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Original wedding gift. What to give the newlyweds?

Original wedding gift. What to give the newlyweds?
Original wedding gift. What to give the newlyweds?

What to give? This question is asked by anyone invited to the wedding of relatives or friends. Today you can present to the newlyweds not only an expensive, pretentious, but also an original wedding gift. They will surely appreciate your resourcefulness, especially if they are young people with a sense of humor.

So, even if you are not Roman Abramovich and cannot present a villa by the sea or a luxury yacht as a gift, do not despair. And in your arsenal there are several affordable and interesting options. In this article, I will talk about some of them.

original weddingt

Often an original wedding gift can be found quite unexpectedly. And sometimes you have to think about it and work on it yourself. Some ideas can be taken from the shelves of wedding gift shops, come up with a non-standard way to present them. The good news is that an unusual wedding gift is always relevant: it does not depend on the season or weather conditions. Even, it would seem, the most force majeure situation can be turned in favor of the newlyweds. For example, than not originalwedding gift for the bride - a new groom? And for the newlywed - sexy wedding lingerie for the future wife. True, it is better to give it at the end of the celebration, when the guests gradually go home, and the young people rush to retire to a hotel room.

unusual weddingt

When choosing a gift, it would be good to take into account the professions of the bride and groom, their hobbies, favorite activities. Think about what is the main attribute in these activities? Maybe something is always missing? Or everything is there, but ordinary, and you will present something truly stylish and original? For example, a pen with a gold nib, a set of hand-painted kitchenware, a rare collection of sheet music, or a collection of works by your favorite writer.

If you can't go to a restaurant, and attend only the official ceremony at the registry office, you can limit yourself to just a bouquet of flowers. But let it be unusual! Come up with symbolism, meaning, even a whole story for him. Let, for example, three roses flaunt in your bouquet against the background of snow-white daisies (a symbol of the field of boundless love). But two of them will be pink - this is the bride and groom before they met. And the third is bright scarlet, symbolizing their love, passion and the union of two hearts. Tell the young people that the third rose must be kept dried, and then their family life will be long and happy.

cool weddingt

No less popular are bouquets made from other, very different materials: sweets, fruits, balloons, soft toys, etc. They will be an original present andmake you stand out from the crowd.

From romance to humor: a cool wedding gift - a cartoon depicting the newlyweds. You can draw it yourself or contact a professional artist. The possibilities and fantasies here are simply unlimited.

If you completely move away from sets, bedding sets and household appliances, a gift should contain a maximum of positive emotions and impressions. For example, indescribable sensations await the newlyweds during a parachute jump or a balloon flight. Who knows, maybe this event will become an occasion for a new hobby?

unusual weddingt

Now the space theme has become fashionable. Why not give the bride a star named after her? Or not to present the newlyweds with a real site on the moon? I assure you, such an original wedding gift will make a splash and will be remembered for a long time.

And, of course, any present, especially an extraordinary one, requires congratulations, wishes, and sometimes explanations. As you know, the gift itself is not so expensive as the attention paid. Therefore, be sure to accompany your present with a playful toast or warm words of farewell to young people in a new life.

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