How to meet girls on a dating site: what to write in the first message, how to interest
How to meet girls on a dating site: what to write in the first message, how to interest

Video: How to meet girls on a dating site: what to write in the first message, how to interest

Video: How to meet girls on a dating site: what to write in the first message, how to interest
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The modern development of Internet communications allows the current society to almost completely abstract from communication in reality and make new acquaintances in social networks and on various portals. It sounds, of course, as something not quite logical, but such are the realities of the present world. Phones, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops - a huge number of all kinds of gadgets, in addition to performing a lot of important and significant functions in a person's life, at the same time contribute to the fact that real communication between people is minimized. Young people are increasingly “hanging out” in various social networks, and even more often young people are looking for communication on all kinds of dating sites. How to meet girls on such platforms? How to find the right approach to young charmers by correspondence? And what phrasesfor dating a girl on sites of this kind are considered the most appropriate? Find the answers in the article.

Why this way?

There is a category of people who completely refuse to understand why create a page, register on a dating site, if it is much more pleasant and logical to start a dialogue with people live. All this, of course, is very good and correct from the point of view of direct direct contact, meeting eyes, feeling that very spark that develops into something more. But there are also a lot of conventions that do not allow people to meet in public places.

For example, a busy work schedule does not allow frequent visits to nightclubs, cafes and restaurants, where opportunities to meet new people are a dime a dozen. Or, due to their own shyness, it is not possible to take the first step towards the object of sympathy standing nearby behind the bar counter. In a word, the reasons can be varied, and sooner or later all of them lead to the fact that guys begin to think about solving a reasonable problem: how to get acquainted with girls on a dating site and how to communicate with those representatives of the fair half who ignore very banal messages like: “Hi, how are you?”.

Registration on a dating site
Registration on a dating site

Important details of your profile

Before you go on the attack and start looking for a potential "victim of love", immediately after registering on a dating site, go to the quality filling of your profile. It's actually quite important.aspect in the success story of your online communication. Entering dating sites without registration often only allows you to view other people's profiles, but this method of visiting a web profile does not allow you to write or read detailed information. Therefore, you should still show patience and register on one of the popular platforms.

If you are already registered and you already have a profile, analyze its attractiveness from the position of a potential young lady who is looking for an interesting, charming, attractive and purposeful young man. Writing too abstruse and eulogies about yourself is also not an option. They will also think that you are a bouncer or a typical balabol. But a touch of humor might be quite appropriate in this context. For example, you can specify: "I am looking for a shrew to tame." Or something like: “Maybe I’m not special, but I will carry my special one in my arms forever.” Girls like a seething mixture of the type: "romance plus humor and plus charisma." Therefore, be original, be creative in your slogans and descriptive characteristics in the questionnaire - girls should be interested in your personality, otherwise they will not communicate with you.

How girls react to messages
How girls react to messages

How to get a lady's attention from the first SMS?

In order to impress a pen pal, you do not need to have supernatural skills and talents as a fabulist. Do not rush from one extreme to another: do not be too banal, but do not reinvent the wheel either. Your first message to a girl on a dating site -greeting, so to speak, should be concise, but catchy. It should draw attention to itself among dozens of letters from other such pick-up artists, striving with their hackneyed “Does your mother need a son-in-law?” and “Ks-ks-ks, what a kitty!” conquer at least one beauty. But, believe me, such phrases immediately push back several kilometers.

It is possible that after such a "tackle" the girl will simply blacklist or ban you. Therefore, be smart, turn on your sense of humor, allow a playful form of communication (within reason, of course). You will see, avoiding banality in your appeals, you will understand that meeting girls on a dating site and communicating is not so difficult.

First priority: intrigue

In order to initially start a dialogue with a girl on a dating site, you need to arouse her interest. Try to start a conversation with a mysterious phrase: “So there you are, I did find you!”. This will introduce the young lady into bewilderment, and in a second she will be interested to know where you were looking for her there. You can be a little cunning and start addressing with words like “I saw you today - you are even more charming live than in the photo.” Such a message will not be lost among the hateful “Hi! Let's meet? The girl will respond to the message, they say, where did you see her there.

You can continue this game form of question-answer communication, using the characteristics of the situation of millions of girls living in your area. For example, say that she was standing near a supermarket (whichevery step in any area is full), her hair was loose (like millions of other girls in their everyday look), and she had a purse in her hands (actually, like all women). Your interlocutor will definitely be interested in learning more information from you, and when this intrigue comes to a standstill, you can confess to her that you were actually simply struck by her charming smile in the photo and could not help but achieve a mutual desire from her to meet.

The ability to humor
The ability to humor

Provocative topic of conversation

In the case of meeting a girl on the Internet, the word "provocation" has a different meaning than we used to use in terms of aggression directed against an opponent. Not at all. On the contrary, here we need not to compromise the interlocutor in the face of a beautiful girl, but to encourage her to further dialogue. Rather, here the provocative topic that you touched upon at the beginning of your correspondence should be in the nature of motivation, stimulation, and motivation to continue communication.

For example, you can write to the subject of your sympathy: “I know your name. I know what you look like. But on top of everything else, I know something else about you that the rest of your followers don't know. Do you hear? This sounds like a provocation. Perplexed and fueled by impatience to find out as soon as possible what this mysterious stranger knows about, the girl is unlikely to resist. She will definitely answer you. And even if it is a short “What?”, you will be able to continue even more confidently. For example, answer: “What? That you're the kind of girl that deserves to behuge, simply boundless, female happiness. By the way, in making you happy, if you will, I will gladly participate. You will cause at least a smile on the lips of your interlocutor, and at the maximum - make her continue the dialogue with you.

Directional conversation

Today's contemporaries are increasingly looking for brutal and strong alpha males in men. Masculinity, a strong inner core, an independent and freedom-loving character - all this should be combined in an ideal boyfriend of an ideal beauty. Therefore, the directive form of your first appeal to a girl in correspondence on a dating site (of course, in its correct manifestation) is a direct path to success and the key to the condescending attitude of your interlocutor. It is important not to overdo it and not confuse the dominant style of communication with rude and boorish behavior.

What phrases would still be most appropriate when meeting a girl on the Internet? For example:

  1. Stop flipping through profiles of other men. Yours is here: he writes to you and waits for you to say what time to pick you up today.
  2. Hello. Stop toiling, write the address where to pick you up from in the evening - today we are going to the cinema with you.
  3. Do you even know that I like you? Not? So here I am telling you about it. And I want to hear your voice. Don't languish, beautiful, write your number.

Well, in general, something in a similar style. At the same time, do not forget that your profile intro should match your communication style. If you have your pimply photograph from the eleventh grade on your avatar - writegone: your evil plan will come to an end immediately.

Proper greeting
Proper greeting

Compliment the right way

Both paid and free dating sites today are teeming with a huge number of guys who cannot realize their desire to meet a beautiful girl in real life, which is why they turn to Internet platforms to try their luck here at least. And since the overwhelming majority of them are stupidly wanting to find a sexual partner for one time, then the texts in their messages, respectively, are completely banal. In order to avoid being ignored by the representative of the fair half, save your first message from a completely uninteresting banal text. If you intend to compliment her, then do it right. And if it's flattery, it should only be of high quality.

How to turn a banal "tackle" into beautiful and pleasant words for a girl:

  1. Not "You're great!" But "Your eyes are amazing: deep, deep, just incredibly expressive."
  2. Not “You have a beautiful smile”, but “Your smile in these photos is unrealistically bright, it really infects with positive and seems to warm you with warmth.”
  3. Not "I like you" but "Just stumbled upon your photo and realized who my heart will belong to in the next sixty to seventy years."

In the future, you can use this kind of examples. What to write to a girl on a dating site? Anything, as long as it's not banal. It is better to be original and extraordinary than terribly boring and just “like everyone else.”

How to get acquainted with a girl by correspondence
How to get acquainted with a girl by correspondence

Interesting openers

Opener is a modern interpretation for the opening words of a dialogue: phrasing used in communication for the first time and capable of making an impression. In other words, this is a good start to a conversation with the interlocutor. What are the most appropriate versions to use when talking to a girl on a free dating site? For example:

  1. You are aware that the legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the incurring of criminal liability for depriving a person of the right to happiness. You don't want this, do you?
  2. I saw your avatar and finally understood why I registered here.
  3. Do you listen to Scorpions too? They're incredibly cool, aren't they?
  4. I look at your photos - have you been to Lviv? Have you visited at least one of the most beautiful Lviv cathedrals? These are amazing structures, you must admit!
  5. My friends and I argued: they decided that I would not dare to write to the most beautiful girl on the site. And you know, I did lose. Because not only are you the most attractive girl on this dating platform, you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life.
  6. I know hundreds of guys text you a day. But I'm not all. Do you want me to prove it?

However, not every greeting for a girl on a dating site can be perceived by her correctly, and not everything can attract her attention. Therefore, it is also worth considering those options that are best avoided.

What to text a girl
What to text a girl

Bad examples

What words can become decisive in a dialogue with a girl and play against you from the very first greeting? Often these are boring phrases that every second and even almost the first boyfriend writes to beautiful ladies:

  1. Hello! Let's meet?
  2. Beautiful. Can you give me a number?
  3. How are you? Let's chat?
  4. Hello. I am Anton. I am 20 years old. And you?

An even more negative response is received by those who do not know how to meet girls on a dating site correctly and tactfully. They immediately move from greeting to vulgarity and indecent proposals. These are, for example, like:

  1. Wow, I want you!
  2. "How about a c/o meeting?" - "c/o" refers to a sexual relationship.
  3. Your big breasts are very sexy! Shall we talk about it?
  4. I would lie down with you… for a major overhaul!.

Well, and other hard-hitting phrases like that. Such men are immediately cut off by decent or simply self-aware girls. Therefore, even if your only goal is sex with a new acquaintance, then do not be so straightforward. Everything should be in moderation, flirting should be masterly, and work on drawing attention to yourself should be jewelry.

Male fear of communication
Male fear of communication

Less philosophy

Flipping through the profiles of girls on a dating site, pay attention to their preferences and interests. In many ways, people are brought together by music - you can talk about your favorite performers and get into the top ten, systematically moving from this topic to moreindividual. You can also discuss common hobbies: if the girl's page shows sketches for tattoos, try to talk about this topic, be interested in her answers, show curiosity.

But do not forget about the mistake, which often negates all communication. Do not be a "truck", do not load the interlocutor's brains with excessively abstruse information. Avoid a long philosophical monologue on your part - this will frighten off your passion in an instant. Especially if she doesn’t really like to think at all, in principle. When you see a selfie in a burger joint in a beauty profile, you don’t need to describe the harmful value of high-carb foods and list the components that make up Coca-Cola, you will depress your interlocutor and seem to her at least an incredible bore. Or if you, for example, brag about your exorbitantly high level of IQ, she will consider you a snob, a braggart, and, on top of everything else, a klutz. Women should not be talking about mind games, but about love and romance.

The most original phrases for beginner pick-up artists

If you don't know how to impress a girl, use the following tips. Over time, you will learn to "compose" them yourself.

  1. I'm sure you look after your perfect figure, but something tells me that a couple of cakes and a cup of coffee will not hurt you during our conversation tonight in a cafe, do you think?
  2. I think an amazing girl like you can't help but notice an amazing guy like me. Let's get acquainted, beautiful?
  3. Good evening beautiful stranger. I am a journalist for a famous magazine and I would like to interview you about how you manage to be so beautiful?
  4. Girl, if you don't help me now, I'll just drown in your eyes! Let me get out of this magical pool of immaculate beauty.
  5. I don't understand how such a spectacular girl can look for a boyfriend on a dating site. You were made for love, true love. Can I steal you from here for a meeting in the real world?
  6. When I went to your profile, my beloved dog Jerry barked loudly and started licking my cheek. Do you think he also felt that you are an extraordinary girl whom I simply must meet?
  7. I've been sitting on the site for fifteen minutes now and I think - what the hell am I doing here? And then I came across your page and realized: for the sake of meeting an angel of unearthly beauty.

As you can see, everything ingenious is incredibly simple. Be natural, don't bother building sentences that are too long. But even expressing yourself too briefly, you risk being misunderstood. Try to show your interest in the interlocutor as naturally as possible, she will be pleased with the attention of a handsome stranger.