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Colored pregnancy: signs, causes, symptoms, gynecologist consultations, pregnancy test and ultrasound diagnostics

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Colored pregnancy: signs, causes, symptoms, gynecologist consultations, pregnancy test and ultrasound diagnostics
Colored pregnancy: signs, causes, symptoms, gynecologist consultations, pregnancy test and ultrasound diagnostics

Pregnancy is a bright and joyful period in the life of every woman, which many of the fairer sex are waiting for. During this period, the body is radically rebuilt, which means that the course of pregnancy is accompanied by large-scale changes. The most visible and central sign of pregnancy, which illustrates changes in the body, is the absence of menstruation. Can they still go at a time when a woman is carrying a child? Will the test show color pregnancy? Is it dangerous for the baby and mother? We will find the answer to all these questions in the article.

Color pregnancy concept

This is a certain period of pregnancy, the duration of which is determined individually: it may not be at all, or it may continue until childbirth. Distinctivethe feature from which the name comes is the presence of menstruation. As you know, as a general rule, they should stop from the moment the child is conceived, but there is also a back reaction of the body. In this case, bleeding appears stably in the cycle, often does not stop during the first trimester, but sometimes more. Additional symptoms of pregnancy are also present, as a rule, they are not paid attention to, because the cycle does not go astray. The difference between such secretions and ordinary ones is only that they are less long and plentiful. All this is a general picture of the signs of color pregnancy, we will deal with them in more detail further.

color pregnancy test will show

Not all bleeding is menstruation

Unfortunately, this is the case, and when the first discharge appears, you need to urgently consult a doctor. Bleeding that is not related to menstruation can signal an impending miscarriage, the rejection of an egg by a woman's body, the presence of a pregnancy outside the uterus, which is more dangerous than a color pregnancy. In this case, a real threat to the life of the child and the he alth of the mother is created.

What are the woman's symptoms?

pregnant woman at the window

As mentioned earlier, a distinctive symptom is the presence of light and short menstruation that accompanies a woman during the first 4 months of pregnancy, but can go before childbirth. It depends only on internal factors and is determined by the structural features of the woman's body.

Define the most common signs and symptomscolor pregnancies that occur in many women with this diagnosis.

  1. Severe toxicosis in the early morning hours - accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
  2. Frequent general weakness, increased fatigue and a feeling of dizziness, especially during the slightest physical activity.
  3. Mood cycles - unpredictable frequent cardinal mood swings that are not dictated by external factors.
  4. Constant need for rest and sleep, although when it comes time for sleep, insomnia can frown.
  5. Not only inner senses are sharpened, but also outer ones - smells are perceived differently, what was liked before now causes irritation.

If a woman has found at least one of these factors, you should consult a doctor or take a test, because these can be both signs of a colored pregnancy and a normal he althy pregnancy.

Features of pregnancy

Diagnosis of different ovarian twins

We have already identified the symptoms of color pregnancy, by which it can be diagnosed, but you should also pay attention to some features of the process itself.

  1. Belated realization of the fact of pregnancy. It usually occurs much later than in a he althy pregnancy.
  2. The mother's body usually needs additional sources of vitamins and minerals. But the woman does not receive them, because she does not even know about this need.
  3. In 80% of cases, artificial termination of pregnancy is made impossible due to the fact thatthe process is delayed. Doctors do not undertake to perform an operation, because the embryo turns into a full-fledged child.
  4. Psychological and emotional unpreparedness of the mother for pregnancy and childbirth.

What are the causes of such a process?

Examination by a doctor

In fact, there are not many reasons, but they all have a serious impact on the he alth and condition of a woman. Let's analyze each of them:

  • The presence of infections that are transmitted exclusively through sexual contact. They can cause unhe althy discharge with blood particles. In this case, this is only an external sign of the problem, you need to immediately treat the cause. Infections can cause irreparable damage to the he alth and condition of the child.
  • Disruptions in the hormonal background of a woman. Any failure and unpreparedness of a woman's body for the pregnancy process can cause bleeding. In this case, it is urgent to drink hormonal drugs.
  • Implantation. This is a process that occurs after the fertilization of the egg, when it begins to attach to the walls of the uterus. This stage is the most important in the initial stages, because it is at this moment that pregnancy occurs. In this case, nothing needs to be treated, there is a need to be under constant supervision.
  • Late ovulation. There are situations when pregnancy has already begun, and menstruation in the first month "come". This is due to the delay in the maturation of the egg, which is in the uterine tube by the end of the cycle. At this moment, a new one is already beginning to ripen, and the body does notcan reject it. Menstruation in this case will come once and should not appear again.

Based on this information, we can conclude that the first two reasons are third-party and indicate a disease or deviation, and the second two - about the normal development of the female body.

How to diagnose such a pregnancy?

Scheduled ultrasound of a child

Of course, having de alt with the signs of color pregnancy, the reasons for its occurrence, many women ask the question: do I need to do a test or will it show the wrong result?

You must understand that even with the normal course of the process, the tests may have an error and show a negative result. Or, on the contrary, when there is no pregnancy, the test shows it. This is a minus of express tests, so let's figure it out, will the test show a color pregnancy?

Nothing special in this regard, you can get both the right result and the wrong one. The difficulty lies in the fact that if the result is erroneous, and even supplemented by the presence of menstruation, the woman does not go to the doctor, she can afford to lead an unhe althy lifestyle, take medications and other drugs. That is why, if you see signs and symptoms of a colored pregnancy, and the test is negative, be sure to consult a gynecologist. Only a blood test for hCG can tell with 100% accuracy whether a woman is pregnant. For longer periods, this can be confirmed by ultrasound.

What should a mom-to-be do?

color pregnancy symptoms

Here the woman sawthe cherished two strips on the test, the color pregnancy was diagnosed by independent efforts, and what's next? Next, you need to urgently go to the doctor. After all, only additional studies and analyzes can show the cause of the discharge and assist in their elimination so that the pregnancy is he althy and happy. This is especially important for primiparas. First, the patient needs to exclude the presence of an ectopic pregnancy, to determine if there are any other abnormalities and pathologies. Only after that, a general strengthening complex of vitamins and nutrients is prescribed.

Is there a danger for mom and baby?

Wrong lifestyle during pregnancy

Having discussed the issue from all sides, indicating the signs of color pregnancy, its general characteristics, causes, diagnosis and many other nuances, we will answer the main question. Is it dangerous? Of course, it depends on the reasons that caused the discharge during pregnancy. Doctors often require the patient to be hospitalized immediately to determine the nature and causes of the process, treat them if necessary, or let the woman go home with the prospect of a he althy pregnancy. If everything is fine and there are no problems, then the expectant mother needs to enjoy the he althy bearing of the baby and not think about the risks, problems and diseases. The main thing is to visit the gynecologist regularly and follow his appointments exactly.

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