Exercises for intimate muscles at home: exercise description, step by step instructions and results
Exercises for intimate muscles at home: exercise description, step by step instructions and results

Video: Exercises for intimate muscles at home: exercise description, step by step instructions and results

Video: Exercises for intimate muscles at home: exercise description, step by step instructions and results
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You need to train not only the muscles of the back, neck, arms, legs, but also the intimate organs. Or rather, their muscles. Although many women do not understand the importance of these activities. If the vaginal muscles are in good shape, then female sexual he alth will be excellent. What exercises for intimate muscles at home should be done and why? Let's talk about a delicate and important topic for every woman.

Why do you need to train intimate muscles?

Pelvic floor muscles should be firm, strong and flexible. Thanks to these properties, a woman can control them to achieve maximum pleasure during intimacy with a partner.

Orgasm is the highest pleasure in sexual intercourse. Perfectly trained muscles allow you to get an orgasm even when both partners are stationary. Sexologists call this phenomenon frictionless intercourse. During such a sexual intercourse, only the female genitalia are in work.organs.

Those women who know firsthand what the art of frictionless intercourse is, are confident in their intimate relationships. Many sexologists argue that a regular and varied sex life should be a must in family life. And if a woman brings originality and variety to sex, then she will automatically be sure of the fidelity of her man.

Pluses of the training complex

Let's look at the specific benefits of intimate muscle exercises at home:

  1. Strengthens the he alth of a woman's reproductive organs. If the intimate muscles are weak, then they have poor blood flow. Because of this, the climax will come earlier. And in trained muscles, blood flow is stronger. Accordingly, menopause will come much later.
  2. If the muscles of the pelvic floor organs are strong and in good shape, then labor will be easier for a woman and with less pain.
  3. In addition to strengthening muscle tissue in an intimate place, the buttocks, abdomen and thighs come in tone. And this means that cellulite disappears.
  4. The trained walls of the vagina support the muscular activity of the male sexual organ, thereby prolonging the sexual age of the man.
  5. When a woman has elastic intimate muscles, the production of pheromones is more active. For the most part, this is what attracts men on a subconscious level.

When a woman regularly trains the muscle tissue of intimate organs, the following positive changes occur:

  • improves sex life;
  • reducing the size of the vaginadue to the fact that the muscles are in good shape;
  • new sensations appear during intimacy;
  • restores elasticity in the ligaments of the genital organs;
  • menstrual cycle is less painful;
  • pathological processes in the genitourinary system are eliminated;
  • reduces pain during childbirth;
  • strengthening pelvic floor muscles and abs;
  • women's overall well-being improves.

Some women train their intimate muscles to improve the quality of sex. Those who regularly force their vaginal muscles to “work” get an “emotional volcano”. Of course, sexual intercourse improves and begins to play with new colors, namely:

  • harmony appears in intimate life;
  • full orgasm comes;
  • you can expand the possibilities and "write" new scenes for sex;
  • new sensations and emotions appear;
  • the ability to actively change positions during intimacy;
  • the volume of the vagina becomes smaller.

The ability to train anywhere is one of the main advantages. Exercise can be done at home, on vacation, in nature, in the office, and even while at a cultural event.

How do you know if your vaginal muscles are weak?

Most often, weak pelvic muscles in women who have given birth, who have postpartum tears. Consider the symptoms of weak vaginal muscles:

  • urinary incontinence during exercise, laughing, coughing and even sneezing;
  • pain with intimacy;
  • woman does not feel orgasm;
  • the inability to endure the urge to go "a little";
  • displaced uterus.

Constipation, overweight, chronic cough are typical problems that women with weak intimate muscles suffer from.

Classic Kegel exercises step by step

The most famous and effective technique for strengthening the vaginal muscles is called the Kegel technique. Arthur Kegel is a famous gynecologist who gave the world knowledge about important muscles. He suggested simple exercises for training intimate muscles. Thanks to special exercises, many women have been able to get rid of their problems in their sexual life.

How to do classic Kegel exercises? Consider a set of exercises:

  1. Squeeze your vaginal muscles slowly. Hold them tight for a few seconds and relax. You need to repeat the manipulations from 10 to 30 times a day.
  2. Squeeze the muscles of the vagina and move them upwards. It's like you're on an elevator. Hold the muscles in this position. Then slowly relax the muscles in the opposite direction: from top to bottom. Repeat exercise 10-35 times.
  3. Tighten and relax the muscles of the perineum at an accelerated pace. Repeat 10 to 20 times.
  4. "Push". Make pushing movements with intimate muscles. Exercise resembles attempts during childbirth. Repeat 10-35 times.

Classic Kegel exercises for muscles should be done 5 times a day.

What to do if the uterus has sunk?

When the uterus descends, thenthe genitals are displaced. Sometimes in the body of a woman there are serious violations. For example, the uterus falls out of the perineum. The uterus can descend under these conditions:

  • with strong physical exertion;
  • after surgery on the genitals;
  • for developmental disorders of the pelvic organs;
  • complications after childbirth;
  • overweight, bronchitis, constipation.

Arnold Kegel developed special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the uterus. Thanks to their implementation, the muscles of the vagina and anus are strengthened, the reproductive system returns to normal, and blood circulation improves. It is useful to perform these exercises for women after childbirth.

Kegel exercise how to perform? The instructions are quite simple and clear. There are no special conditions for training. All you need is a gymnastic mat, a neck roll and comfortable clothing. During the exercises, you can lie on your stomach or on your back. Some women find it comfortable to control muscle contractions while sitting.

1. Lift Exercise

Lie on your back, bend your knees and close your eyes. It is important to focus on working out the vaginal muscles. Imagine that you are riding an elevator. Start from the bottom and slowly tighten your intimate muscles. Like an elevator going up. On each "floor" pause for 5-9 seconds.

kegel exercises step by step
kegel exercises step by step

Maximum tension tones every part of the vagina. As soon as you find yourself on the "upper" floor, you can relax gradually. Release tension in downward waves.

2. Exercise "Bag"

This is another basic Kegel exercise for the uterus. It must be done while standing. Put your feet wider than your shoulders. Imagine there is a heavy bag on the floor between your legs.

You need to grab and lift this imaginary bag with your vaginal muscles. So, we perform the exercise in stages:

  • squat so that your back is straight;
  • a right angle should form in the knees, fix this position of the body for 2-3 seconds;
  • spread your legs apart without leaning forward, try to grab the handles of the imaginary bag with your vaginal muscles;
  • hold tension and slowly rise up.
  • kegel exercises lessons
    kegel exercises lessons

Repeat this exercise as many times as you like. With each approach, try to rise higher. One set - 10 seconds.

3. Lighthouse exercise

Lie on your back. Spread your bent knees wider than your shoulders. Hold the rhythm yourself to 10: on the count of 1 - strongly squeeze the vaginal muscles and perineum, on the count of 2 - 6 - slowly relax them, 7 - 9 - make an imitation of attempts, 10 - return to the starting position.

how to do kegel exercises
how to do kegel exercises

Exercise "Lighthouse" is forbidden to do within a month and a half after an abortion or childbirth, as well as for those women who have serious violations of the reproductive system.

4. Butterfly exercise

Sit on a gym mat with your hands behind you. Bend your knees and move your feet as close to your perineum as possible. Spread your legs. As you inhale, draw in the muscles of the perineum. On the way out, push yourself outgently to the starting position.

muscle kegel exercise
muscle kegel exercise

Kegel exercises are lessons for women that they simply must follow. Otherwise, a score of "2" with intimacy from a partner cannot be avoided.


In addition to exercise, experts recommend using exercise equipment that will improve the effectiveness of training.

"Perineometer" - the very first simulator that Arnold Kegel created when developing his own technique. Its main purpose is to measure the clamping force of the vaginal sphincter. The device has not received due approval, but the technique is still in great demand.

Modern researchers have developed new simulators that are designed to strengthen intimate muscles:

  1. Pneumatic trainer.
  2. kegel exercises with balls
    kegel exercises with balls

    This device allows you to regulate intra-abdominal pressure and develops the ability to control intimate muscles. In addition, the simulator massages the walls of the vagina.

  3. Laser simulator. This device strengthens the muscle tissue of the intimate area.
  4. kegel exercise how to do instructions
    kegel exercise how to do instructions
  5. The "Egg" simulator looks like vaginal Kegel balls, which we'll talk about later. This trainer is comfortable and easy to use.
  6. kegel uterus exercise
    kegel uterus exercise

    It must be worn inside the vagina. Thus, the muscles are automatically toned. However, such a simulator must be used after a special preliminarypreparation.

  7. Kegel balls - exercises for women:
  8. exercises for intimate muscles at home
    exercises for intimate muscles at home
  • contract your vaginal muscles to push the balls up and down again (you can use the "loop" technique, the balls should be moved in an imaginary loop);
  • relax and contract your intimate muscles so that the simulator is as deep as possible;
  • push balls from cervix to vaginal outlet;
  • smoothly move the balls through the vagina;
  • sharply push the simulator until it is completely out of the vagina;
  • if you are using a two-ball trainer, put only one ball inside and leave the other outside. Then use your muscles to pull it into the vagina, and then push it out.

Those women who managed to train intimate muscles well can rotate Kegel balls inside the vagina while doing exercises. Their sexual partners are simply delighted with new sensations. Kegel exercises with balls should be repeated 10 times every day or at least 3 times a week.

Kegel balls: indications

Intimate muscle exercises at home with Kegel balls are recommended for every woman who does not have any gynecological diseases. It is especially useful to perform exercises with this simulator in such cases:

  • If you are planning a pregnancy. Kegel balls will make childbirth easier by pre-working the intimate muscles.
  • If a woman is weakvaginal muscles, then special exercises with Kegel balls will restore their elasticity.
  • In the prevention of urinary incontinence. This problem is relevant for women after childbirth and those who have menopause.
  • For painful irregular periods.
  • To prevent prolapse of the uterus from the vagina.
  • To improve the quality of intimate life and increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

This simple simulator is effective for improving a woman's reproductive he alth and the quality of her sex life.

Empty your bladder before using Kegel balls (exercises for women above). Pre-treat the simulator with an antiseptic. Then lubricate the balls with intimate gel and place inside the vagina. First, experts recommend doing exercises with balls in a prone position. Because the muscles are not yet strong enough. The loop for inserting the balls must be left outside.

Performing exercises for intimate muscles at home, every woman will feel renewed and desired. Trained intimate muscles on men act like a strong aphrodisiac. Therefore, a woman will feel changes in the quality of her sexual life and intimate he alth within 2-3 weeks after starting the exercises.

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