opportunity, he broke free and is in no hurry to return.

  • One of the parents is an alcoholic. Even in an absolutely decent, from the outside, family, there can be a problem with drunkenness. Such a misfortune usually pops up during solemn feasts. What starts with a glass for an acquaintance ends with the drinker's obscene behavior and the emotional pain of relatives. Obviously, such prospects are not encouraging, and the participants in the alcohol tragedy are trying not to give a reason for a breakdown.

  • Past experiences of failed family events. Perhaps the man has already invited guests home. Not necessarily an ex-girlfriend. And something went wrong. For example, many mothers consider it normal to show everyone present children's photos of “their boy” without shorts and in a panama hat. And some fathers consider it necessary to unleash political battles in order to determine "us" and "them."

With certainty, only one thing can be said: if acquaintance with the beloved's family does not occur, there is probably a reason. But it is unlikely that the relationship between the partners is not serious.

Dating is boring and monotonous

Such an observation is explained by the fact that a man is not trying to impress. It is argued that even males in nature tend to hit a potential partner with their feathers and tails. And Homo sapiens is simply obliged to do something grandiose and unforgettable at every meeting. Otherwise, the man is interestedonly satisfaction of their needs with minimal cost.

spb dating for frivolous relationships

In fact, dull joint evenings speak more about the girl's frivolous attitude. The times when scarlet sails were raised for the sake of young Assol are long gone. Largely thanks to the efforts of the beautiful ladies themselves. Therefore, a reasonable woman will not focus on reality shows in which the main character, relying on the script of the editor and the budget of the TV channel, organizes daily trips to the moon. It is better to talk with your partner in advance about plans for the next date, perhaps offering your options. Having correctly assessed the reaction of a man, you can make useful discoveries for yourself: his interests, willingness to compromise, material opportunities.


First of all, you should understand for yourself that many things are not at all what they seem. Even our own actions are sometimes inexplicable for us. Trying to guess the true motives of a person by indirect signs is a hopeless occupation. Judging plans for life by one-time actions means wasting energy and nerves, and both partners.

man and woman holding hands

Interesting food for thought

A certain man quite often buys tickets to the glorious city of St. Petersburg. Does this speak of him as a museum lover? Is it possible to assume that this person is very fond of walking along the embankments?

Meanwhile, one of the popular reasons why tourists go to St. Petersburg is dating fornon-serious relationships. Not only the Hermitage and drawbridges are of interest to visitors to St. Petersburg, but also the snow queens who want to find solace in the arms of provincials.

Does this mean that everyone who ordered a tour of the sights of the Northern capital is actually looking for love joys? Or maybe this is a sign of high education and passion for education?

The Most Powerful Advice Ever

Even a completely non-religious person should sometimes listen to the biblical commandments. If only because it is age-old wisdom. And the main one says: love your neighbor as yourself. It means that love for oneself must first appear. Then most doubts will simply disappear. This applies to any area.

woman for casual relationship

A person with adequate self-esteem in a relationship with a partner, first of all, should be concerned about his own feeling. How comfortable is the current union? Here and now.

Trying to calculate tomorrow is an initially unpromising occupation. Sometimes you can't even vouch for your own feelings. This is how you live with your spouse for 30 years, raise children, pay off the mortgage. And in the morning I got up and realized that you could no longer be near him for a minute. What can we say about the other person.

What to do?

First of all, it would be worth answering the basic questions for yourself:

  • Am I happy with my lover?

  • Am I satisfied with his attitude towards me?

  • Am I comfortable beingnext to him?

And if the answers are positive, then the union should be preserved and strengthened in every possible way, so that both would be well and joyfully. Otherwise, it's time to think about the advisability of continuing such communication. There should be no attempt to bring feelings in a couple to standards and patterns. Thinking about how serious the relationship is should be driven as unnecessary. Views from the outside should be used to ignore. Otherwise, there will never be peace in the soul. Only your own feelings and behavior of a partner are really important.

signs of a serious relationship

Where are the criteria by which to judge a relationship? Cohabitation? Do you have a stamp in your passport? It is worth looking around - and it becomes obvious: there are no guarantees in any union. You can meet once a year and think about a person every minute. And vice versa, sleeping in one bed and dreaming about another.

Attempts to turn a frivolous relationship into a serious one with the help of various tricks - by default, a waste of time. Because where is it, this line? Every second couple lives in the same apartment, brings up children together and has the most frivolous relationships of all possible. And light flirting often turns out to be the beginning of a strong alliance.

So the main thing is to love. Myself. Partner. Life. And tomorrow will be tomorrow.

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