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How to find out the age of a dog without documents? When does a dog get older than its owner?

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How to find out the age of a dog without documents? When does a dog get older than its owner?
How to find out the age of a dog without documents? When does a dog get older than its owner?

Since ancient times, dogs have been true friends, constant companions of man. They, like no one else, are attached to their owners, understand them from a single word and feel any changes in the mood of people. Even a few minutes of communication with a dog gives a person inexpressible emotions.

how to find out the age of a dog
how to find out the age of a dog

Of course, fluffy four-legged pets give their owners a lot of worries. But for loving owners, they are absolutely not a burden. On the contrary, they make you feel needed and important in the life of a dog.

A thousand and one questions

Even experienced dog breeders with many years of experience regularly have questions related to their pets. And what about newbies? In the first months of living together with a dog, they appear several times a day.

Absolutely all owners are concerned about issues related to growing up and puberty of a pet.

how old do dogs grow
how old do dogs grow

For those who have just bought a puppy, it is important to know how old dogs grow,when a conscious, adult period comes in their lives. Fluffy babies, of course, are cute, but worries are up to their necks. Just like with small children, I want to quickly skip the "potty-diaper" period and fully surrender to the joy of communicating with a friend.

Owners of older dogs are more interested in when puberty occurs, when is the best time to organize the first mating, and also at what age to sterilize the dog. These are all very important points that have a decisive influence on the competent planning of the animal's life and, accordingly, its he alth.

There are many questions, and the longer the dog and its owner live together, the more questions appear. But perhaps the most frequently asked of them is how to find out the age of a dog by human standards.

A year in seven

Unfortunately, our beloved animal friends live much less than us. It has always been believed that in order to translate the age of a dog into a human, you need to multiply it by 7, that is, one year of a dog's life is equal to seven years of a person's life. However, this is not quite true. After all, a one-year-old dog can become a parent, but a seven-year-old child cannot. Also, an 11-year-old dog is much more active than a 77-year-old human.

Therefore, a new method of calculation was established. Now the answer to the question of how to calculate the age of a dog is:

  • one year old dog equals fifteen year old;

  • A two-year-old dog equals a 24-year-old human;

  • after two years, each year of a dog's life is equal to four human years.

Now you can easily calculate how much the pet has become older than its owners.

How to find out the age of a dog

If the puppy was bought from a kennel or from private breeders, the exact date of his birth is known. It is indicated in the accompanying documents, or the previous owner communicates it to the new one in a conversation. But it happens that a faithful and kind dog was found on the street, and then the owner just needs to figure out how to find out the age of the dog.

dog age per human
dog age per human

You can determine it by the condition of the coat, eyes or muscle tone of the animal. But the most accurate method of determining - by the condition of the teeth. In dogs, they change only once in a lifetime, so the degree of wear and tear will clearly indicate the number of years the animal has lived.

Puppy teeth

Dogs are born without teeth. On the 20th day of life, the first of them begin to erupt: fangs and hooks. By the age of one and a half months, the puppy should have a full set of milk teeth.

At the age of 3-6 months, they are gradually replaced by permanent ones. The incisors fall out first, then (at 3-5 months) premolars, middle incisors and margins. At the age of six months, the time of fangs comes. This tooth changing chart is the best answer to the question of how to find out the age of a dog that is losing milk teeth.

A one-year-old dog already has a full set of teeth. They are snow-white, with characteristic tubercles.

The change process may occur with slight deviations from the generally accepted schedule, but in general, up to what age dogs grow up to this and changeteeth.

at what age should a dog be spayed
at what age should a dog be spayed

Two years and older

In the future, the age of the animal is determined by the degree of abrasion of the tubercles:

  • tubercles on the hooks on the lower jaw are erased at 2 years old;

  • at the age of 4, the enamel becomes matte, the tubercles of the upper hooks disappear;

  • in five-year-old dogs, the enamel turns yellow, the tubercles of all incisors disappear, the fangs grow dull;

  • incisors become concave at 6 years old;

  • at 8-10 years old, the teeth become completely yellow, the crowns wear out, and the fangs are already short and blunt;

  • after ten years, teeth begin to loosen and fall out.

Why know your age

Each owner cares about the he alth of his pet and its longevity. To do this, it is very important to know the age of the dog. This is primarily due to the need for regular vaccinations.

Also, the correct determination of the age will help to sterilize the pet in a timely manner. Veterinarians strongly recommend this procedure for all bitches over seven years old. This can reduce the risk of developing age-related tumors. And it doesn't matter whether the dog gave birth or not.

how to calculate the age of a dog
how to calculate the age of a dog

As for early sterilization, the opinion of doctors on this matter is very negative. Before five months, it is not recommended.

Males undergo a castration procedure. The age of the event is chosen at the request of the owner. The main thing is that at this moment the dog is absolutely he althy. The best time is periodmaturation, after seven years it is undesirable to do it.

The lifespan of a dog depends on its size and breed. On average, it is 10-12 years. Unbeknownst to their owners, their pets become older than them, start to get sick and lose their former activity. Therefore, every dog breeder carefully takes care of the he alth of his pet, strives to extend the precious years of his life in order to stay together as long as possible.

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