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Big and beautiful soap bubbles. Recipe with glycerin

Big and beautiful soap bubbles. Recipe with glycerin
Big and beautiful soap bubbles. Recipe with glycerin
soap bubbles recipe with glycerin

Everyone knows that soap bubbles cause positive emotions not only in children, but also in adults. This unforgettable and breathtaking spectacle can bring excitement to any celebration, whether it's a wedding or a child's birthday. It is especially interesting to take a direct part in the creation of a fairy tale. We will reveal a few secrets of creating bubbles that will be useful to you when organizing a home party or just when playing with a child. Your child will surely appreciate the efforts and will be delighted!

Soap bubbles. Recipe with glycerin

Each of us in childhood tried to make a homemade solution for soap bubbles, using improvised means. Most often, soap and shampoo were used. The quality of these bubbles left much to be desired. Let's see what we can use to make big beautiful bubbles. Often, glycerin is used as an additive to the main composition. There are many variations from which you can choose your ideal soap recipe.bubbles with glycerin.

soap bubbles recipe with glycerin

One of the recipes: mix any baby shampoo (200 g) with purified water (400 g). Leave the solution for a day, then add 3 tbsp. tablespoons of glycerin The liquid is ready, you can blow bubbles! The recipe with glycerin can be slightly modified and use dish detergent instead of shampoo. Fairy gives the best effect. To do this, dilute the liquid with water in a ratio of 1 to 10, pour in glycerin.

To create huge bubbles, prepare a large amount of solution. As a tool for blowing soap bubbles, a plastic carpet beater, processed in such a way that only the outer rim remains, is useful. A thin cotton rope can be wound around the beater circle for better moisture retention. Now you know how to make soap bubbles quickly and easily. The recipe with glycerin is so easy that both you and your child can do it!

The Bubble Game

soap bubbles game

The best room in the house to play with soap bubbles is the bathroom. It’s not scary to leave marks on the furniture after a bursting bubble, spill the composition on the floor, in general, bring chaos to the room. In addition, remember that soap bubbles love moisture, then they last longer and burst less often. If you want to play outdoors with your child, the weather is perfect after rain.

You can try to play with your child an entertaining game that develops the imagination and leadskids are delighted. To do this, pour a soap solution into several plastic cups, add a little watercolor paint to each cup and blow multi-colored soap bubbles so that they land on a sheet of paper, leaving funny circles, droplets, etc. As a result of such a game, you will not only get a lot of positive, but also get a new painting created by yourself.

Experiment by creating soap bubbles. The glycerin recipe here will help you and your child have a little weekday party!

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