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"Bepanten" during pregnancy: use, indications and contraindications, reviews
"Bepanten" during pregnancy: use, indications and contraindications, reviews

Pregnancy is the most significant event for most women. At this time, everyone wants not only to meet the child as soon as possible, but also to prevent the appearance of such imperfections as stretch marks on the skin. In pregnant women, they can form on the hips, abdomen, legs, and even on the chest. Fortunately, you can get rid of fresh stretch marks in a short time. To do this, you need to know which creams are allowed to use during pregnancy. Bepanthen is one of the most effective remedies in this category.

Medication description

This tool appeared in pharmacies relatively recently. However, despite the short period, it has already gained great popularity and high demand. The main purpose of the cream is to nourish and heal the skin, as well as giving them elasticity. That is why "Bepanten" is so often used for abrasions, cuts, burns, bruises and stretch marks on the skin. The cream prevents the appearance of scars and enhances the naturalskin regeneration. The product has a white or yellowish opaque color, as well as a uniform consistency. "Bepanthen" practically does not smell, is well absorbed and has no side effects.

bepanthen stretch mark cream

Cream release forms

"Bepanthen" can be found in almost any pharmacy or you can order it via the Internet. In the latter case, the drug will be delivered to the nearest pharmacy to the house. Bepanten is produced in Germany by the well-known pharmaceutical company Bayer. Forms of release of the cream are selected depending on the required skin treatment. There are the following varieties of "Bepanten":

  • Lotion.
  • Cream with added vitamin complex.
  • Ointment.

To get rid of stretch marks, you can use any of the above forms of release. However, it should be remembered that they are only suitable for newly appeared striae. Stretch marks that formed a year or several years ago, the cream will not eliminate.

Composition and active substances of "Bepanthen"

The main active ingredient of the product is dexpanthenol. Getting on the skin, it forms a new substance - panthenolic acid, which is also often referred to as vitamin B group. This acid has a stimulating effect on cells, accelerating their regeneration. Deskpanthenol protects the skin from the influence of a polluted environment, as well as other external irritants. In addition, it normalizes its water balance. The composition of the cream "Bepanten" contains other important active substances. Among them arehighlight:

  • Phenoxyethanol. Protects against harmful factors.
  • De-pantolactone. Relieves inflammation and redness.
  • Lanoline. Provides hydrating, soothing & healing benefits.
  • Vaseline. Intensely softens chapped and rough skin.
  • Amphizol. Thanks to this substance, Bepanthen cream has a thick and uniform consistency, is well applied and quickly absorbed.

Most women wonder if Bepanthen can be used during pregnancy to treat stretch marks on the skin. Such doubts of expectant mothers are quite understandable. After all, the woman is responsible for the condition of the baby. However, there is no doubt about this drug. The rich composition of "Bepanthen" makes it one of the best and safest creams for the treatment of various skin lesions. It is also important that it has no contraindications for pregnant women. With it, you can eliminate stretch marks on the body caused by hormonal changes and sudden weight gain.

bepanthen for stretch marks during pregnancy

Indications for skin treatment with Bepanthen

Doctors recommend using this drug, as it is practically devoid of contraindications, with the exception of individual intolerance to the components in the composition. Bepanten cream is prescribed for stretch marks during pregnancy, as well as for skin lesions such as burns, cuts, bruises and wounds. It is also often used to eliminate diaper rash and prickly heat in young children. It perfectly protects the skin from chapping in the cold season, as well as from dehydration and drying out in the summer.period. The cream is prescribed for both adults and children. It gently and delicately heals abrasions and wounds, prevents scars from forming.

cream bepanthen

Use of the cream during pregnancy and lactation

Judging by the numerous reviews, "Bepanten" from stretch marks during pregnancy is in great demand among women. The cream is absolutely safe for the child, so it can be used in all trimesters without fear for the condition of the fetus. In this case, it is not at all necessary to interrupt the course of treatment after childbirth. The tool has no contraindications to the lactation period. Therefore, you can get rid of stretch marks with it even during breastfeeding.

Using Bepanthen

The instruction of this drug assures that the cream is suitable for eliminating fresh stretch marks that appeared on the skin during pregnancy, hormonal failure or after a sharp jump in weight. It is not recommended to use "Bepanten" during pregnancy for the prevention of stretch marks. Doctors say that the drug is still medicinal, although it does not contain dangerous substances that can contribute to side effects.

bepanthen lotion

Prevention of stretch marks and Bepanthen

During pregnancy, it is better to use natural oils and creams that are aimed at nourishing, softening and moisturizing the skin. Such cosmetics should increase the elasticity of the epidermis. "Bepanten" is primarily a wound healing and regenerating drug. Therefore, it is more expedient to use it only if there is alreadystretch marks that appear. It is absolutely safe for women and children during both pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Features of the cream

I want to get rid of the appeared stretch marks as soon as possible. Therefore, it is not surprising that, even in an interesting position, every woman will go to the pharmacy for a safe and effective remedy that will help with this. By purchasing Bepanten for this, you can not worry about possible side effects. All doctors of the world are unanimous that this drug is well tolerated by women in position. "Bepanten" during pregnancy does not harm the child and the expectant mother. However, do not forget that it is a drug that should only be used for its intended purpose.

"Bepanten" during pregnancy should be applied only to those areas of the skin that have stretch marks. You can not smear with cream abundantly, trying to prevent them. To do this, there are many oils, lotions and other cosmetics. Do not use the drug on mucous membranes. To avoid side effects, you must carefully follow the instructions for use, avoid getting "Bepanten" in the eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

how to use bepanthen

How to eliminate stretch marks with Bepanthen

Based on the instructions provided by Bayer, the cream should be applied to stretch marks no more than twice a day. The amount of funds depends on their size. Before each application of "Bepanthen" from stretch marks during pregnancy, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned using a scrub andmassage brush. Being heated, it will better absorb the components of the cream. The manufacturer recommends applying the drug with light, patting movements, reminiscent of massage actions. Each application should end with complete absorption of the cream. It should not set on the skin.

With small stretch marks, Bepanthen cream during pregnancy should be used for about two months. This period is enough to completely eliminate the fresh striae that appeared when carrying a child. Deep and pronounced stretch marks will have to be treated for at least six months. In the first week of use, doctors recommend rubbing the cream on small areas of the skin to determine a possible allergic reaction to any of the components of the drug. By eliminating its manifestation, you can safely use "Bepanten" during pregnancy on all problem areas of the body with stretch marks.

what do stretch marks look like during pregnancy

Contraindications for use

Healing cream "Bepanten" has practically no contraindications. The only exception is individual intolerance to despanthenol or any other component of the drug. An allergic reaction to the drug is quite rare. It usually manifests itself in the form of itching, dermatitis, irritation or redness of the skin. Small rashes may also appear. Bepanthen should not be used on a perforated eardrum.

How to replace "Bepanten" during pregnancy

It is quite difficult to find an analogue of a good remedy for stretch marks. If during treatment with Bepanthen ointment withpregnancy, an individual intolerance to the drug was revealed, it is necessary to switch to natural oils, which will help to quickly get rid of fresh stretch marks. First of all, you should pay attention to olive, almond, coconut oil. They are also suitable as a prevention of stretch marks. Oil should be used after water procedures. It is advisable to apply it with light, massage movements on wet skin of the body. Particular attention should be paid to places that are most prone to stretch marks: the mammary glands, abdomen, inner and outer thighs.

pregnant women

Reviews of pregnant women about the use of "Bepanten"

Almost all women who use this drug during pregnancy note its positive effect on the skin and effectiveness in the fight against stretch marks. Of the side effects, few have experienced rashes, dermatitis or itching. Some felt a slight burning sensation when first applying the cream, which was accompanied by slight redness. However, this reaction was gone after two applications of this drug.

Based on the reviews of Bepanten, during pregnancy, the effect of the drug becomes noticeable after the first month of daily use. The skin is visibly smoothed, and the stretch marks become less pronounced. Within two months, many girls got rid of small and fresh stretch marks. Deep striae, which at the time of the start of treatment had already acquired a burgundy or cyanotic color, are extremely difficult to remove with Bepanten. Therefore, even with treatmentin six months, few people managed to get rid of them without a trace. But the drug made such stretch marks less noticeable due to the components that are responsible for enhanced skin regeneration.

At the moment, "Bepanthen" is one of the best creams for women in position. Having this drug in the medicine cabinet, you can not worry about stretch marks, which are inevitable for most expectant mothers. You can buy it at any pharmacy, and use it only 1-2 times a day after a shower. That is why the popularity of this cream is fully justified.

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