"Ikea", bed linen: customer reviews
"Ikea", bed linen: customer reviews

Video: "Ikea", bed linen: customer reviews

Video: "Ikea", bed linen: customer reviews
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The Ikea brand is known far beyond the borders of its homeland - Sweden. The manufacturer offers a wide range of products for the home. Furniture, decorative items, storage systems and bedding are very popular. All products are versatile, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Almost everything you need for home improvement can be found in Ikea stores. Bedding, reviews of which are mostly positive, are quite often chosen for a children's room and an adult bedroom.

Ikea bedding reviews
Ikea bedding reviews

Features of bed linen from IKEA

All sets of the brand are soft and durable. You can choose bed linen made from organic cotton, exquisite linen or unusual lyocell fiber. The latter are chemically produced from eucalyptus pulp.

This novelty can boast far fromevery manufacturer. Such models are in Ikea. The last underwear, reviews of this confirmation, is breathable and durable. Sheets and duvet covers absorb moisture well, retain their shape and color after repeated washes and are quite wear-resistant.

Bed linen Ikea
Bed linen Ikea

Sets for kids

Most parents try to equip a place for their child to sleep as comfortably as possible. Sleep is essential for the development and growth of your baby. To make it strong, you need to choose the right baby bedding. Ikea receives reviews from grateful customers. All sets of the manufacturer are made of soft cotton fabric and have a delicate unobtrusive print.

Consumer feedback points to the natural composition of the sheets. Bed linen does not cause irritation. Parents identify characteristics such as feeling warm in the cold season and cool in the summer.

Bed linen for children Ikea
Bed linen for children Ikea

For the convenience of consumers, all sets are sewn in standard sizes. So, the duvet cover is 125 cm long and 110 cm wide. The pillowcase has the following dimensions - 55 cm by 36 cm. At the same time, all bed linen is suitable for beds of this brand.

Particularly pleased with the design of children's sheets and duvet covers, which offers "Ikea". Bed linen, reviews confirm this many times, literally immerses the baby in a fairy tale. At the same time, the child will even be able to learn new skills, for example, counting with the Vitaminer Siffra kit. Designers understand that even the mosta bright pattern can get boring. Therefore, they released a whole line of underwear, where you can change the boring background to another. To do this, you just need to lay the sheet on the back side, and turn the duvet cover inside out.

Ikea striped linen
Ikea striped linen

Characteristics of Latto set

Children's bed linen "Latto" ("Ikea") has a variety of reviews, but all buyers agree that the set is bright, attractive and children really like it. Traditionally, you can purchase a duvet cover and pillowcase, or just the last one.

This bed linen stands out for its unusual pattern. Bright animals and birds are depicted in an original manner of drawing. Often a similar kit is purchased for the Gulliver crib, which is produced by IKEA. However, the reviews confirm that the sizes of bed linen are suitable for beds of any parameters, because they have standard dimensions. The duvet cover is 150 x 200 cm and the pillowcase is 50 x 70 cm.

Ikea bed linen Latto
Ikea bed linen Latto

Vitaminer Yerta Reviews

The kit will delight little girls. The duvet cover is pink and the pillow is white. Completed with cute hearts in different colors. The fabric is durable and can withstand repeated washes at high temperatures. It is important for consumers that the pattern does not fade, and the material only becomes softer.

Reviews indicate that the set looks festive, a hidden fastener does not allow the blanket to crawl out of the duvet cover, and the pillowcase has a convenient envelope lock.

Kits foradults

For the bedroom, the manufacturer offers not only a variety of colors, but also the texture of linen. Popular with:

  • monochrome models;
  • Scottish plaid;
  • original pattern;
  • flower motifs;
  • striped sheets.

In this case, the duvet cover and sheet can be the same color, and the pillowcase can be completely different.

Reviews about underwear "Gordmolla"

Not only complete sets are offered by the manufacturer Ikea. "Gordmolla" - bed linen, reviews of which confirm its versatility, comfort and durability. If necessary, you can buy only a duvet cover and pillowcase. Further, if necessary, additional elements are purchased. According to consumer feedback, this approach is convenient if you need to change only part of the kit.

Linen is made of soft and delicate cotton. The material is pleasant to the touch and retains heat well. Customer reviews point to a thoughtful duvet cover. It features a concealed fastener so the duvet doesn't come off.

Pleases consumers and unobtrusive, but beautiful print. And it's double. On the one hand - spring flowers, on the other - a classic stripe.

Ikea Gordmolla
Ikea Gordmolla

Reviews on the set "Felwedel"

For those who are looking for underwear in soothing shades, it is recommended to pay attention to Felwedel (Ikea bed linen). Reviews about it confirm the softness of the material, and the hostesses claim that after washing it becomes even softer. For the convenience of the buyer, the kit can be purchased with oneor two pillowcases.

The duvet cover has a hidden fastener, which has long been appreciated by consumers. The pillowcase traditionally has an "envelope" system. The coloring has pastel shades and a geometric print. Customers often purchase this set to decorate their bedrooms in a classic style and claim that it is also suitable for any other.

Opinions on the Lusoga kit

The kit is traditionally sold in three versions. You can choose duvet cover and pillowcase, just pillowcase and sheet. Bed linen "Lyusoga" ("Ikea"), the reviews have accumulated only positive. The buyer is attracted by a pleasant floral pattern and soft cotton. The material is dense, after washing it does not stretch and retains its former appearance. The hostesses' reviews confirm that the print does not fade or brighten even after repeated washes.

Tradaster Pillow

If you need to purchase only a pillow that fits many sets, then you should pay attention to the "Tradaster". Ikea bedding, reviews confirm this is created in such a way that any sets can be combined with each other.

Tradaster pillow has an original geometric pattern and a choice of shades from the yellow-orange range. Consumers claim that this color and print goes well with many outfits.

Filling at the pillow - polyester. The material, judging by the reviews, is suitable for use in winter and summer. It does not cause irritation, allergic reactions and does not absorb odors. The pillowcase is made of natural cotton. The pillow has universal dimensions - 35 by 35 cm.

IKEA concept

Striped linen Ikea
Striped linen Ikea

The manufacturer cares not only about the quality of its products, but also about protecting the environment. Therefore, many products, including pillows, are sold without packaging. When choosing a material for the manufacture of bed linen, the emphasis is on naturalness, but at the same time, the availability of sets remains a priority. That is why the main fabric is cotton. Percale and satin are also used. Fabrics have proven themselves from the best side and have a low cost.

The Ikea brand offers a wide variety. Bed linen reviews are only advisory. For the convenience of the buyer, almost all sets are sold with one pillowcase. If desired, another can be purchased separately. All sheets are also included in a separate item. In this case, you can choose the standard version or on an elastic band.

Many duvet covers are reversible. Thus, you can choose a pattern and completely transform the interior of the room. This approach was especially appreciated by children, who sometimes get bored with monotony. In addition, there are models where the pattern changes if the duvet cover is turned inside out.