Everyday life in a relationship: how to share the responsibilities of a man and a woman

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Everyday life in a relationship: how to share the responsibilities of a man and a woman
Everyday life in a relationship: how to share the responsibilities of a man and a woman

Video: Everyday life in a relationship: how to share the responsibilities of a man and a woman

Video: Everyday life in a relationship: how to share the responsibilities of a man and a woman
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Sooner or later, problems arise in any relationship. Conflict situations about home life are the most common problem for lovers. People begin to quarrel, sort things out, see flaws in each other, so their love fades into the background. Bytovuha in relationships is the main reason why families are destroyed. Let's try to figure out how to avoid it in order to live in love and harmony with each other.

What is this?

There are two concepts - life and everyday life. Let's take a look at their definition. Life is what people need for a comfortable living together. This includes duties such as:

  1. Cooking - you need not just cook, but also create a menu, buy groceries, wash dishes and clean the kitchen.
  2. Cleaning the house - you need to put things in their places, take out the trash, do a general cleaning or just wipedust.

In fact, there is nothing terrible and bad in everyday life. This is a common phenomenon that surrounds people from childhood. In addition, as children, we always live with someone. But for some reason, it is with growing up that we begin to notice life when we begin to live with a loved one. That's when the question arises: how to deal with everyday life in a relationship and what is it?

Household is a phenomenon in a relationship when one of the partners or both of them, household chores begin to cause negative emotions. For example, a partner is annoyed by the fact that her man does not clean up after himself, scatters things. And the man does not like that cosmetics are scattered everywhere, and all the shelves are occupied by her dresses. On this basis, scandals arise.

The couple is holding hands
The couple is holding hands

Signs of everyday life

Let's consider the main signs of this unpleasant phenomenon in order to better understand what everyday life means in a relationship:

  1. A person has no desire to perform household chores, although he understands that this must be done. Partners cannot share responsibilities among themselves or simply do not want to.
  2. Partners start to annoy all sorts of little things. For example, crumbs on the table, an open drawer, the smell of deodorant.
  3. A man no longer wants to please his partner, he does not try to please him.

Of course, there are other signs that everyday life has appeared in a relationship. Most often, each of the partners wants to establish the rules, which is why conflict situations result.

In this regard, manyinterested in how to survive it and why it occurs? Every fairy tale ends sooner or later, but no one tells us what happens after. We are told only that they lived "happily ever after".

Why is that? Yes, because after that the usual measured life begins. Bouquets are no longer given, and poems are not dedicated. Instead, questions arise about where these socks have gone, why there are a lot of crumbs on the countertop. The girl no longer waits for her man in beautiful underwear, because she is tired after cleaning and cooking in the kitchen, so she doesn’t want anything anymore.

And so it goes day after day. Only new little things are constantly added that can provoke a scandal. Partners fight, then make up again, and then return to the beginning again. But is it impossible to break this vicious circle? How to get rid of everyday life in a relationship?

What to do?

Here are important tips to give your relationship a second chance.

First of all, you need to realize and accept that now your relationship has reached an impasse. In order to get out of it, each partner must make a choice. You can leave forever or try to do something so that your relationship reaches a new level that suits both partners. You can also fold your hands and do nothing, just continue to suffer and suffer. But is this a happy family life?

Try to bring back the old romance. Think back to the time you went to restaurants and movies together. When you made your loved one happylittle surprises. A woman can put on a beautiful dress, do her hair and cook her husband's favorite dish. And he, in turn, give her flowers and remind her why he loves her so much, how good she is. If there is only negative energy at home, then there is no desire to return to the house, so you need to work on recreating comfort.

Young people on a date
Young people on a date

Make time for yourself

Don't forget about yourself, so you don't have to think about how to get rid of everyday life in a relationship. Personal space is of great importance in this. Each person has their own interests and desire to be alone with themselves.

Agree with your partner that you will spend time separately once a week. For example, with friends or just alone. It should be some interesting activity that brings you pleasure - shopping, fitness, a visit to a beauty salon or a visit to an entertainment center. Thanks to this, you will have the opportunity to relax and unwind, put your thoughts in order, gain new strength and miss your partner.

Glowing heart
Glowing heart

Find something to do

Discover your creativity. Creativity always has a good effect on people and their mood, and from this it becomes better for others. A large amount of information, free video tutorials are now available. You can also make a profit on this. Those who like to make something with their own hands can sell their products on online platforms.

Develop anddiscover the world

Never forget about yourself and your development. When a woman has children, she gives all her free time to them. She begins to sit at home, she is surrounded only by problems and household chores, so she has neither the strength nor the time to take care of herself. A woman begins to live not by her thoughts and interests. Her needs no longer exist, only the needs of her children and husband.

For this reason, she ceases to be interesting to her man, which can lead to divorce. In no case should you put a cross on yourself. Look for something new for yourself, get carried away with something and develop to be interesting to other people. The same can be said about men, because who will be happy with someone who is not interested in anything in life? This will help you figure out how to dilute the everyday life in a relationship.

Experiment in bed

Sex is very important in a relationship, so you need to experiment in order not to lose interest in each other. If you don’t like something or want something new, then be sure to share it with your partner. Try to talk more about each other's feelings and desires. If you have any complexes because of which you feel squeezed, then you can deal with this in special courses on sexual education. For example, yoga practices or tantric.

Communicate and be alone

If you tortured everyday life in a relationship, what to do? Talk more and be interested in each other. Avoid everyday topics that are already boring. Talk about what interests youor worries, thanks to this, the partners get closer.

Try to spend as much time together as possible so that children and parents do not interfere with you. Think back to a time when you went on dates. Try to prepare for it in the same way as at that time. Feel the excitement and desire to be together. For a change, you can visit a master class together. For example, do something with your own hands or go to a dance. Talk and think about what you would like to do together. Come up with your own tradition that only you will have. Thanks to this, you will become interested in spending time together, which will have a very positive effect on your relationship.

The lovers communicate
The lovers communicate

Small joys

Small but pleasant tokens of attention will help you get rid of everyday life in a relationship. Greet your soul mate with a kiss, and always see her off when she goes somewhere. Snuggle up to her to let her feel how close she is to you. This is what a life together and good relationships are built on, and there is absolutely no need to make any fantastic efforts.

After all, in fact, you can’t get rid of everyday life in a relationship. You can only soften it. Life itself is not terrible at all. The problem may lie in the fact that there is no person nearby whom you really love and you have no desire to deal with him in everyday matters. After all, cleanliness in the house is much worse when you have no one to clean up the dirty plate.

The couple is resting in nature
The couple is resting in nature

Spread out the responsibilities

UEach person has their own habits and rules that relate to everyday life. Indeed, often for a long time we live, listening only to ourselves and doing what we want. So when a new person comes into the house, it can turn everything upside down. After all, before you never thought that your sock inside the boot could interfere with someone. Why does she swear so much about this and what's wrong with that? But it is precisely because of such trifles that conflicts begin in everyday life.

A couple at sunset
A couple at sunset

Areas of responsibility

To avoid disagreements, areas of responsibility should be allocated. Naturally, as soon as you started living together, you wanted to be active and help each other in everything. You had a desire to do everything together to bring positive emotions to yourself and your partner.

But with age, each person begins to understand that responsibilities should be shared. Some are easier and more pleasant for her to do, and others for him. There is a standard division of responsibilities, according to which a man earns money, and a woman brings up children and monitors comfort in the house. There are also non-standard ones, where a woman earns more than her husband, but does not know how to cook. All this concerns only you, therefore, you need to select responsibilities for yourself.

If you both work and get tired the same way, then you don't need to force her to cook and do household chores after work. It is necessary to help each other, and not throw everything on someone alone. If the wife began to cook dinner, then the husband at this time can hang up the laundry or wipedust. You can do the opposite as well. The man begins to cook dinner, and she irons things for him.

If you do not become a team, then over time, a feminine and good girl will turn into an angry and tired woman who does not care about anyone. The man, in turn, will become a lazy dork who is only interested in watching TV.

Who has what responsibilities?

In order to understand how to avoid everyday life in a relationship, it is necessary to distribute responsibilities among themselves. Think about what is better for a woman and what for a man.

Most often, a woman takes care of the comfort in the house, but if a man is better at doing this, then why not? To each his own, so don't follow stereotypes, do what you like and never blame one person.

The couple travel together
The couple travel together

This will help you figure out how to get through life in a relationship. Talk to each other. Perhaps a woman has some kind of duty that gives her unpleasant emotions. If so, then the man should take responsibility for its implementation. Then the woman will blossom and be very grateful, and the man will enjoy the fact that he helped his beloved. It is in this way that responsibilities should be distributed between a man and a woman so that everyday life in a relationship does not spoil your love.