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How to teach a child to wipe his ass: at what age to start, necessary conditions, advice from pediatricians

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How to teach a child to wipe his ass: at what age to start, necessary conditions, advice from pediatricians
How to teach a child to wipe his ass: at what age to start, necessary conditions, advice from pediatricians

A child who has begun to go to the potty by himself can be taught personal hygiene right away. It only at first glance seems that he is very small and can do nothing. In fact, everything is not so difficult. In this article, we will give advice on how to teach a child to wipe his butt.

Why is this needed?

How to explain to a baby why a skill is needed? Here's what to say to your baby.

  1. Pants must be clean.
  2. If you do not wipe your butt, it will hurt and you can get sick.
  3. Everyone does it, kids and adults alike.
  4. You need to be able to do this yourself, if suddenly there are no adults nearby.

Everything needs to be said, giving examples. Improvise. You can come up with a fairy tale with your favorite crumbs characters. You can compose it on the go. Parents should be able to do this.

baby in the toilet

Steps of learning

Many children are reluctant to do what adults tell them to do. In no case do not put pressure on the child. Next, we will tell you how to teach to wipeass without tears and quarrels.

You know your baby better than anyone, so you must find your own approach to it. Many kids like to do everything contrary to adults. If you say that you forbid him to wipe his ass, then the child himself will take the toilet paper from your hands and will try to cope with the process on his own. Here you need to gently guide the baby.

Children have a hard time accepting changes in their lives. First, play with it. Show that you need to wipe yourself, using the example of dolls and bears. Let the toys use the toilet paper for its intended purpose.

We teach the child to wipe the ass

Play Kindergarten

Then say it's too bad that all the toys in the preschool learned personal hygiene, but one doll didn't. She needs help with this. The game is the best solution to the problem called "How to teach a child to wipe his butt?". In the process of fun, tell how much harm non-compliance with hygiene can bring. That there are bacteria and you can get sick. That all this has an unpleasant smell. It is important to be clean, tidy and he althy.

The next time your baby goes to the potty on his own, you will offer him to wipe himself. It is quite possible that he himself will show a desire to do the procedure on his own. Often children are happy to repeat manipulations when adults are not in the room. Then they joyfully shout: “Mom, dad, look!”.

Baby and toilet paper

If the child does not take independent steps, then you yourself ask him the question: “Can you do that?”. This should sound like no challenge, but likean encouraging question with the message “Try it! You will definitely succeed!” In no case should there be a note of demand in the voice. Then the baby himself will willingly try.

First time

How to teach a child to wipe his butt on his own? Give him maximum freedom, but keep the process under your control. This kid did it all himself. Wipe up if needed. But in no case do not focus on the fact that he did something wrong. Explain that when a person does something for the first time, things may not go smoothly. It will be perfect next time.

Show your baby how to check how well he did the task. Tell him that if he doesn't do it well enough, he'll ruin his panties. This is especially true for girls. Put beautiful lingerie on your princess, let her have a desire to protect it.

how to teach to wipe your ass

Girls have more desire to stay clean from an early age. It is laid down by nature. How do you teach a boy to wipe his ass? There are no particular differences, just the process may take longer. For a boy, the result is more important, so be sure to show him the experiment with an apple. Take fruit and melted butter. Spread it on an apple, then wipe it off with a tissue. Work until it is completely clean. Draw an analogy. Children understand this much better. It would be nice to include dad in the process.

At what age to start

Most moms and dads want to make their baby independent early. Apparently, they think that this is an indicatorchild development. Don't rush. Everything has its time. As a rule, learning begins at the age of three. It just didn't make sense before. And to be honest, children at the age of 4 years are not yet very good at the task. To do this ideally you need to learn at school. There will definitely not be anyone watching this.

If a child walks or is going to kindergarten, then this skill is, of course, useful, but educators still check how well the baby did. The nanny, in principle, does not care whether the child's butt is dirty or poorly wiped. Do it yourself or redo it - the amount of work does not change from this.

toilet paper pot

It is necessary to wonder how to teach a child to wipe his butt at an early age when he shows such a desire on his own. If a two-year-old baby is trying to serve himself on his own, then do not interfere. Take a wet wipe or special baby wet toilet paper for this purpose. With these tools, the work will be done better.

If the child is very nervous about the fact that something does not work out, then postpone the question for later. Just distract the baby at this moment. Luckily, it's easy to switch a child's attention.

How to teach a child to properly wipe his butt?

When the child understands what to do with toilet paper, start working on quality. Show him that the napkin should be clean at the end of the process. Encourage that washing hands after the procedure is essential.

Children don't quite understand the difference between process and cleanliness. Themit seems that if they did, then everything should be fine by now. Show your child visually how it should look with the help of an apple.

Learning process

For the first time, you will need to demonstrate all this while holding the child's hand. Thus, the algorithm of actions will quickly be deposited in his head. Show your baby how to do it better.

When the child is comfortable, let him try to do everything himself. He won't do well the first time. This is the norm. Do not try to raise your voice to the child. Repeat all steps together again.

Each time, give the baby more and more freedom of action. Let the panties be slightly dirty at first. It's not scary, because you have a washing machine.

Visual aid

Toddler potty train toy

How to teach a child to wipe his butt himself? Using visual aid. Let it be a fairly large baby doll. Seat him next to the baby on the pot (if there is an additional or toy one). Then show the whole process on the toy.

Now you know how to teach a child to wipe his bottom. If the baby will do something wrong at first or forget about the rules of personal hygiene, then do not scold him. In time, everything will work out.

Give your little one more independence. Take him shopping with you, let him choose toilet paper and soap. There is a special paper for children with pictures. There is also a large selection of baby soap in the shops. Beautiful bottles with cartoon characters will please the baby. He will gladly go to the bathroom towash your hands after wiping your ass.

Rejoice in the first successes of the baby! Do everything with love.

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