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How to give birth early: methods, tips and feedback
How to give birth early: methods, tips and feedback

How to give birth early? Interest in this issue arises in women who, by the ninth month, are already somewhat tired of their condition and all the accompanying features of well-being, as well as those who are approaching the expected date of birth, and doctors begin to talk about stimulation. Premature birth is not always a pathology, but it is also necessary to stimulate labor activity on your own very carefully and only on the recommendation of a doctor.

Expected due date

Which births are considered premature? In fact, it is not always dangerous to give birth before the expected date of birth (DDD). Physicians determine the PDR in several ways: the obstetric term of delivery is calculated by the date of the last menstruation, the embryonic - by the date of ovulation, according to the results of an ultrasound examination. The date of delivery is determined after the first visit to the antenatal clinic.

To calculate the EDA, you need from the first daylast period subtract three months and add seven days. Get exactly 40 weeks. This is not the most accurate way. However, some women who know exactly the date of conception and base their calculations on it, then are surprised to find that the date for menstruation turned out to be a more accurate forecast.

how to give birth early ways
how to give birth early ways

The gestational age and the expected date of delivery are determined by the day of ovulation. This is the most favorable day for conception, so the report is kept from this date. But it is difficult to make calculations with an unstable menstrual cycle, late or early ovulation. In addition, in some cycles there may be two ovulations. This occurs with drug stimulation of the ovaries.

At the first visit to the antenatal clinic, the gynecologist will determine the size of the uterus, the height of the bottom of the uterus, the volume of the abdomen, the size of the fetus. Based on these data, the doctor will draw conclusions about the duration of pregnancy and determine the approximate date of delivery.

The most accurate method to calculate the EDD is by ultrasound. During the first trimester, embryos practically do not differ in size, but in the second and third trimesters, differences in weight and height can be significant. Therefore, late-term PDRs are harder to predict.

What week do they usually give birth

It is generally accepted that pregnancy lasts forty weeks. In fact, each organism is individual, so that childbirth can happen both a little earlier and a little later. A full-term baby is considered to be born no earlier than 37 weeks and no later than 42. But most often, births occur at 39-40 weeks. Over 70% of childrenappear for a period during this period.

But you can only be guided by standard terms conditionally. Some children at 39 weeks have difficulty adapting to new conditions and are premature for he alth reasons, others even at 35 weeks are already ready to be born. So the child himself chooses when it is better for him to be born.

What influences the baby's due date

Only 4-5% of babies are born exactly at 40 weeks (± 2-3 days). Is it possible to give birth prematurely? This is what happens in most cases. But sometimes children are late. What generally affects the term of childbirth? Doctors say that this is the length of the menstrual cycle, the course of pregnancy, heredity and some other factors.

maternity leave if she gave birth prematurely
maternity leave if she gave birth prematurely

So, if two pregnant women have the same period, then the actual age of the fetus may still be different. In one woman, the length of the menstrual cycle is 35 days, and in the other - 24 days, then ovulation, respectively, occurred on day 21 in one and 10 in the second. The difference between the fetuses will be eleven days, that is, more than a week, which is a significant period for the embryo. In both cases, the same date of birth will be calculated, although for these women a difference of 11 days will be quite normal.

The course of pregnancy also greatly affects the date of birth. Cases have been documented when during the Great Patriotic War, children remained in utero for a very long time, up to 11 months instead of the normal nine. The chance of preterm birth increases if there are problems, for example, the placenta is notcopes with its functions, the pregnancy is multiple, the fetus is large, the mother is diagnosed with gestational diabetes, polyhydramnios. There are other reasons as well.

"Can I give birth early?" - women think, among whose closest relatives there were cases of premature birth. In this matter, hereditary predisposition plays a really significant role. If the mother of a pregnant woman had children born prematurely, there is a high probability that this woman will also give birth earlier. So, the timing of normal childbirth is not limited to a precisely calculated number.

Preterm birth: from what week

At the beginning of pregnancy, expectant mothers worry about a possible miscarriage, and later about the premature birth of a child. But even if the baby was born before 37 weeks, most likely, you should not worry too much. Now doctors successfully nurse children weighing from one kilogram, and many survive even if the birth occurred before the 27-28th week.

how to give birth early
how to give birth early

But at this time, the child must be born in the hospital. This is the only way he can get everything he needs to survive. From the 27th to the 28th week, the baby will be considered premature, but he has a good chance of survival. From the 24th to the 27th week, the baby appears with a low body weight. The prognosis depends on the conditions of nursing, complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Earlier than the 24th, nursing a baby (especially in the conditions of domestic medicine is very difficult), so the chances are very low.

How to give birth early: tipsdoctors

When the gestational age approaches 40 weeks, doctors start talking to the expectant mother about artificial induction of labor. In a hospital, childbirth is stimulated by the introduction of pharmacological drugs, but there are many folk methods that will help speed up labor. So how do you give birth early? There are enough methods. Expectant mothers become interested in them when "the deadlines are shaking."

Nipple massage

If it is necessary to give birth prematurely, the effectiveness of this method is also confirmed by doctors. During breast stimulation, oxytocin is released. This is a hormone that provokes the onset of labor. It is he who is administered with artificial stimulation. It is necessary to massage each breast in turn. There should be several sessions per day, each for fifteen minutes. Almost half of expectant mothers managed to induce labor in this way on their own.

Physical activity

How to give birth before the due date? Do sport! Of course, it’s not worth downloading the press and jumping, but sitting in one place is a bad idea. Hiking is recommended to get contractions started faster, but many women experiment with other activities as well. Moms-to-be go up and down stairs, and some say they went into labor after mopping floors. In any case, feasible physical activity will not hurt in any way. In addition, during them, the child will take the correct position.

why do they give birth prematurely
why do they give birth prematurely


What to do to give birth early? Ancestralactivity stimulates sex. This is due to the hormones that are contained in the seminal fluid, and the rush of blood to the pelvic organs. Many women use this pleasant and useful method when they are overweight or if the expected date of delivery is getting closer, and there is no hint of contractions. But you should not have sex if the water has already broken (it can get infected). And if placenta previa is diagnosed, you can’t treat sex as a method to give birth prematurely. Intimacy must lead to orgasm for both partners to cause uterine contractions and the release of oxytocin.

Intestinal function

How to give birth early? The methods are not limited to nipple stimulation, intimacy and physical activity. Some mothers believe that the onset of labor was provoked by the active work of the intestines. Therefore, it is recommended to use foods that weaken, that is, beets, kefir, dried fruits. The contraction of the bowel affects the uterus, which is located nearby, so that it also begins to contract.

Fresh pineapple

Those who gave birth prematurely also leave reviews about pineapples as a way of stimulation. Exotic fruit should be consumed fresh and in large quantities. The stimulating effect is due to bromelain, which is contained in the composition of pineapple. This method is little studied, little known, so it should be used with caution. Be sure to make sure that you are not allergic to pineapples.

ways to induce labor
ways to induce labor

Castor oil

Castor oil has a laxative effect, socauses contractions by increasing the work of the intestines. In the reviews, women claim that to stimulate labor, it is enough to drink 150 ml of the drug. To improve the taste, castor oil is diluted with fruit juices. This method is effective, but before using it, you need to think carefully about the appropriateness of its use. In the later stages, castor oil will not bring any benefit, it can cause indigestion and vomiting, as well as dehydration.

Raspberry leaves

Doctors' advice on how to give birth early, includes traditional medicine recipes. Raspberry leaves, for example, not only gently stimulate labor, but also prepare the body for childbirth, and also help the uterus recover faster. You need to start drinking the infusion in advance - from about 37 weeks. Women's testimonies indicate that many of those who took the infusion actually gave birth on time or a little earlier.

Of course, one can argue about the reliability, because it is not known in which case nature took care of the birth of the baby, and in which a decoction of raspberry leaves helped.

is it possible to give birth prematurely
is it possible to give birth prematurely

Child talking and singing

Solve the problem of how to give birth early, and singing or talking with the baby will help. This method is not confirmed by official medicine, although singing does cause internal vibration of tissues and tension in the pelvic organs. It will also help during childbirth. Singing can reduce the pain of contractions.

Many women have colorful dreams during pregnancy. give birthahead of time in a dream - this does not always mean that the same will happen in life. Usually such a dream promises success in business, joy and prosperity, happiness in personal life and monetary gain. A pregnant woman can have such a dream only in connection with the desire to see her newborn baby as soon as possible.

Other ways

The following methods can only be used after consulting a doctor, and their effectiveness has only been proven by reviews. A cleansing enema has a good effect on intestinal motility and causes uterine contractions. Fasting has helped some, but it's important to remember that it's dangerous. A woman should be rested, and malnutrition does not contribute to this. Other folk remedies recommend evening primrose oil. It is a natural substitute for certain hormones that prepares the birth canal for childbirth. There is also a side effect: the use of oil can delay lactation. Some women find that spicy foods or washing floors with their hands (squatting), washing windows, imagining that contractions have already begun, meditation helps to induce labor.

How to induce labor in a hospital

Induction is performed after 40 weeks if indicated and only for vaginal delivery. Most often, the fetal bladder is opened, after which the production of a special hormone is activated, which is responsible for changes in the cervix and the activation of labor. After the opening of the fetal bladder, a reflex contraction of the birth canal occurs.

If contractions do not start after this, then the introduction of special drugs is prescribed that stimulatetribal activity. With weak labor activity, intravenous administration of oxytocin is allowed only six hours after the onset of contractions. Contraindications include uterine scarring after CS or complicated delivery, severe signs of fetal distress, multiple pregnancies, asthma, increased intraocular pressure, narrow pelvis, maternal allergies, or amniotic fluid leakage.

Before inducing labor, women need to get enough sleep to be ready and rested. A positive psychological attitude and physical preparation of the body for childbirth is important. This will help proper nutrition throughout pregnancy, treatment of chronic diseases in a timely manner, correction of disorders, taking vitamins. Before stimulation, you need to determine if the gestational age is set correctly.

what to do to give birth early
what to do to give birth early

Features of the course of preterm labor

Prematurity (between 28 and 37 weeks) can cause some problems, and these babies show signs of prematurity as soon as they are born.

Babies born prematurely usually weigh less than 2500 grams, are less than 45 cm tall, have a lot of lubrication on the skin, and the ears and nose cartilage are soft. In boys, the testicles may not yet be lowered into the scrotum, and in girls, the clitoris and labia minora are not covered by the large ones. The presence of one sign does not indicate prematurity of the child. Also, premature babies are not always premature. As mentioned earlier, even at 35 weeks, the baby can be ready for childbirth and adapt easily.to the conditions of the external environment. It's individual.

Prognosis for preterm baby

Thinking about how to give birth prematurely, you need to consider that in this case there are risks for the child. Depending on the term, preterm labor is divided into three periods: at 22-27 weeks, at 28-30 weeks, at 34-37 weeks. With a fetal weight of 500 g to 1 kg (at 22-27 weeks), preterm labor is often caused by trauma during previous births, infection of the fetal bladder or its rupture. There are usually few primiparas in this group.

With a fetal weight of 1000-1800 grams (at 28-33 weeks), the baby is much easier to go out. Such children are considered premature, but do not stay on special records in perinatal centers or hospitals at the place of residence for as long as those who were born earlier. Primiparas in this category are about 30%. Childbirth for a period of 34-37 weeks can be caused by a variety of reasons. In most cases, the fetal lungs (and other organs) are mature enough that children are rarely transferred to the intensive care unit. But constant care and careful observation is necessary in absolutely all cases (until the child's condition stabilizes).

Actually, why do they give birth prematurely? The reasons include the presence of malformations of the uterus, a large load on the uterus when carrying a child (multiple pregnancy, large fetus, polyhydramnios), placenta previa or abruption, premature tearing of the water membrane. The risk of having a baby before due date increases if the woman has previously had an abortion or has been threatened in the past.premature birth.

Physical labor, poor nutrition, psychological atmosphere at work or at home can provoke a premature onset of the birth process. Pregnancy at a mature or too young age carries a certain risk.

length of maternity leave
length of maternity leave

Legal notices and feedback

Many women are interested in the issue of payments and duration of maternity leave in case of premature birth. So, if the birth occurred 10 days earlier, then it turns out that the duration of the prenatal leave was 60 days. In this case, the postpartum period increases by the same 10 days, that is, it will be no longer 70, but 80 days. As for maternity, if she gave birth ahead of schedule, payments are maintained throughout the vacation. The allowance is calculated according to the average earnings or the size of the scholarship if the expectant mother is still studying at the university.

So, there are several popular and official ways to induce labor if the process is delayed. But with any of the methods you need to be more careful, because it is purely individual, and some remedies have contraindications. It is important to always consult a doctor, because any actions of the mother affect not only her own he alth, but also a favorable prognosis for the child. If the doctors are not in a hurry, then it is better to wait for the baby to choose when it is better for him to be born. These mechanisms are regulated by nature. Women are still advised to be careful in trying to induce a birth process. You should not drink medications on your own, as they can cause not only birthactivity. It is important to take into account the course of the disease, the risks, so as not to harm yourself and the child.

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