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A cooler bag is an indispensable assistant on the road

A cooler bag is an indispensable assistant on the road
A cooler bag is an indispensable assistant on the road

The word "refrigerator" makes us involuntarily associate with a bulky unit designed to store a large number of products. But, for example, for people who often go on country picnics, such an item as a cooler bag immediately comes to mind.

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This item is used to transport a small amount of products that require low temperatures to preserve. Most often, it is used to transport meat for barbecue, drinks, sausages, etc. these accessories are growing year by year.

To tell the truth, not all cooler bags would be correct to call refrigerators. Most of them are thermal bags or thermal containers, since they do not have a cooling element as such, and therefore they are only able to maintain a low temperature for some time.

A cooler bag can hold a low temperature inside from 5 to 12 hours. To increase this period, specialcold accumulators, which are small briquettes filled inside with a special heat-intensive solution. Before use, they must be kept in the freezer for about 10 hours, and then placed in a cooler bag. Dry ice can be used as an alternative to briquettes.

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But still, the term "cooler bag" is already very firmly rooted in the minds of our fellow citizens, so we will use it further.

Varieties of Cooler Bags

The first type of cooler bags are ordinary thermal bags. They can be made from either nylon or plastic. If the size of the item is small, then it can be carried with an ordinary handle. If the bag has impressive dimensions, then it is equipped with wheels and a special retractable handle for ease of movement. As a rule, the maximum volume of a thermal bag is limited to 50 liters.

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Thermal containers can be attributed to another type of cooler bags. They are usually made of plastic, and their volume ranges from 1 to 150 liters. The walls of the container are filled with foam, and on top it is closed with a sealed lid. Compact boxes are equipped with one handle located in the middle. Medium-sized containers have two handles located on the sides. Such devices are able to maintain a constant temperature for up to 12 hours.

A car cooler bag is the last type we are consideringcategories. Its fundamental difference from previous bags is that it is equipped with an electronic refrigeration unit, which allows not only to maintain a constant temperature, but also to cool or heat food. Such a refrigerator works from a car cigarette lighter.

In general, a cooler bag, reviews of models and types of which are mostly positive, can become a very useful and indispensable item for almost every family.

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