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Pearl wedding - how many years, traditions and interesting facts

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Pearl wedding - how many years, traditions and interesting facts
Pearl wedding - how many years, traditions and interesting facts

A pearl wedding is a reason not only for admiration for a married couple who have crossed this line, but also for envy. Indeed, as evidenced by the current divorce statistics, every third marriage in Russia does not "survive" until the three-year anniversary.

Therefore, if you or your friends are planning such a wonderful date, then you should prepare thoroughly for it.

exchange of rings
exchange of rings

Pearl wedding: translate into numbers

Pearl Anniversary is an indicator of a strong, time-tested and event-tested relationship. And it is no coincidence, because a pearl wedding is 30 years of family life. During this time, the couple experiences a lot of things: both grief and joy.

To mark such an anniversary is the duty of every married couple. Therefore, the question of what to give for a pearl wedding is relevant for friends and family.

married couple
married couple

Why pearls?

Why is a 30-year marriage compared to pearls? If we consider this gift of the sea more closely, we can note its strength, value and beauty. At the same time, all qualities are built up by this stone over time. So the marriage union becomes smooth,strong and admirable years later.

It is generally accepted that in three decades spouses:

  • have more trust in each other, that is, their relationship becomes stronger;
  • create a family over time with their own traditions, events and memories, this is comparable to the unique mother-of-pearl coating of pearls;
  • endure all adversity together, their relationship is built on pure and sincere love, which is like the unfading brilliance of a stone.

And besides, 30 years of living together is a lot of work, accompanied by patience and understanding. Just like pearls, relationships "grow", develop and increase in value.

pearl in the shell
pearl in the shell

Where to celebrate an anniversary?

A pearl wedding is a serious occasion for a magnificent celebration. And it does not matter in what environment it will take place: at home or in a restaurant. There is food for thought for everyone. Guests need to decide what to give for a pearl wedding. And the hosts of the anniversary will have to think through all the organizational details.

First, you should think about where the celebration will take place. Many prefer the home environment. And this is quite understandable: the atmosphere is familiar, there is no need to spend money on renting a hall, and it will be easier to decorate.

But still, the anniversary of 30 years, a pearl wedding, can be spent unforgettable. What should be focused on? First of all, pearls are a gift from the sea, so the nautical theme is perfect for such an event.

This style can decorate the living room of your own homeor rent a restaurant hall with a large aquarium. An ideal option would be a summer cafe with a fountain or an artificial pond, as well as on the coast of the sea, river or lake.

If the nautical theme is not to everyone's liking, you can choose a more classic setting, but prefer white, pale pink with a touch of mother-of-pearl color in the interior and decor.

wedding photo
wedding photo

Original interior design

If the area of the apartment or rented premises allows, then you can decorate the space in an original and modern way:

  1. Set up a photo area, the background of which can be the coat of arms of the family or the names of the spouses and the inscription "Pearl Wedding".
  2. Order or make your own large, three-dimensional number 30 from paper or flowers.
  3. Decorate the "newlyweds" table in a wedding way, with flowers and figurines, backlit.

Decoration of the premises for the holiday can be for the children of spouses the answer to the question: "What to give for a pearl wedding?"

Choosing an anniversary gift

A gift for a pearl wedding - that's what worries friends and relatives of the heroes of the occasion. After all, a gift should be not only symbolic, but also memorable for the spouses.

So, what to give for a pearl wedding:

  • pearl jewelry for women and, for example, cufflinks for men;
  • "family tree" created from a large number of frames for photos and words made of wood - this wall decoration is very trendy now;
  • portrait"newlyweds";
  • a box inlaid with pearls;
  • lamp made in the form of an open shell with pearls;
  • a set of expensive glasses or dishes;
  • handmade photo album;
  • a floor figurine symbolizing strong marriage bonds;
  • original cake - in case you don't know what to give for a pearl wedding;
  • if you are not limited in finances, then you can give "newly married" a ticket to warm countries - this is especially true for those who have not spent their honeymoon on a trip;
  • household appliances, especially those to be replaced in the owner's house, will also be a wonderful gift for spouses.

It is worth bearing in mind that 30 years is a serious anniversary, and a cheap gift would be bad manners. In addition, children should not have the question: "What to give parents for a pearl wedding?" - because they know exactly what their loved ones are missing.

scattering of pearls
scattering of pearls

Keeping Traditions

Perhaps many do not suspect, but a pearl wedding is full of many rituals and traditions, which have acquired an anniversary over the years. And if there is a desire to celebrate the celebration not only magnificently, but also unusually, then here are a few examples of ritual ceremonies:

  1. Wedding. If a couple entered into their union only at the state level, then after 30 years the marriage can be concluded in heaven. It is also symbolic - after all, relationships are time-tested.
  2. If the spouses are already married, then on the daytheir celebration, they should attend a church service. You can take communion or go to confession, thus "renew" your relationship, cleanse it by asking for forgiveness from God. It is also worth praying before the icons of the Holy Trinity and the Mother of God, thanking the saints for the happy family years lived.
  3. At the dawn of the day when the anniversary is planned, the spouses should take a pearl and go to a river or other body of water. Approaching the water, the spouses must throw pearls into it, thereby wishing to meet together a golden wedding, or 50 years of marriage. This is very symbolic, since the pearl lives in the water for half a century.
  4. Standing in front of the mirror, holding hands, the spouses should ask for forgiveness from each other for all the offenses inflicted over 30 years of family life. And also confess to each other in love. It is believed that mirrors "do not lie", so a person is honest in front of them.
  5. One more rite: in a bonfire lit on the street, the "newlyweds" must burn one old thing each, acquired in a joint marriage, but not of particular value to others. Thus, the husband and wife, as it were, burn out all the negative emotions accumulated in these things, and open the doors to a new future life.
  6. If the spouses have left candles from the wedding, personifying the family hearth, then it can be lit for the whole evening, thereby illuminating the house and all those present with family fire.
  7. Some spouses decide to recreate a memorable event for them thirty years ago - their own wedding. They rent wedding dresses, order toastmasters and musicians, decoratebanquet hall and arrange a wedding photo session. Thus, they are immersed in memories. If you like this method, then make up your mind.
  8. Pearl wedding of parents can be accompanied by a comic, playful form. It will be relevant for spouses whose children are already married or married. To do this, you will need the following: a blank landscape sheet or whatman paper, a pencil, a rope, a shallow plate, coins and a 2-meter satin ribbon. Parents give their children a piece of paper and pencils to write on it all the positive things they expect from married life. After that, one leg of the young husband is tied to the leg of his wife with a rope and they are offered to walk in this form along a spread ribbon, at the end of which there is a plate, which is filled with coins as they move. If the whole path is passed well and smoothly, then the young people take the accumulated coins, put them in a bag and store them until they decide to pass them on to their children.
blessing of the young
blessing of the young

Holiday at home: what to cook?

When you decide to celebrate an anniversary at home, you should think carefully about the treats that will be served to guests. You can cook your favorite dishes or dishes that have become traditional for the family.

But if you stick to the theme of pearls and the sea, then you can give preference to the following dishes:

  1. Seafood. Dishes made from seafood and seaweed.
  2. Homemade pie with meat, fish or apples is an obligatory "participant" of the festive table.
  3. Pearl wedding cake decorated withedible pearls or shells. Moreover, before eating it, spouses who have lived together for 30 years must, as at their wedding, cut it together.
  4. Champagne is a real wedding drink, so stock up on it for the future.


As with a wedding celebration, the pretty cake at a pearl wedding should be an integral part of the thirtieth anniversary. It should be, if possible, two- or three-tiered, depending on the number of guests. You can cook it yourself, but it is better to order from pastry chefs.

If the second option is chosen, then opt for a themed cake, made in white, pale pink or any blue shade. Decorate it with pearls, and set the figures of the bride and groom on the top.

And you can give preference to modern European-style cakes, without mastic. The white glossy or matte surface of such a product can be decorated with various fresh fruits and berries: modern and stylish.

the wedding cake
the wedding cake

In closing

A pearl wedding is a serious occasion for preparation by not only the heroes of the occasion, but also the guests. One needs to think over the scenario and treats for the expected holiday. And others need to think carefully about what to give for a pearl wedding. Some options for holding a solemn event are outlined in our article. Everything else is up to your imagination.

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