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How to name a dog: examples of nicknames for different breeds

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How to name a dog: examples of nicknames for different breeds
How to name a dog: examples of nicknames for different breeds

A warm "ball of happiness" has appeared in your life. Wet nose, funny ponytail, charming muzzle. Dog! The sweetest, most beloved and beautiful dog! The baby will become a member of your family, and of course, you want only the best for him.

The first question to think about is choosing a nickname for your pet. Take this matter seriously and responsibly. Take a closer look at the puppy, maybe the answer is just in front of you. How to name a dog? In this article, a list of nicknames for pets is presented to your attention, we will be glad if we provide assistance in this pleasant matter or our simple thoughts will lead you to your own conclusions. Listen to yourself!

how to name a big dog

Come from childhood

We all asked and begged our parents in childhood to buy us a dog, we didn't care what it would be, as long as it was! Yesterday's children have become adults and know exactly what kind of dog they wanthave and why. But it’s worth remembering that time in your life, “when the trees were big and the ice cream was so delicious”, and the first four-legged friend was nearby … The names of the dogs of those times are different from those that the owners give today. Let's go back to those times and remember them.

List of nicknames for dog girls: Lelya, Knopa, Naida, Mukha, Parma, Dina, Buzz, Zhuchka, Yula, Chapa, Weasel, Aza, Leila, Inga, Umka.

List of the most popular dog names for boys: Trezor, Mukhtar, Thunder, Fog, Cupid, Bim, Ball, Snowball, Kid, Baron, Snowstorm, Altai, Athos, Lord, Dick, Tuzik.

Perhaps one of these nicknames will appeal to you, and you will quickly find the answer to the question of how to name the dog.

how to name a dog

Iron paw in a velvet glove

The expression is suitable as a characteristic of dogs of the Laika and Husky breeds. Playfulness and gentleness, on the one hand, border on the endurance and courage of dogs of related breeds, on the other hand. Beautiful dogs with protruding ears attract the attention of others. How to name a dog like? There are a lot of options, and one of them is to remember your favorite films, such as "Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend" and the unforgettable "White Captivity". Have you seen these films yet? They are worth seeing, and if you are a sensitive person, then you will cry more than once. So, here is a list of dog names from the film "White Captivity": Jack and Dewey, Maya, Truman, Max, Buck, Shorty, Shadow. Beautiful, perfect nicknames. How to name a dog like a husky? Here is one of the solutions to this issue. Likes can also fit "northern"Nicknames: Buran, Taiga, Lorazh ("blizzard"), Bolchut ("hunter"), Khotugu ("northern"), Boro ("wolf"), Etin ("thunder"), Bodon ("large").

My sweet and gentle beast

A large dog causes delight, admiration and a little … fear. A majestic giant walks along the street next to you, although, many readers will agree, in his heart he is still the same cute little one for you, as he was in his puppyhood. What is the name of the big dog? Let's use an association. For example, you can name a sturdy baby in honor of the highest mountain, the largest liner, or even in honor of an airplane. So, here is a list of suggested nicknames for large pets: Makalu (Himalaya), Manaslu (Himalaya), Broad, Batura, Kanzhut, Kamet, Jannu, Kongur, Shispar, Trivor, Teram, Yangra, Ultar, Remo, Kirat.

The following list of nicknames for plus size dogs will consist of the names of the largest and most luxurious liners in the world, so: Harmony, Quantum, Oasis, Queen Mary, Allure, Princess, Eric. Some of the names of the liners have been adapted for a better perception of the nickname for the dog.

You can also borrow the names of the largest aircraft for the name of a great friend, for example, Hercules, Boeing, Convoy, Martin-Mars.

what to name a white dog

White Bim black ear

Samoyed, Bichon, Puli, Commander, Chinese Crested, Kuvasz, White Terrier - all these dog breeds are so different from each other. One thing they have in common is the white color of the coat.

Is your puppy white as snow? Howname a white dog? There is nothing easier! Emphasize her dignity in the name. We present to your attention a list of nicknames for dogs with white hair. Snezhok (our native), White / Vaitik (from the English "white"), Aktai (name of Tatar origin - "white foal"), Shakhi (Tatar name meaning "white falcon"), Roka (name of Japanese origin - "white comb wave"), Albert (Latin name, "white, glorious"), Weiss (from German "white"), Blanc (from French "white").

Did you order a fight?

Of course it was a joke. But did you know that in professional boxing they like to give nicknames to fighters. What is the best name for a dog? You can borrow one of them. Here are a few options suitable for the pet's nickname: Thunder (Arturo Gatti - ex-world lightweight champion), Bazooka (Ike Quartey - ex-world welterweight champion), Manust (Archie Moore - ex-world middleweight champion), Leo (Lennox Lewis - undisputed world heavyweight champion), Dynamite (Juan Manuel Marquez - ex-featherweight champion), Rock (Hasim Rahman - ex-world heavyweight champion).

what to name a black dog

Elegant brunette

We will talk about dogs with black hair, which, as a rule, are distinguished by mobility, quick wit, easy-going. What is the name of a black dog? The first thing that comes to mind is Chernysh, Black or Blackie, Schwartz, Melanie. We continue to enter the word "black" as the original, and as a result we get this list: Noir (Frenchman), Bruno ("dark" Italian), Brunita (derived from Bruno), Must and Musti("hot" Estonians), Bagheera.

The following list of names in the meaning of "black, dark, swarthy" is selected from the names of the peoples of Ireland: Doreen, Donn, Donnan, Duff, Duv, Down, Dowd, Duara, Douglas. Choose and name!

Baby and puppy

Your child really, really wanted a dog, and now the fateful meeting of two kids happened. How to name a dog? A clue may be the names of the characters of fairy tales or cartoons that your child loves so much. Here is a list of names of children's heroes, among which you may find your favorite nickname for your "tailed happiness": Abu (monkey from Aladdin), Alex (lion from Madagascar), Alice (from Wonderland), Ariel (Mermaid), Artemon (from Pinocchio), Asterix, Bani (rabbit), Baloo, B alto, Barbos, Bart (The Simpsons), Becky, Bela, Belle, Billy, Vili and Dilly (Scrooge's nephews), Venya, Volt, Zipper, Gerda, Gadget, Gloria (Hippo from Madagascar), Gru (Minions Daddy), Goofy, Chip and Dale, Jerry, Diego, Tinker Bell, Donatela (Ninja Turtle), Kazbek, Casper, Remy, Candy, McQueen, Marty (zebra from Madagascar), Mickey and Mini, Maggie (The Simpsons), Otis, Flora, Funtik.

how to name a chihuahua dog

Million Dollar Baby

Of course, small dogs are delicate and fragile creatures, the mere sight of which encourages them to give them an affectionate name. How to name a spitz dog? It should be remembered that dogs of this breed can be owners of different types of temperament, some of them are easy to train, while others just like to lie on the couch and look at the patterns on the carpet. Both can only cause love in the ownersand tenderness.

Based on the characteristics of temperaments, we offer the following nicknames for pets: Dolgan (a name for a mobile dog that means "happiness for everyone"), Vavila and Vavil ("fidget, rebel"), this name is suitable for a dog with an independent and proud character, Varya, Varvara, everyone's favorite Barbie, she is Barbara (the general meaning of the listed names means "savage"). The question arises: will the meaning of the name really affect the character or even the fate of your pet? There is a reasonable amount of truth in this. But, you will say, if I call my dog ​​"Belle", is she sure to be the winner of all exhibitions? Of course not, but others will perceive her as a beauty. It's our nature!

What do you call a Chihuahua dog? You can often observe how these tiny dogs show an independent character, are easily excited and hardly restrain their impulses. But they won the love of millions of people, giving devotion and loy alty in return. Here is a list of names for these miniature babes, choose, chosen with love: Augustine, Anabella, Isaac, Alf, Ama, Ahri, Betty, Becky, Daisy, Boni, Busya, Bibi, Bambi, Brittany, Barry, Bobby, Baksik, Cupcake, Venya, Gabriel, Cherry, Gladys, Cog, Shpuntik, Tank, Tobik, Tube, Jimmy, Gabby, Gianni, Juliet, Romeo, Juju, Zhuli, Lyalya, Lori, Linsey, Leva, Motya, Lucky, Mia, Marley, Nicole, Norik, Pepi, Peach, Preston, Ripley, Tosha, Klepik, Scooby, Teri, Tomik, Tiffany, Berry.

how to name a spitz dog

Double Strike

The following list of dog names should be treated withshare of humor. There are dog owners today who give their pets double names that are very original: Agent 007, James Bond, White Bull, Gray Dragon, Raging Bull, Van Gogh, Van Helsing, Vivienne Westwood, Donna Karan (the nickname for the dog is fashionistas), Dzhimarai (nickname for a big dog), Uncle Sam, Uncle Zhorik, Indiana Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow, Christian Dior, Little Fox, Marco Polo, Peter Pen (for a fidget), Ralph Laurent (dude), Rolls Royce, Sen Laurent (to a little fashionista), Genghis Khan, Big Ben, Black Jack, Cash Money, Long Keys, Barbie Malibu, Only Yu, Pink Lady, Pretty Woman, Riki Tiki, Hamer Strike. Have you already decided what to name the dog?

Come to me, Mukhtar

It will be about service dogs - shepherd dogs. If you decide to opt for them, then the first thing the owner needs to learn is that the shepherd requires strict discipline and training, without this you can get a naughty and rather aggressive dog. Invest time, patience and love, in return you will get much more than expected.

In this case, the names are sharp, clear, sounding like commands, preferably with a rolling “r”, easily receptive to hearing for the dog. And yet, about the rolling "r" opinions of experts differ. Some believe that this sound causes aggression and a desire to attack in the pet, while others are sure that this sound does not have a negative effect on the dog. Dogs are great at distinguishing sounds, whether consonants or vowels. And believe me, if two dogs live in the house, Motya and Botya, for example, each of themit will be great to know who she is.

How to name a shepherd dog? In this case, one thing is important, namely, you should not call the pet a “cute and fluffy” name, the nickname should correspond to the purpose of your friend. So, we can offer the following nicknames: Agate, Beret, Baron, Vince, Gray, Grand, Dick, Jack, Don, Dolph, Jacques, Kai, Karat, Ronda, Tina, Frida, Alma, Utah, Colt, Otto, Oscar, Otis, Rocky, Tyson, Caesar, Lord, Rex, Ruslan, Ralph, Dantes, Max, Morgan, Richard, Arthur.

how to name a shepherd dog


In conclusion, summing up what has been said, I would like to note that choosing a name for a pet is a responsible step, which depends on more than one fact, be it the breed of the dog or your personal preference. In any case, listen to yourself and do not forget that your dog is often your reflection. The relationship between humans and dogs is unconditional love. It is necessary to love yourself and be yourself, and this will be enough to receive the affectionate affection of a dog. Pets understand this very well!

Relationships between people are much more complicated. To get the love of a person and create a strong union, you need to make unthinkable and conceivable efforts, but even they will not become an absolute guarantee of happiness. With dogs, everything is different, and if ten or fifteen years ago you could hear: “Our Snowball is a member of the family!” - now very often dogs replace the family for many people. And so the pet needs to choose a beautiful and proud name that would suit him and please the owner.

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