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What should a child know at 6? Speech of a 6 year old child. Teaching children 6 years old
What should a child know at 6? Speech of a 6 year old child. Teaching children 6 years old

Time flies fast enough, and now your baby is 6 years old. He is entering a new stage of life, namely going to first grade. What should a child know at 6 years old before going to school? What knowledge and skills will help a future first grader better navigate school life?

Knowledge needed to go to school

Experts from all over the world say that every child before going to school must learn his first name, patronymic and last name. He also needs to know the names of his parents and what positions they hold.

To hone this knowledge, the child needs to perform various tasks for children of 6 years old. For example, show your child various pictures, and he should name what he saw on them, describe how it looked.

It will be very good if the baby can name and distinguish domestic animals from wild animals. At the same time, the future student must clearly formulate his thought. Otherwise, he will be assigned additional classes.

Better before going to school on your owntake care of your child. Studying with their parents, the baby will quickly master the material.

What should a 6 year old know?

Physical exercise

A very important aspect is physical activity. The more a child moves, the better his metabolism. If metabolic processes are at a normal level, the IQ will increase.

At the age of six, the future student is best sent to the sports section, where he will learn discipline, improve his he alth and increase his intellect. Thanks to this, the baby will learn everything that a child should know at 6 years old.

If it is not possible to send the child to the section, it is necessary to create conditions for sports at home. You can install a Swedish wall or hang a rope. Perhaps at first the children will not pay attention to these devices, but over time they will become interested. Playfully, the kids will increase their physical fitness.

tasks for children 6 years old

Math and baby

Younger students should not only take care of their physical condition. Parents are obliged to make sure that the child learns the basics of mathematics. The child should be able to count up to 10. Also, the future student should compare adjacent numbers. Mathematics for children 6 years old should include cardinal numbers in the study.

It is important enough to study simple geometric shapes. For example, triangle, square and circle. This knowledge will help the kid to integrate into school life.

Better ifparents will teach their child concepts like more and less. Examples include sweets or fruits that the baby likes so much.

If a child does not master the basic knowledge of mathematics, it will be difficult for him among his peers who already know how to write numbers.

mathematics for children 6 years old

Speech Development

The speech of a 6-year-old child plays a big role. Some children as young as 6 cannot pronounce part of the letters. At the same time, it is difficult for them to compose a story of 5 sentences. Having taught the child to coherently express his thoughts, you can proceed to the next task.

Parents call the future student words, but he says the opposite. For example, fire is hot and ice is cold. In order for the child to understand what his parents want from him, you need to give him an example.

It is also necessary that the baby can repeat simple tongue twisters that an adult says to him.

To finally deal with the development of speech, you need to teach the child to call words in the plural after they say the word in the singular. For example, pen - pen.

If the child speaks and expresses his thoughts well, it will be easier for him to perceive the information that the teacher gives out in the classroom.

speech of a 6 year old child

Environmental education

Mathematics and speech development are not the main skills that a future student should have. The question arises of what a child should know at 6 years old in order to be fully ready for school.

Very important should beknowledge about the environment. Such information can be obtained during walks in the fresh air. Wandering in the park, you need to tell the baby about trees, birds and the like.

The kid should know at least 7 different plants. Having named these plants, the child must describe the shape and color of the leaves. Having de alt with plants, you can move on to animals.

A six year old must know a few birds that don't fly south for the winter. At the same time, he must name the reason why the birds remain in their native lands.

It will be useful to tell the baby about wild animals, about how they differ from domestic animals.

teaching children 6 years

How to help your child get ready for school?

It's okay if your baby can't do something. Each parent should help the child overcome the difficulties that arise in preparing for school. That is why experts advise many parents to independently deal with a future student.

Teaching a child the alphabet is not the easiest task that parents will face. To learn the alphabet, you need an alphabet for children 6 years old. Success will be noticed in one week. Although there are children who learn the alphabet very quickly.

To guarantee academic success, parents need to create a simple program. The program must include such subjects as arithmetic, reading, calligraphy.

Before you teach a child to write cleanly, you need to visit the store and purchase prescriptions for children 6 years old. Baby firsthooks and letters will jump around, as it is still difficult for him to hold a pen in his hands. Over time, the handwriting will become more beautiful, and the written text more legible.

To quickly teach your child to remember different things, you can conduct tests. For example, a classification test. Its essence lies in the fact that the child must find the superfluous among the called words, and also explain why it does not fit other words.

Another interesting test is the correction test. In a text no shorter than 400 characters, the kid must find how many times this or that letter occurs. Only 5 mistakes are considered a good result.

alphabet for children 6 years old

The choice of educational games for a six-year-old child

It must be remembered that the children's brain works like a sponge. He can instantly remember both positive and negative information. Before allowing the baby to start the game, it must be studied carefully. It is necessary to check that the application does not contain cruelty and information that affects the psyche. Logic games for children 6 years old should be intuitive and interesting.

Counting programs will help your child prepare for school, namely, to develop mathematical abilities. The only way to win a math game is to solve a simple problem correctly.

A guessing or word-building app to help you improve your vocabulary. It is best to start such a game after the alphabet for children 6 years old has been fully mastered.

Apps fordrawings will help the future student to train memory, as well as improve perception.

A large number of specialists are working on the creation of children's games, who must know the psychology of six-year-old children. Before putting the application on the network, experts carefully test it for errors.

While playing, children gain skills without noticing that they are learning and not just playing.

Do not forget that the time spent at the computer should be limited, as it can ruin the child's eyesight.

It is important that the baby plays with his peers and hone his skills in the real world.

logic games for children 6 years old

Development of visual memory

To determine how good a child's visual memory is, it is necessary to conduct a special test. These tasks for children 6 years old will be quite simple. The child needs to show 10 different pictures. You can look at each picture for 6 seconds. After viewing all the pictures, the future student must name the objects that he saw on them.

If the kid named more than 8 pictures, this is a good result. The average result is 5-7 guessed pictures. Less than 5 pictures will be considered unsatisfactory.

In a few days, visual memory will improve, and it will be easier for the child to remember pictures.

Development of auditory memory

It is important enough that the child has developed not only visual memory, but also auditory. The education of children aged 6 will be faster ifrepeat the exercise several times a day.

You need to choose 10 simple words that are not too long and easy to remember. The row may include the following words: spruce, cat, summer, brother, glasses, chair, horse, house, lion, table. Other words can be chosen, but so that they are simple, understandable for the baby.

Slowly reading the indicated words, you need to ask the child to say everything that he remembered. It is best to repeat the task at least 5 times so that they are well deposited in the baby's memory.

It is considered normal if the future student memorized 4 words the first time. He must repeat all the words after 4 repetitions.


So, what should a child know at 6? First of all, the baby should learn to hold a pen and clearly express his thoughts. If the child does not know how to do this, do not be upset, as you can make an effort to achieve this.

First of all, we make simple programs, according to which the baby will be trained. Remember, you should not overload the future student too much, as he is only preparing for serious classes. Between studies, you should let him play or mind his own business, as well as run outside.

To facilitate the learning process, classes are best done in a playful way. After reading this article, parents will know how to prepare their preschooler for first grade.

After a few months of training, the baby will be completely ready to go to school. He will be able to sit more easily in class and listen more attentively to everything he says.teacher.

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