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Bicycle for a child from 1 year old: price, manufacturers
Bicycle for a child from 1 year old: price, manufacturers

Parents of this generation, in search of quality things for the development of their babies, study everything about goods “from cover to cover”. And rightly so, because marriage and fraud will always be. From birth, we worry about which stroller, car seat, crib to choose, because it is so important that the baby is comfortable, interesting, and most importantly, safe. The last point is perhaps the most important, although design also plays a role. After the baby is one year old, parents ask themselves the question: which bike to choose for a child from 1 year old? Technology has done a good job in this regard. There are a lot of world brands offering high-quality designer tricycles for children from 1 year old. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the characteristics, cost and, of course, reviews.

bicycle for a child from 1 year

How to choose a bike for a child from 1 year old?

The selection criteria are well known to everyone, but it's still worth mentioning them. First of all, it is the age and growth of the child.Next, you should decide on the functionality you need. And, of course, pay attention to safety, high quality of children's transport. These are the main points to consider when buying a bike. As for the design, colors, additional features of a particular product, it will be better if you consider them together with your child.

tricycles for children from 1 year

Age category, height

Bicycles for children from 1 year old have a lot of differences between them, from dimensions to functionality. Choosing a bike model for your child will depend on their age and height. To simplify this criterion, you can use a table that consists of numerical indicators: age, height and corresponding wheel diameter data.

Age of child

Height, cm

Diameter, inch

From 1 year to 3

75 - 95


3 to 4 years old

95 - 101

from 12

4 to 6 years old

101 - 115


6 to 9 years old

115 - 128


9 to 13 years old

126 - 155


Tricycles for children from 1 year to 4 years old contain a large number of elementsfor security. For example, a low frame (in order to reduce the risk of injury during falls), protection on chain structures, a shockproof casing on the handlebars. Such bikes are equipped with a handle for driving at the rear and, in addition to all this, have many other advantages. For children over the age of five, models similar to adult bicycles are produced, equipped with a handbrake and sometimes a gear shifter.

bicycle for a child 1-5 years old


A bicycle for a child of 1-5 years old should not be a full-fledged transport. Rather, the best option would be to buy a transformer that includes many functions besides driving. Namely: the opportunity for parents to ride their children, a rocking chair, musical arrangement, sun protection, adjustment of the back of the chair, and in the end, the opportunity to remove all these personal belongings by growth and use a simple comfortable tricycle for a growing baby for several more years.

bicycle for children from 1 year reviews

Thanks to the presence of a parental handle on children's transport, adults can control the transformer and thus warn the child from dangers. And also such bicycles-chairs for children from 1 year old are equipped with baskets for toys and bags for mothers' accessories. It is also possible to fold the bike, which is quite comfortable in storage and transportation.

Transport security

Safety is the most important criterion in any transport. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to this moment. Necessary for safe drivinghigh-quality brake system, bicycle parts made of durable materials. Before buying a product, check whether it is suitable for the child by sitting on a chair or placing it over a bicycle frame. According to the safety standard, there should be a distance of 10 cm between the frame and the crotch. In this case, the baby will be able to jump off the bike in an unforeseen situation. As for small children, it should be comfortable for them to sit on a rocking bike, reach the steering wheel, and move safely in the chair. To do this, the new equipment is equipped with seat belts and a rim that protects the baby from falling out of the chair.

bicycle for a child 1 year old price

Famous reliable manufacturers

It is equally important, when purchasing a product, to know about the reliability and quality of production. About 10 best and currently relevant manufacturers are noted on the world market, who have established themselves as suppliers of high and long-term quality bicycles. The top three in terms of strength, design and cost are: Smart Trike, Azimuth and Royal Baby.

bicycle for a child 1 year old price

Smart Trike is the best for your child

After looking just once at a bike for a child from 1 year old brand "Smart Trike", you no longer want to flip through the price lists in search of children's transport. Speaking about the manufacturer, it is worth noting the modernized approach to products and at the same time the view from the side of the child. All parts are manufactured on German equipment. All Smart Trike products are patented and have the appropriatecertificates. Bicycles of this brand are sold in more than 50 countries. The brand focuses on safety, producing the main parts (handlebar, frame, handle, pedals) of the bike from hardened steel, and the additional ones from high-quality plastic (basket, stand, chair) and rubber (wheels). Products with amazing design and high quality have a rather considerable price and are part of a series of expensive bicycles. But there are also models with a slightly reduced cost. Price range: from 4500 to 8000 rubles.

The bike for a child from 1 year old "Smart Trike" has excellent characteristics.

  • Main structure made of hardened steel.
  • Anatomic chair with seat belts and adjustable backrest.
  • Removable parent handle with 4 levels of adjustment.
  • Non-slip footrest, also removable.
  • Accessory bag made of quality material, easy to wash.
  • Toy basket, music phone, sun visor.
  • Brake system of wheels and steering wheel.
  • Bright author's designs of each model.
bicycle stroller for a child from 1 year old

"Azimuth" - high quality and affordable

A bicycle for a child (1 year old), the price of which is exorbitant for many parents, can be purchased at a more affordable price. The Chinese manufacturer "Azimuth" provides an opportunity to purchase a good bike inexpensively. And you will get a bike for children from 1 year old, reviews of which prove high quality. Main characteristicsBicycles "Azimuth" for kids:

  • base made of durable metal;
  • adjustable seat with seat belts;
  • toy fixture;
  • parent pen;
  • musical arrangement;
  • footrest.

From the latest models, we highlight the original design of the Azimuth Lamborghini, made in the style of an Italian car brand. The cost of models is from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

bicycles strollers for children from 1 year

Royal Baby is a guarantee of reliability and convenience

Royal Baby has been producing bicycles for children from 3 years old and balance bikes for over 20 years. The company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of quality products. The main structure of the children's vehicle is made of aluminum and has a non-burning coating. The seat and handlebars of the bike can be adjusted according to the height of the child. The characteristics of the transport also include: a handbrake on the front wheel, non-slip coating of the handlebars, pedals with reflective reflectors, a bell and side wheels. The design of Royal Baby products impresses with its originality, combination of style and versatility of shades. The cost of models is from 5500 to 9500 rubles.

Children's bike is not just a transport for convenient movement, walking around the city, trips to the country, but also the most important stage in the development of the baby. The main thing is to choose what is suitable for both the child and the parent. The bicycle must be light and at the same time made of metal, since plastic and other cheap components of manytoys wear out quickly. And no one wants to buy goods for a lot of money that will be unusable the next day. Therefore, it is better to spend money once and use the item for several years, and possibly decades. And it will come in handy not only for your children, but also for your nephews and grandchildren.

Every year the assortment of children's accessories is replenished more and more. The competition is growing, and among bicycle manufacturers it is noticeable. Therefore, it became difficult to decide on the choice of the company. But, trusting trusted manufacturers, you can't go wrong.

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