Curtains for the hall: styles, tips for choosing

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Curtains for the hall: styles, tips for choosing
Curtains for the hall: styles, tips for choosing

Video: Curtains for the hall: styles, tips for choosing

Video: Curtains for the hall: styles, tips for choosing
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Curtains for the hall - an integral part of the interior, which should fit perfectly into the design. In a variety of styles, finishes, as well as in color schemes, you can get confused. Consider the features of the choice, sizes and colors according to the advice of experts. Properly selected for the interior and features of the room, the curtains for the hall will give the room comfort, beauty and functionality, and also, if necessary, hide the existing shortcomings.

Functionality and practicality

Light or beige shades are in trend
Light or beige shades are in trend

First of all, you should decide what function the curtains will perform in your hall: purely decorative, somehow complement the existing interior or hide any flaws.

If curtains for the hall are needed only for decorating the room, then their texture or pattern on the fabric should be combined with interior elements (pillows on the sofa, furniture, carpet, tablecloth on the table or even the shade of the ceiling).

Curtains in the room can also complement the interior. For example, to perform the function of absorbing daylight. That is, if they are located indoors,used as a home theater and where, if necessary, it is necessary that there be sufficiently dimmed light.

Curtains with a lambrequin for the hall can easily hide existing flaws (unfinished repairs along the edges of the walls, unsuccessfully glued wallpaper or an ugly painted wall by the window).

Regardless of the functions that the curtains will perform in the room, they must be made of practical materials. It is important to choose a material that requires infrequent cleaning and does not absorb much dust.

Size features

solid colors
solid colors

Any design is easily visually adjusted with the right choice of curtains for the hall and their size. Calculation of fabric consumption - first of all. It depends on the draperies, the width of the selected fabric and the nature of the pattern on the material. If the choice is made in favor of straight curtains, then there should be a lot of fabric. For example, if the length of the cornice is only 3 m, the fabrics take 5-6 m. The distance from the bottom edge of the curtains to the floor should be less than 30 mm. In some cases, they can lie on the floor if it is convenient. Then it should be soft and pliable material. If the curtain is made of a dense fabric that holds its shape, then it should only be to the floor.

Types of curtain design

Stripes on the curtains expand the space
Stripes on the curtains expand the space

The variety of curtains and elements of their decor is presented in large quantities. For the living room, you can choose from the following options:

  • folds;
  • layering;
  • drapery;
  • frills;
  • lambrequin;
  • decorative things (bows, ties, brushes, clips).

Visually increase the space can curtains with a lambrequin for the hall. It can also be a light fabric with wide stripes. Near the window, the curtains are lighter and more transparent, making it easy to enjoy the view.

Curtain styles for room design

Drawings and ornaments on the curtains
Drawings and ornaments on the curtains

The interior of the room plays an important role when choosing curtains. Classic curtains for the hall in discreet shades are more suitable if there is a large room in the room. Often, colorful curtains are used in the living room, thick curtains in the bedroom, which will create a feeling of comfort, relaxation and peace, practical ones in the kitchen, colorful natural fabrics with a thematic pattern in the nursery.

Translucent curtains do not fit a classic interior, and velvet lambrequins fit high-tech. These nuances must be taken into account to create a complete design or interior in the room.

Colors and pattern

Lilac brings freshness
Lilac brings freshness

When choosing the color scheme of curtains for the hall, one must take into account not only personal preferences, but also the size of the room, the interior of the room, fashion trends and which side the window faces. The ideal option is a combination.

Always relevant, regardless of fashion trends, a neutral gamma of curtains. Sandy or beige shades never go out of style. If it looks a little dull, then you can decorate with decor.

Purple and red shades makethe room is visually smaller. Dark shades are rarely used for the living room. A white shade will expand the space and is great for a room with little natural light, but they are best used in combination with a contrasting tone.

Yellow color will bring positive into the room, especially good if the window does not face the sunny side. It is good to combine it with a green tint.

A palette of blue brings calm to the environment, it goes well with milky or beige shades.

Large drawings on the curtains are suitable for a large room. But with a large number of drawings, it is better to abandon the decor.

Selection Tips

Decorative curtains
Decorative curtains

Specialists give universal recommendations regarding the choice of such an element in the hall as curtains. Moreover, regardless of their function.

How to choose curtains for the hall?

  1. The tone of the curtains should be different from the walls, otherwise they will merge and get lost in the interior design.
  2. The most popular shade of curtains is a solid color that fits any design. If you choose with drawings or ornaments, then the theme of the overall interior in the room should be similar. Variegated drawings or a bright ornament on the fabric fit the discreet color of the general color scheme in the room.
  3. The modern and most popular style of curtains at the moment are the curtains for the hall on the grommets.
  4. Emphasis on practicality: material made of cotton or polyester is easy to wash at home, viscose is fire resistant and does not ignite, velvet and linen aredry cleaning only, linen is ideal for the dining room or kitchen, silk options are lined only, as they can fade in direct sunlight.
  5. Decorative elements for curtains are suitable for a large space, in a small one they will only visually reduce the room.
  6. Pelmet visually reduces the height of the room, so this option is only suitable in a room with high ceilings.
  7. If the windows face the sunny side, then it is better to opt for dark shades that will reduce the intensity of sunlight.

Choosing curtains for the hall according to Feng Shui

A color scheme
A color scheme

People who are fond of Feng Shui note that the environment in the room affects the well-being of the people living in it. That is why, in order to maintain positive energy, modern curtains for the hall must be clean and organically fit into the space.

Feng Shui Living Room Organizing Tips:

  1. In the daytime, it is better to keep the windows open and not close them with curtains (the sun's rays should saturate the space with positive energy).
  2. Choose only natural materials for curtain fasteners.
  3. Elongated styles or options with more pleats are great for the living room.
  4. Cleanliness comes first (this is necessary for good circulation of "chi" energy).
  5. Color depends on the season (green in spring, scarlet or hot yellow in summer,silver, blue in winter).