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How to put on a diaper for a boy: step by step instructions

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How to put on a diaper for a boy: step by step instructions
How to put on a diaper for a boy: step by step instructions

In today's world it is very difficult to overestimate the convenience and practicality of disposable diapers. It would seem that there is nothing complicated in their use. But for most young mothers, the question often arises of how to properly wear a diaper for a boy. We will consider the features of the use and the correct choice of this product for children's hygiene in the article.

Features of baby diapers

Some young mothers often wonder why boys shouldn't wear diapers. Nevertheless, diapers are the most convenient means of hygiene for the baby today.

Diapers on the table

Let's consider the main criteria for differentiating diapers for boys and girls:

  1. The absorbent layer for newborn males is located closer to the tummy. And for girls, it is located closer to the middle of the product.
  2. Boy models have free space in front.
  3. Diapers for guys usuallyare made in shades of blue and blue, and also add pictures with cars or animals to the product.
Mom puts on a baby diaper

You have to wear diapers quite often. This action must be performed before and after a walk, after sleeping and before feeding. In all other cases, it is necessary to change the diaper as it fills up. Since this procedure is often necessary, young mothers should read the instructions.


You may have heard that the use of diapers can adversely affect men's he alth. In fact, there is not a single medical evidence about the dangers of diapers. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that sperm production does not begin until the age of 7, so the use of diapers cannot affect reproductive function in any way.

baby in diaper

How often should a newborn boy wear a diaper? The best option is to use diapers exclusively during sleep and walks, the rest of the time it is desirable for the baby's skin to breathe. For these purposes, you can use loose cotton panties or take air baths.

How to put on a diaper for a boy?

It is important for a newborn to experience maximum discomfort. That's why it's so important to learn how to properly put on a diaper for a newborn male.

  1. Prepare the changing table. Place a warm diaper or thin blanket over it. So the boy will be much warmer and more comfortable.
  2. Place essential cream tubes, wet wipes and other hygiene items within easy reach.
  3. After everything is prepared, place the baby on the diaper.
  4. Remove the dirty diaper. Then wipe the little baby with a damp cloth.
  5. Apply to clean skin a special cosmetic product for diapers or powder.
  6. Spread out a clean diaper.
  7. Then lay it out on the changing table.
  8. Gently lower your baby into it.
  9. Before you fasten the product, make sure that the absorbent layer of the diaper is at the optimal height. This is to avoid leakage.
  10. Then, cover the newborn's tummy with the top of the diaper, and then straighten the side folds and the belt of the product so that it does not rub the delicate skin of the baby.
  11. Open the Velcro on the diaper one by one and fasten them, but not too tight. This is necessary in order for the baby to feel as comfortable as possible.

After you have done everything according to the above instructions, you should once again check all the rubber bands and folds in order to make sure that the risk of chafing or pressure will be reduced to zero.

until what age can boys wear diapers

Here is such a meaningful answer to the question of how to properly wear a diaper for a boy. If you perform this manipulation correctly, then no problems should arise. Moreover, do not forget aboutchoosing the right hygiene product in this category. If parents are in doubt about the choice of diapers, they can consult a pediatrician or a pharmacy worker.


So we figured out the question of how to put on a diaper for a boy. Now you can read the information about what to consider when choosing a diaper for guys:

  1. The label "for boys" must be present on the packaging of diapers. These products are characterized by a certain type of sorbent that absorbs liquid.
  2. Pay attention to the size and purpose of the weight of the newborn. They are numbered and may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, before choosing a size 2 or 3, read the information about which weight category they fit.
  3. If the weight of the crumbs is in the intermediate value, then preference should be given to larger products.
  4. Please note that diapers for a boy should be "breathable", as overheating can adversely affect men's he alth. Moreover, when the product is not breathable, babies may experience diaper rash.
  5. If the baby is one year old, then you should think about changing diapers to panties, as well as potty training the boy.
  6. Avoid diapers that are made with fragrances. The fact is that such materials can provoke the occurrence of allergic reactions on the delicate skin of a newborn.

The effect of diapers on the urinary system

Mostyoung mothers are interested in whether it is possible for boys to wear diapers all the time. You may have heard the common belief that the use of diapers can cause the development of such a disease as enuresis. Well, according to scientific research, this claim has not been confirmed.

With regards to the question of up to what age boys can wear diapers, then a lot depends on the decision of the parents. Modern models of diapers allow the skin of a newborn to "breathe", have hypoallergenic properties. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the fact that parents will start potty training the baby only after a year.

child playing with legs

Important! Boys begin developing urinary control skills between two and three years of age. Every child has his own time when he should "sit on the potty". Therefore, it makes no sense to write off the difficult weaning from diapers for their use.

Things to remember

The question of whether boys can change diapers all the time is rather rhetorical. The child needs to change diapers in a timely manner in order to avoid various problems. Moreover, do not forget that the baby should regularly take air baths. Therefore, before the next diaper change, it is necessary to leave the baby to lie naked on the diaper for 5–30 minutes. The choice of frequency and duration depends solely on the decision of the parents.

Advice for Moms

  • Change your newborn's diaper in time.
  • Watch your skinbaby covers. If the baby's ass is wet, then the diaper needs to be changed.
  • The ideal is to change the diaper after every urination. Of course, most mothers do not do this. Since such an expense of diapers can seriously affect the family budget. Therefore, the optimal time to change a diaper between urination is considered to be 4 hours.
  • How to put on a diaper for a boy? To avoid problems with the fit of the product, try to choose diapers that are appropriate for the size of the baby.
  • When buying diapers, pay special attention to the integrity and tightness of the package.
how to put on a diaper for a boy

At every diaper change, leave your newborn to lie naked for a while. Air baths help reduce the risk of diaper rash


So we figured out the question of how to properly wear a diaper for a boy.

Most mothers claim that almost all diapers have a "greenhouse effect". Therefore, it makes no sense to buy expensive brands. The main thing is to change diapers in a timely manner and observe the mode of air baths. In this way, all the negative consequences for boys from the use of diapers can be minimized.

Mom with baby

Nevertheless, almost all young mothers agree that for male newborns, it is necessary to choose diapers only labeled "for boys." And what about diapers? Modern mothers and pediatricians do not recommend themuse, as they are considered much more harmful to the he alth of boys. The fact is that modern fabrics are difficult to pass air, unlike diapers, therefore, the risk of diaper rash and the creation of a “greenhouse effect” increases.

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