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Marine-style chandelier: selection rules, ideas for self-creation

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Marine-style chandelier: selection rules, ideas for self-creation
Marine-style chandelier: selection rules, ideas for self-creation

Marine style in interior design is very common and popular. It favors a calm and peaceful atmosphere, reminiscent of gentle waves and sunny shores. Often the key element of the room is a nautical-style chandelier, which not only fills the room with light, but also creates an expressive accent.

If you are looking for an accessory of this kind, you may find the following decor ideas useful, many of which you can make yourself.

marine style chandelier

Style features

What does this design direction include? It has absorbed the features of country, Mediterranean and ethnic styles. It is characterized by the following key elements:

  • Natural textures: burlap, canvas, hemp rope, clear and colored glass, rope, natural materials.
  • Handmade elements: clay modeling, forging, casting.
  • Natural marine colors: blue, white, beige, yellow, green, metallic colors.
  • Sea-related entourage: ships, anchors, seagulls, marine life, lighthouses, shells.

Marine-style ceiling chandelier can be made from the mosta variety of materials. The main condition is that it should remind of the sea.

chandelier in a marine style in the nursery

For those at the helm

One of the most common ideas for such a chandelier is a nautical-style steering wheel. Plafonds made of ceramic or glass are attached to it, decorated with ropes, a scattering of shells, fragments of fishing nets. It looks very impressive on such a crackle chandelier - an imitation of an old semi-peeled paint, cracked in places. Such a steering wheel seems like an old thing with a rich history. Modern lighting manufacturers use this technique extensively, although varnished polished wood is no less common.

chandeliers steering wheel in a marine style

Wind rose

There are many ideas for making your own marine chandelier. If you are looking for, but do not find what would suit your interior perfectly, show your imagination and create a stylish accessory yourself. To do this, you will need a laconic chandelier in a metal case, reminiscent of a ship's lantern. To emphasize its species affiliation, draw a wind rose on the ceiling. Ready-made stickers can also be used.

Such a nautical-style chandelier will look even more harmonious if the cardinal points are arranged not in random order, but guided by a compass.

marine style chandelier

Who lives at the bottom of the ocean?

Designers offer a huge number of lamps decorated with marine animals or fish. Chandelier in a marine style, made in the formoctopus, suitable for the kitchen, loggia, living room or nursery.

chandelier in a marine style in the nursery

Given by the sea

If an expensive marine-style designer chandelier is not on your must-buy list, try giving the necessary features to an obsolete, obsolete lamp. To do this, cover the horns and the base of the chandelier with sky-blue paint for metal and decorate it with shells, starfish, and beads. Decor brought from a trip will look especially cozy - such a chandelier will remind you of a pleasant stay. This accessory will perfectly fit into the marine interior of summer cottages, verandas, loggias.

chandelier in marine style do it yourself

Strong knot

The theme of marine knots is simply inexhaustible. If you want to decorate the room with such an accessory, it will not be difficult to find it on sale. But you can make it yourself, and don't be afraid of the lack of knitting skills in sea knots.

Inspiration could come from the next nautical style chandelier. With your own hands, it will be necessary to do just a few simple manipulations. Wrap the rope around the cartridge, fixing it to the Moment glue. Pull the outgoing wire inside the rope. Do the same for the rest of the ammo. Tie the bundle into a knot. It is not at all necessary to repeat the textbook sea knots; you can lay out the turns arbitrarily. It remains only to fix the rope at the base of the chandelier and connect the wiring.

nautical style ceiling chandelier


Pirate theme is also popular. Of course, such a chandelier is unlikely to look harmonious in a living room, but it will suit perfectly for a cafe, bar, loggia or lounge area.

You will need a base, a thin rope or chain, cartridges with wires and a few bottles of rum. If there are no suitable ones, just print or draw the appropriate labels. At the bottles, you need to cut off the bottom, fasten cartridges with light bulbs inside and decorate with a rope or twine. By the way, similar chandeliers can be found in handmade stores.

chandelier in marine style do it yourself

Sea games

Discovery of new lands, sea battles, mysterious mermaid lagoons, adventures of the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom - all this is so dear and close to many children. If your family has a navigator or a mistress of distant islands, think about a nautical interior for a child's room. Many young adventurers will be happy with this.

The nautical style chandelier for the nursery is an interesting accessory. Surely a child's fantasy will endow him with some magical properties. The chandelier can be made in the form of a lifebuoy or steering wheel, a pirate ship or outlandish fish, an old anchor, a ship's bell or even a treasure chest. The main differences for the children's chandelier are the use of brighter colors, such as the classic nautical combination of red, blue and white, as well as bolder playful decor.

chandelier in a marine style in the nursery

Going for such an accessory,be sure to take the owner of the room with you and listen to his wishes. After all, a beautiful chandelier can not only illuminate the room, but also truly delight.

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