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"Phospasim" for dogs - safe protection from stress

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"Phospasim" for dogs - safe protection from stress
"Phospasim" for dogs - safe protection from stress

Pets are no less sensitive to stress than humans. This is especially true for dogs, because their intelligence is very high and they are attached to the owner. Changes in the usual way of life or temporary separation from the owner for many of them become a real test. In these situations, the drug "Fospasim" for dogs becomes an indispensable assistant, because it helps the animal to adapt and relieve psycho-emotional stress.

Indications for use and effect of the drug

Many medications for treating depression and mental disorders in pets are potent substances with many unpleasant effects. An excellent alternative to these medicines can be such a herbal remedy as the drug "Fospasim". The use of this medication for dogs is not addictive and does not cause side effects. Thanks to its natural composition, it works gently but effectively.

fospasim for dogs

"Phospasim" has the following effect on the body:

  • reduces nervousness;
  • normalizes the behavior of the animal under the action of irritating factors;
  • improves the analytical ability of the brain;
  • reduces anxiety;
  • eliminates aggression.

The drug is recommended for the treatment of anxiety disorders and fears of various causes. It helps to more easily endure the temporary absence of the owner or adapt to new living conditions. In medicine, it is used before surgery to temporarily reduce the activity of the vagus nerve.


"Phospasim" for dogs is available as a solution for injection and drops for oral use. The second dosage form is more often in demand among pet owners, since it is convenient to dose it yourself and use it at home. The active ingredients of the remedy are the following components in homeopathic dilutions:

  • phosphorus yellow;
  • pharmacy aconite;
  • black henbane;
  • passiflora red-white;
  • musk;
  • ignatia bitter;
  • platinum.

Additionally, Fospasim contains sodium chloride and sterile water (in solution for injection) or specially prepared water and ethanol (in drops). In terms of effectiveness, both forms of the drug are equivalent, but at home it is much more convenient to take drops.

fospasim for dogs drops reviews

Phospasim for dogs: instructions, tolerance reviews

Dosage depends on the weight and height of the animal. "Fospasim" for dogs of large breeds is used 30-40 drops per reception,for medium breeds - 20-30 drops. Small pets need 10-15 drops per application. If we are talking about an injection solution, then it must be administered at the rate of 0.1 ml per 1 kg of body weight. A single dose of the drug should not exceed 4 ml.

The medicine is recommended to be taken 1 or 2 times a day, depending on the severity of the symptoms. The average course of therapy is 1-2 weeks. It is advisable to give the animal the drug at the same time of day so that its stable concentration is maintained in the blood.

drug fospasim application for dogs

After analyzing the reviews of dog owners who were prescribed Fospasim, we can conclude that the medicine is well tolerated and has no side effects when the recommended dosages are observed. How quickly the drug works depends on the severity of the condition, but in general, the owners of all dogs note that fears and aggression disappear after a maximum of 10-14 days.

Drug Benefits

There are many remedies for treating depression and normalizing the behavior of pets. Phospasim for dogs has the following distinctive features:

  • consists of only natural ingredients;
  • does not cause side effects;
  • the risk of developing allergic reactions with this drug is minimal;
  • does not exhaust the nervous system, but only regulates its activity to physiological levels;
  • does not cause drowsiness or withdrawal symptoms.

Like any other homeopathic remedy, Phospasim triggers mechanismsnatural regulation of chemical processes in the body. Its action is potentiated, that is, the effect of taking it accumulates and lasts for a long time even after the end of the course of treatment.

Reviews from dog owners and veterinarians

Pet owners who were prescribed the drug "Fospasim" noticed that after a while the fear and anxiety of the pet were replaced by calmness. At the same time, the reaction to external stimuli (noise, bright light, wind) remained normal. This indicates that the drug does not inhibit cognitive processes in the brain, but only smoothly regulates the activity of the nervous system.

fospasim for dogs instructions reviews

Among doctors, the remedy also received approval. Even adherents of classical therapy, and not homeopathy, noted that with simple forms of behavioral disorders, the use of "Fospasim" brings positive results. Of course, with neglected neurosis and depression, this medicine cannot be the only treatment, but it can be part of complex therapy. "Fospasim" for dogs (drops), reviews of which are mostly positive, has earned the trust of veterinarians and breeders, as it has proven its effectiveness and safety.

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