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Metis cat: character, description
Metis cat: character, description

Of all the variety of cat breeds, the mestizo cat remains the most common. Such animals often inherit genes from two or more breeds, therefore they are distinguished by intelligence, he alth and a more docile, affectionate character. This is due to the fact that mestizos often take on the best features of the parent couple in order to survive.

History of cats and their breeds

A cat and a cat are creatures of nature, and their preferences are natural. To continue the family, they choose a couple based on certain criteria, where strength, endurance and he alth come first, and only then - external data. The domestication of cats began about ten thousand years ago, and at that time all cats did not have a specific breed, but living in different areas, they differed in appearance and character.

Metis cat
Metis cat

With the spread around the world, cats from different areas interbred with each other and the first mestizos appeared, which, in turn, continued to breed. This is how modern cats appeared, which differed in physique, length and coat color, and character. With the development of progress, the study of genetics and the identification of the causes of differences in the color and character of domestic animals began.pets, as well as combining them into separate groups - breeds.

All breeds have stories:

  • Some arose naturally without human intervention, such as the Siamese cat.
  • Others are bred artificially, by long crossings of different species. One of the representatives is British. In fact, this is a mestizo cat, whose parents were English and Persian domestic cats.
  • In the third, the main distinguishing feature of the breed is caused by a gene mutation, for example, in Scottish cats it is lop-eared. Subsequent work was aimed at preserving such features.

Today there are more than 400 cat breeds.

Mestizo cats

Despite the fact that kittens from representatives of various breeds can be bright, graceful and funny, mestizos will never become owners of a pedigree and will not take first places at shows.

cat and cat
cat and cat

Metis cat - what is it? The answer to this question is known to every breeder who mercilessly culls kittens born from different breeds. But after all, many modern breeds appeared by accidental crossing. This is how the Brumilla breed originated from a Persian father and a Broom mother. The first offspring was not considered a breed, but thanks to the work of the breeder, who continued to work on improving the new species, Brumilla was recognized and entered into the International Registry of Pedigree Cats.

British mestizos

Mixed breed cats have always existed, and the British are no exception. The history of their origin began with the British Isles, whereimported Persians were crossed with local representatives - English domestic cats. The new breed was called British. She combined English intelligence with Persian proud stubbornness.

To get new colors, breeders crossed this breed with their relatives - Persians. As a result of their labors, a mestizo of a British and a Persian was born. The breeding of such mestizos continued until 2003, after which it was prohibited due to signs of degeneration of both breeds. Today, a kitten from a Persian cat and a British cat is characterized as outbred and does not receive places at shows.

Metis of the British
Metis of the British

Also relevant were matings of British and Scottish Shorthair cats, which happened to breed Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold. Since lop-earedness is caused by a mutating gene, mating of two mutants is prohibited due to the risk of hereditary diseases and skeletal deformities incompatible with life in the offspring.

The result of mating a Maine Coon and an ordinary cat

The cat and the Maine Coon cat were bred naturally and all the efforts of the breeders are aimed at preserving their character traits:

  • friendliness;
  • poise;
  • compliance;
  • caution;
  • lack of aggression;
  • loy alty.

Metis Maine Coon, obtained as a result of mating a representative of the breed with an ordinary cat, loses its characteristic features or they are distorted. The color of the coat will not change much, because most outbred cats have a color similar to the Maine Coon, but they canshow the genetic traits of the ancestors. Eye color will depend on the dominant color of the father or mother.

mestizo maine coon
mestizo maine coon

Maine Coons have a medium length coat, and if the partner was smooth-haired, then the kittens will be born with short hair.

Character, weight and body structure is difficult to calculate. The Maine Coon mestizo can combine the features of both parents and have different indicators. Kittens are more massive than purebred cats, but inferior in size to purebred ones, the same applies to character: some are affectionate, others are more aggressive.

Thai cats and their differences from mestizos

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Siamese cats appeared in England, but people noticed that they differed from each other in body structure and divided the breed into two types:

  • cats of strong build and rounded heads are the progenitors of the current Thais;
  • graceful with an elongated muzzle - Siamese.

Thais interested scientists and work began to improve the breed. As a result of the labors, today there are three types of Thais: classical, traditional and modern.

Purebred Thai cats should have a large round head with a high forehead and a convex powerful sternum. The almond shaped eyes and set ears prove that the breed came from the East. Thanks to numerous crossings, the standard color of the Thais was diluted with cream, red, tortoiseshell and tabby (brindle).

Metis thai cat
Metis thai cat

By nature, these are devoted, balanced cats with high intellectual data, very sociable and able to changeintonation.

Metis of a Thai cat after crossing with a yard cat, has a pronounced external resemblance to the breed, but is radically different in character with an unbalanced psyche. Such mestizos can be aggressive and angry. This is due to the instinct of the hunter, who is forced to defend his territory in the street.

If the mestizo is descended from different breeds, then the features of both parents will be visible in the character and appearance.

Metis or outbred?

True thoroughbred cats are significantly inferior in number to outbred and mestizos, the difference between which lies not only in color, but also in behavior and he alth. As a result of family ties that were carried out for improvement, thoroughbred cats have numerous mutations and a number of congenital pathologies. Mestizos and outbreds are distinguished by stronger physical data and immunity.

Metis cat what is it
Metis cat what is it

Mongrel cats often have a short coat, which helps to maintain hygiene. The most common color is brindle, but there are also tortoiseshell, blue, spotted and solid colors. By external characteristics, yard cats can be divided into northern and southern types. Those living in the north are distinguished by thicker, lighter hair and a stocky large physique, while those living in the south are darker, smoother and more graceful.

Metis cat also belongs to outbred, but has the characteristic features of thoroughbred cats. This is manifested in color and physique, character and he alth. Mestizos have a chance to get the breed. To do this, the owners needbreed offspring from a parent pair of mestizos (but not dad and mom, but the same breeds) and cross the offspring with each other. And only the fifth generation can become a contender for thoroughbredness.

What good mestizos

Despite the fact that mestizos cannot become the winners of exhibitions, such cats can be kept as a faithful companion. They will delight with their company and will not cause much trouble, because, unlike their purebred counterparts, mestizos are different:

  1. He alth. With a stronger immune system, the mestizo is less likely to get sick.
  2. Intelligence - much easier to train and accustom to the tray.
  3. Unpretentiousness in food.

The character of a mestizo is formed from the characteristics of the breeds of its parents. It can be dominated by both maternal and paternal qualities, or both. In terms of skeletal structure and aesthetic data, a mestizo cat can surpass its parents, but it will never become the winner of the exhibition.

Mixed breed cats
Mixed breed cats

How to choose the right kitten

In order not to miscalculate the choice of a pet, it is not enough to listen only to the inner instinct. Experts advise to follow the basic rules:

  1. Ask the breeder about all the offspring to determine if the kittens are suitable: where they grew up, what character they have, whether the veterinarian examined them, whether the kittens were picked up after two weeks of age.
  2. Have preventive treatments and vaccinations been carried out.
  3. Initially look at mom.
  4. If the kittens are from a cattery, then you should learn as much as possible aboutparents.
  5. Don't take recalcitrant representatives who hiss and scratch.
Metis cat
Metis cat

A he althy animal can be identified by the following features:

  • clear eyes without discharge;
  • clean area under the tail;
  • shine wool;
  • absence of bloating - the first sign of helminthiasis;
  • energy and curiosity;
  • communication with brethren;
  • fearlessness.

Any kitten - purebred, mestizo or outbred - is able to become the best friend and companion. He will reciprocate the sincere love and care of the owner. It is not worth chasing expensive, fashionable and purebred cats, it is better to bring a faithful and devoted comrade into the house who will not leave you in difficult times and brighten up the melancholy of gray everyday life.

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