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Can pregnant women chew gum: possible consequences, reviews
Can pregnant women chew gum: possible consequences, reviews

Today chewing gum has become a habit, otherwise a bad one. Some people keep a small piece of latex in their mouth all the time, although, according to the recommendations of dentists, it is enough to devote 10 minutes to this activity after eating. Such a short chewing helps to clean the interdental spaces from food debris. Again, if it is possible to fully brush your teeth, it is better to do just that. Gum is a last resort, after all.

Many women, having learned about their interesting position, are in no hurry to give up chewing gum. At the same time, expectant mothers are concerned about the question - is it safe for the fetus? Let's try to figure out whether it is possible for pregnant women to chew chewing gum with toxicosis or just like that.

chewing gum for nausea

Believe the advertisements?

Needless to say, it's hard to imagine everyday life without packing those little white rectangles. With the onset of pregnancy, a woman is forced to change many habits, or completely abandon them.As a rule, alcohol and cigarettes are completely excluded. If before the expectant mother smoked, for the sake of the he alth of the baby, she will not allow herself a single puff. But if no one doubts the ban on these substances, then mint gum seems to be a harmless and even useful product.

the benefits of chewing gum

Television advertising has caused a lot of confusion. We all remember the promises of white-toothed dentists: chew gum and you will be happy! And then came a convincing list of useful properties of the advertised products: it will freshen your breath, protect against caries, and make your smile snow-white. Many believe these marketing promises to this day. And yet, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to use chewing gum during pregnancy is not so clear. There is conflicting information on the internet. Some doctors categorically forbid, others give indulgence. However, there are proven facts that speak in favor of giving up chewing gum. But before talking about them, it is worth analyzing the composition of this product.

chewing gum

What is chewing gum made of?

Gum base is latex, the same material from which many other products are made. It should be borne in mind that there are no facts of its scientifically studied influence on the body of expectant mothers. Artificial flavors can provoke an allergic reaction. Often chewing gum manufacturers add non-food colors, sugar and its substitutes, in particular E951 (aspartame), to the composition. This substance contains phenylalanine, which can negativelyaffect the hormonal background of the expectant mother and baby. In addition, E951 in some cases causes migraine and nausea. After dismantling the composition, you need to ask yourself: is it possible for pregnant women to chew gum, is it worth it at all?

chewing gum during pregnancy

Is there any benefit?

After reading the composition of chewing gum, it becomes clear that there is nothing useful in it, in general, no. However, this is not quite true. It is worth considering in more detail the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to chew Orbit gum or any other. There is still some benefit, and it is associated with the psychological effect of chewing. This helps in some way to calm down the anxiety. Some people are used to stress-eating high-calorie meals. They can be advised in an anxious state to chew gum for ten to fifteen minutes. The psychological effect will be the same, but without overeating.

In addition, toffee really freshens breath for a short time and helps the stomach produce gastric juice. The chewing time limit is a maximum of fifteen minutes, until the harmful substances have had time to fully act.

Possible consequences of chewing gum during pregnancy

Negative effect on the condition of the teeth. Frequent use of chewing gum leaches calcium from tooth enamel, contrary to the assurances of advertising, and it quickly deteriorates. This is due to a violation of the acidic environment in the mouth. Tooth enamel is also destroyed by frequent intensive chewing movements. The teeth of pregnant women are very vulnerable, because the formation of bonethe child's skeleton goes a large number of building materials. Calcium is one of the main elements, and the fetus "eats" it from the mother's teeth. Chewing gum only speeds up this process. The chewing gum creates a vacuum between itself and the tooth, which pulls out the fillings. A lot of work has been added to dentists due to popped-out fillings as a result of chewing gum.

Artificial coloring and flavoring substances, which are stuffed with a product made of latex, are the strongest allergens. Chewing on an empty stomach can cause gastritis or ulcers. This is due to the corrosive effect of gastric juice on the walls of the esophagus. The sugar in bubble gum increases blood glucose levels. Monosodium glutamate (flavor enhancer) adversely affects the nervous system of the embryo.

coffee beans

What to do if you really want to chew?

Not every mom-to-be has the willpower to make an immediate lifestyle change. Many use the psychological calming effect of chewing, which was discussed earlier in the article. Some still freshen their breath with mint gum. In this case, it is worth thinking about minimizing the risk of he alth problems. To begin with, you should make it a rule that you should not keep the gum in your mouth for more than ten to fifteen minutes. This is enough time to clear the mouth of pieces of food.

Expectant mothers can be advised to reduce the frequency of use of rubber plates to 1-2 pieces per day. Chew gum only after meals. The gastric juice produced during thisingestion will aid in the digestion of food. If you violate this rule systematically, then there is a risk of earning or aggravating stomach problems.

carrot, apple, parsley

Can pregnant women chew gum for nausea or is it better to replace it?

Chewing gum can be replaced with natural products such as honeycomb or tree tar. These products are not only harmless, they are a storehouse of useful trace elements and vitamins. To give freshness to the breath, natural coffee beans are suitable. It is enough to chew 1-2 grains. Perfectly freshens breath after eating ordinary parsley. A sprig of this greenery will destroy bacteria in the oral cavity and restore the acid-base balance. For a pleasant effect of massaging the gums, carrots and apples are suitable. These natural massagers are faithful companions of he althy teeth.

how to replace chewing gum

A woman at any stage of pregnancy is responsible for her he alth and the he alth of her unborn baby. The author of the article highlighted the possible negative consequences of the use of chewing gum by expectant mothers. Therefore, it is better not to cause additional harm to two living organisms. If it is not possible to completely abandon the use of bubble gum, then it is worth at least minimizing the negative consequences. The safest solution is to replace the gum with other refreshing products or just brush your teeth.

Everyone must decide whether it is possible for pregnant women to chew gum. Reviews are completely opposite. But you should think about the he alth of the unborn baby and exclude all low-qualityproducts.

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