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Can a woman give birth at 50? Probability and reviews of doctors
Can a woman give birth at 50? Probability and reviews of doctors

The possibilities of women seem limitless: they will stop a galloping horse, and they will enter a burning hut, and even give birth at more than 50 years old! And, in fact, why not, if possible? However, is it worth agreeing to such an event at such a mature age? What are the chances of conceiving, enduring and giving birth to a child on your own at 50 years old? What do doctors say about this?

How a woman's body changes during menopause

The news of pregnancy after 50 years has always caused a feeling of unprecedented surprise not only in the woman herself, but also in society. Women in labor after 40 already evoke strange feelings in others, and what can we say about more mature ladies.

From a medical point of view, female fertility peaks between the ages of 20 and 25. This period is considered the most favorable for conceiving and bearing a child without further complications for both the baby and the mother. Is there a chance for older women to get pregnant?

From the first days of a newborn girl's life, 400,000 eggs are present in her body. This number gradually decreases as they grow older and by the age of 50 their numbervaries within 1000. With this amount, the risk of pregnancy is significantly reduced, but it is.

The eggs present in the female body are ready for the process of fertilization and the development of a new life. With the normal production of eggs in the body of a woman, a menstrual cycle occurs every month. By the age of 45 (±5 years), the amount of estrogen in a woman's body gradually decreases, which leads to the onset of menopause (menopause).

Stages of menopause

During the onset of menopause, you can give birth to a child at 50 years old, if you know the stages of this condition, which contain the "moment" of a possible conception.

  1. Perimenopause is the initial stage of menopause. It starts 4-7 years before the menopause itself and lasts the same. A woman can identify its onset by several symptoms: scanty and short periods that become irregular, hot flashes and heavy sweating, changes in mood, aversion to certain aromas and tastes, a feeling of morning sickness. These symptoms are very similar to the signs of pregnancy, so many women confuse premenopause with toxicosis during pregnancy. However, these two completely different conditions have in common that they arise due to hormonal changes.
  2. Menopause or menopause. You can recognize it by the long absence of menstruation. Most often, menopause occurs in women after 50 years, so the risk of getting pregnant is almost zero.
  3. Postmenopause is the final stage, which occurs about a year after the onsetmenopause. It is also characterized by the complete absence of menstrual flow. However, the ovaries still retain the ability (albeit not fully) to perform their functions.

Possibility of late conception

pregnancy test

Practice shows that it is possible to give birth to a child at 50 years old. Some ladies take this step quite consciously. This situation is possible for a number of reasons:

  1. For women, this pregnancy is the first and desired. Therefore, women do not dare to give up their long-awaited happiness even at 50.
  2. A woman has started a serious relationship with a new man and wants to give birth to a child from him.
  3. During intimacy, the couple did not use contraception, being sure that pregnancy was impossible during menopause. However, at this stage in a woman's life, fertility remains, although less likely.

The use of contraceptives remains relevant even during menopause. If a woman aged 50 or later has a regular sexual life, she should consult a doctor about the use of contraceptives. A good examination will help determine how fertile a woman is at this age.

As soon as the first stage of menopause comes, many women relax, realizing that their childbearing function is no longer so active. But at this time, the eggs are still quite active. Therefore, after the age of 45, women should be especially attentive to their he alth.

It can be summed up: a woman retains the ability to bear children for another 3-5 years after the onsetmenopause.

What is the danger

Despite the fact that it is possible to give birth at the age of 50, there is a considerable danger for both the woman herself and the fetus. Firstly, the body of a fifty-year-old woman cannot "boast" of excellent he alth, which was 20-30 years ago. The organs begin to malfunction, the function of the musculoskeletal system is disrupted, the amount of vitamins and hormones decreases, and metabolism slows down. All this does not contribute to the proper bearing of the child. The body will need strength, which at 50 is not so much.

As soon as the fact of pregnancy is confirmed in a mature woman, she is immediately placed under the strict supervision of a gynecologist, since the risk of miscarriage is extremely high. Also, in most cases, there is a significant deterioration in the condition of the pregnant woman herself.

The most dangerous thing is that in the early stages of pregnancy can be easily confused with the onset of menopause, because the symptoms are the same. Therefore, not all women immediately manage to recognize their "interesting position". A visit to the gynecologist during early and late menopause is a must.

Are there any benefits of late delivery

mother and daughter

Some women want to have a second child at 50. In this case, they already know what awaits them and are psychologically more stable than primiparas. At this age, the risk of postpartum depression, which young girls often experience, is virtually eliminated.

The advantages of such a late birth include the fact that by 50years, a woman in labor is already a fully formed personality. She has financial we alth and life experience. Therefore, the maintenance and care of the newborn will not cause problems for the "young" mother.

Another reason to leave pregnancy in adulthood is well-developed medicine, which allows you to carefully monitor the entire period of bearing a child.

The reason to leave the baby is that at this age a pregnant woman "rejuvenates". We are talking about the fact that at this time in the body of a woman there is a restructuring, the production of hormones necessary for normal gestation is actively taking place. The woman in labor feels several years younger, the risk of heart attacks, stroke and osteoporosis decreases.

How to recognize pregnancy at 50

childbirth after 50

As mentioned earlier, the signs of such a late pregnancy are similar to the symptoms of menopause. It is worth paying special attention if such sensations appear:

  • Morning dizziness and nausea.
  • Delayed or no period at all.
  • Insomnia.
  • The appearance of aversion to familiar smells and tastes.
  • Breast swelling.
  • Fatigue.
  • Frequent mood swings.
  • Irritable.

If you experience these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

First pregnancy after 50: true or myth

birth of a child

A woman's desire to have a second or third child at 50 is notcauses so many emotions in others, how to give birth to the first. However, this is a completely natural process, if the use of the IVF method was not required.

Before giving birth to a second or even first child at 50, a woman must weigh all the risks.

For natural conception and childbearing, the following factors are needed:

  • Sustaining ovulation.
  • Producing enough estrogen.
  • Maturation and release of a mature egg.
  • The process of fertilization of a mature egg.

Danger for the unborn baby

late born baby

It is possible for a woman at the age of 50 to give birth to a child, but before that it is necessary to realize all the risks not only for yourself, but also for your baby. It's not just about premature birth or miscarriage. Most often, it is children born from a mature woman who suffer from congenital pathologies and serious diseases.

If a child is born perfectly he althy, the presence of elderly parents can affect his psychological state. Some children feel uncomfortable next to such fathers and mothers in society, they are embarrassed. As practice shows, the relationship between children and elderly parents is not very trusting.

Every age has its own preferences and desires. A dad in his 60s is not as active as one who is only 30-35. It is unlikely that he will be happy to play football or other outdoor games with his son. An overgrown mother who already wants to just relax, but who is obliged to spend the whole day on her feet,caring for his little child, he is unlikely to find the strength to go to the park with him or prepare for the matinee.

In addition, growing children are often accompanied by the fear of losing their elderly parents in the very near future. Therefore, such a decisive turn in life as a late pregnancy must be made after weighing the pros and cons.

Difficulties in childbirth

Both bearing and childbirth in a mature woman are accompanied by difficulties. It is worth considering several complications that may occur during delivery:

  1. Weak labor activity due to low concentration of female hormones.
  2. Excessive bleeding during gestation and delivery.
  3. Multiple ruptures of the birth canal due to the fact that tissue elasticity is lost with age.

Due to the high risk of an upcoming natural birth, many women after 50 years of age have a caesarean section. However, the possibility of natural delivery is not excluded, if the only limiting factor is age.

Doctors' opinion about late pregnancy

examination of a pregnant woman

Is it possible to give birth at 50? What do doctors say about this? The opinions of experts are ambiguous, since how smoothly this crucial period in the life of a mature woman will go depends only on the individual characteristics of the body.

Some doctors see nothing wrong with women at 50 becoming mothers, especially for the first time. Others think the risks of complications are too highboth for the woman in labor and for the unborn child.

Most doctors are convinced that it is worth giving up planning a pregnancy at such a late age. The body is no longer adapted to gestation and childbirth. A woman will need to supply him with the necessary vitamins and minerals throughout the entire period of pregnancy.

The strongest criterion against late pregnancy is a high chance of having a child with genetic disorders. According to statistics, mothers over the age of 40 are much more likely to have children with Down syndrome. Other chromosomal abnormalities are not uncommon. Therefore, many doctors recommend that their patients think carefully before planning the birth of a child. If a woman is determined, she is strongly advised to undergo all the necessary examinations every month to exclude the risk of developing fetal anomalies.

Ways to conceive a child after 50

elderly spouses

1. Natural process. Can a woman give birth at 50? Yes, but first you need to choose a way to conceive a child. Violation of natural conception is a modern problem even for young couples, not just older ones. But such a possibility is not ruled out.

2. In vitro fertilization. Giving birth at 50 without IVF, as many want, is unlikely, but possible. However, IVF is the most effective process, suitable for mature women. The procedure is expensive, but safe for both the woman and the unborn fetus.

3. Surrogate fertilization. This is an option that comes only when a woman is not able toget pregnant and carry a child on their own. But a child developing in the womb of a surrogate mother has the genetic information of a woman who is not capable of bearing. Therefore, this method for an elderly woman is the easiest and most painless.

How to protect yourself from late pregnancy

Women who have regular sex life during menopause and do not want to have children should take care of contraception.

  1. Intrauterine contraceptives (spiral) are highly discouraged for use by women over 50.
  2. Some oral medications are recommended to balance hormone levels during menopause. But it is better not to use emergency contraceptive drugs ("Postinor").
  3. Surgical sterilization.
  4. Barrier contraceptives.


You can give birth at 50. A woman who decides to take such a step must go through all the examinations and listen to the opinion of the gynecologist.

Women who give birth at 50 are undoubtedly admired. What will be the fate of their baby? It depends on dozens of factors. Women who decide in favor of childbirth should weigh everything in advance.

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