How to dilute formula for newborns: a list with names, powder dosing and step-by-step cooking instructions

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How to dilute formula for newborns: a list with names, powder dosing and step-by-step cooking instructions
How to dilute formula for newborns: a list with names, powder dosing and step-by-step cooking instructions

Video: How to dilute formula for newborns: a list with names, powder dosing and step-by-step cooking instructions

Video: How to dilute formula for newborns: a list with names, powder dosing and step-by-step cooking instructions
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Probably everyone knows the benefits of breast milk for a newborn, but due to certain circumstances, not every woman can breastfeed her baby. For such cases, there are special mixtures, the manufacturers of which are trying to bring the composition of artificial nutrition substances closer to human milk. Any parent needs to know how to properly dilute the mixture for newborns, since the proportional ratio of dry matter and water directly affects the well-being and he alth of the baby.

The right choice

The correct choice of the mixture and its preparation is the key to a good mood of the child, proper development and good he alth. To date, there is a huge variety of baby food on the shelves of supermarkets. As a rule, special mixtures aresafe product for babies and most closely match the composition of breast milk. Consider the most popular infant formula among parents and their babies.

"Nutrilak" and "Nutrilak Premium"

Two varieties of formula from the same manufacturer are suitable for babies from birth. These products are enriched with important substances and amino acids necessary for the proper development of the crumbs. It is noted that these mixtures are great for weakened babies, with anemia, help strengthen the body and speedy growth. Contains no rapeseed or palm oil, sucrose, starch or GMOs.


This mixture is very popular with parents of newborn babies. Many people prefer it because the product has a number of advantages. Infant formula is produced in New Zealand using goat's milk. This option is especially relevant for children prone to allergies.


This product, like "Nestogen", belongs to Nestle, which, in turn, is the world's largest food manufacturer. For the smallest, the product "Nan 1 Optipro" was created. For information on how to breed Nan formula for newborns, see the table below.

Feeding scheme "Nan"
Feeding scheme "Nan"


The manufacturer offers a choice of more than ten varieties of powdered milk, depending on the age and individual characteristics of the child.

Nestozhen mix
Nestozhen mix

Specialists and mothers note the high quality of the product, which includes prebiotics, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which ensure the full development of the baby. To learn how to dilute the Nestogen infant formula, you must strictly follow the instructions on the package. In no case should you increase the dose yourself, since the number of scoops of the mixture is strictly calculated according to age norms.


Nutrilon Blend
Nutrilon Blend

This product is also very popular, so many parents are interested in how to breed Nutrilon mixture for a newborn. There is a whole line of mixtures of this brand. Products are divided into the following types and have their own numbering:

  • 1 - suitable for children from birth to six months;
  • 2 - for feeding babies from six months to a year;
  • 3 - for children from one year to eighteen months;
  • 4 - for feeding babies from eighteen months to three years.

This digital marking can be seen on any package, which definitely simplifies the choice of the required food option. Each of these groups of mixtures contains certain components that are optimally selected for a particular age of children. The manufacturer takes into account not only the age differences of the kids, but also their individual characteristics. So, sour-milk and fresh infant formulas are presented for allergy sufferers, premature babies, as well as for children with intolerance to certain components (for example, cowmilk). For the smallest, the Nutrilon-1 mixture is suitable, but before giving this product for the first time, it is necessary to find out how to dilute the Nutrilon-1 mixture for newborns. To do this, carefully read the instructions on the package. As a rule, for most mixtures there are certain rules for cooking.


Varieties of semsi Mayutka
Varieties of semsi Mayutka

The price of the mixture is noticeably lower in contrast to the above options, but at the same time, this product is in no way inferior in quality. The manufacturer offers a range of baby food depending on the age of the child. More than eighty percent of mothers recommend this mixture and consider it a worthy competitor to expensive imported products.


"Similak Premium 1", according to mothers, is a quality product for feeding newborns. This product does not contain palm oil, and numerous useful microelements and substances help to increase immunity, strengthen bones, he althy growth and development. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with an approximate scheme of how to breed a mixture for newborns "Similak".

Similac feeding scheme
Similac feeding scheme

It must be emphasized that the product should be chosen on the advice of a pediatrician, based on the taste and preferences of the baby, but also, of course, the capabilities of the parents.

About the main thing

Note that, despite the wide variety of dry infant formulas and components included in the composition, there is a standard dilution algorithm for this product. We offerdiscuss in detail the question of how to dilute the mixture for newborns. So, babies can refuse even the highest quality and most expensive mixture if it is not prepared correctly. Therefore, in order for the baby to like the product and benefit, it is very important to follow the basic rules when cooking. It should be noted that the baby is not yet at all ready to get acquainted with an aggressive external environment, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to observe sterility. There is a specific order for how to properly dilute infant formula:

  • First of all, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Sterilize feeding utensils.
  • Cook milk immediately before eating.
  • Next, you need to pour water into a clean bottle, the temperature of which should be about thirty-seven degrees. The standard proportion of water and mixture is one scoop per thirty milliliters.
  • Then you should take a full spoonful of the mixture without a slide and put it into the water. Use only a dry measuring spoon.
  • Then close the bottle with the nipple, shake thoroughly to ensure the mixture dissolves.

Before feeding, you should definitely check the temperature of the resulting product. This can be done as follows: from the nipple, without touching the hand, drip the mixture onto the crook of the elbow or wrist. The right milk leaves a pleasant warm trace.


Baby bottles
Baby bottles

In order for infant formula not to harm the body, it is important to monitor the expiration date of the product. And asreminders can be written on the package the date of its opening. This is especially true in the case when feeding from this container must be postponed indefinitely. The remains of the finished mixture should never be stored in the refrigerator and reused. Before diluting the mixture for newborns, you must first prepare the container. Many mothers advise to always keep a few clean and sterilized nipples and bottles in the arsenal, so as not to waste time on this when the baby cries from hunger. And for cooking and maintaining sterility, a sterilizer and a heater will become indispensable helpers, which will significantly save time for mothers and make their life easier.

Learning the instructions

Before you dilute the mixture for newborns, you must study the instructions. In it, the manufacturer indicates important information that will allow parents to properly prepare the mixture. When reading the manual, pay attention to the following:

  • Is the product suitable for your child. It is important to take into account the age and individual characteristics of the crumbs.
  • How much to breed mixtures for newborns. As a rule, on the back of the package, the manufacturer indicates the recommended portion of the powder in grams.
  • Permissible water temperature.
  • Shelf life of opened pack.

Work on mistakes

Due to inexperience, it is common for young parents to make mistakes in breeding the mixture. Let's talk about the most common ones that should not be allowed.

  • Some parents pour boiling water over the powder, and then cool it todesired temperature. Such a step is unacceptable, since the high temperature destroys the nutrients of the milk. In addition, the mixture cannot be boiled.
  • It is necessary to strictly observe the proportions of water and mixture, which are indicated on the package. Sometimes it seems to the mother that the milk is liquid, and I want to feed the baby more satisfyingly, but changing the ratio is fraught with negative consequences - the baby may experience indigestion. It is forbidden to independently calculate nutritional norms by weight, age and other indicators.
  • Frequent change of mixtures can also be bad for the baby. This is due to the fact that the digestive tract is not yet ready for a regular change of products. Experts believe that it is worth changing the formula only when necessary and do it when the child is in a he althy state and in a good mood.
  • Before you purchase this or that mixture for your baby, it is recommended that you first consult with a pediatrician on this issue.

Preparing dishes

Particular attention in the preparation of the mixture is given to the sterilization of dishes. To do this, thoroughly clean the dishes from milk residues. It is recommended to wash the container immediately so that it does not have time to dry. Dishes can be washed using baking soda or special detergents. There are basic ways to sterilize dishes:

  • Boiling water. Bottles are filled with water and put on fire. Boiling time is about ten minutes.
  • There are special helpers for moms in the form of electric sterilizers and microwave ovens with a steamer.
  • Special tablets and solutions for sterilization of dishes are on sale. This method is great in cases where there is no possibility of boiling.

Suitable water

Many mothers are interested in the question: "What water to dilute the mixture for newborns?" It is worth noting here that baby food manufacturers have already taken care of this and created special water for preparing mixtures. Unlike the usual one, the specialized one has a high content of minerals, oxygen and other useful elements. In addition, such water undergoes a high degree of purification from various microbes and contaminants, which is important for the child's body. The next question arises of this kind: "Do I need to boil special baby water?" Manufacturers claim that there is no such need, however, pediatricians advise to play it safe. But it is worth remembering that repeated and prolonged boiling is not recommended, since water loses all useful components.

How to tell if a mixture is right

How to dilute the mixture
How to dilute the mixture

It only takes a teaspoon of the mixture to test if a particular product is right for your child. Then monitor the condition of the crumbs for at least a day. You can continue to give the baby this or that mixture in the following cases:

  • when he has a good appetite;
  • restful sleep;
  • uniform and regular stools;
  • good skin condition;
  • there is a set of weight, according to the norms.

In case mom doesn't watch at least one oflisted indicators, it is worth consulting with a pediatrician.

Storage rules

Thus, the main criteria in the preparation of the mixture are hygiene and strict adherence to the instructions indicated on the package. But in order for the product to benefit the baby and not deteriorate prematurely, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • powder mixture is stored in a room where the temperature should not exceed 25 degrees;
  • be sure to close the lid tightly after each use;
  • powder cannot be refrigerated;
  • you need to follow the expiration date, as a rule, the shelf life of the opened package is about a month, after the expiration of this period, it is forbidden to give the product to the baby.