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Bags under the eyes of a baby: the main causes, treatment, tips
Bags under the eyes of a baby: the main causes, treatment, tips

Bags under the eyes of a baby after sleep appear suddenly, cause anxiety in parents if they do not go away within a few hours. Puffiness for no reason is even more frightening when the baby suddenly has circles under the eyes. These circles may be reddish or bluish. In this article, we will find out why babies have bags under their eyes, how scary it is, and how to deal with them.

How does puffiness appear under the eyes?

bags under eyes in babies

The eyes are one of the most sensitive and vulnerable organs in the entire body. To protect the eyes from adverse factors, nature has come up with a special protective mechanism, which consists of a thin layer of fat. In medicine, this layer is called periorbital tissue. This mechanism prevents overdrying of the eyes and also protects them from any kind of damage.

Fiber is capable of several timesincrease in size when exposed to certain factors. Not only foreign objects and adverse environmental factors cause an increase, but also developing pathologies in the body. Also, periorbital fiber can accumulate moisture in itself, while it begins to strongly protrude forward, pushing the eyelids back. With this exposure, the so-called bags under the eyes appear. In infants, the causes of these do not differ from those that contribute to the formation of bags in adults.

There is also a connecting membrane in the eyes. It holds fiber. With an increase in the membrane, an increase in the fat layer that protects the eyes can also be provoked. Again, in this scenario, bags appear under the eyes of infants and adults.

Do swelling under the eyes interfere with the baby?

baby sleeping

Puffiness on the eyelids does not bother babies at all. The swollen fiber does not cause pain and discomfort, the eyelids are also tightly compressed and open easily, it is easy for the child to blink and cover his eyes. But in the case when the bags under the eyes of the baby were formed due to any pathological abnormalities or microorganisms, then swelling is only the body's reaction to itching, burning and other unpleasant sensations. Discomfort is felt in the corners of the mucous membrane of the eyelids, as well as under the eyelids. If you notice that the baby is rubbing his eyes, then you should start to worry.

To minimize the possibility of serious complications, you need to identify the causes of puffiness in the baby under the eyes as soon as possible. For this it is worthcontact the local pediatrician, and he, in turn, will give a referral for an examination.

Bags under the eyes of babies appear regardless of gender. Both girls and boys can equally fall victim to this cosmetic defect.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the causes of bags under the eyes of a child. There are a lot of them, and not all of them indicate pathology.

Foreign object, injury

speck in the eye

This is the most common cause of puffiness under the eyes in babies. Children are very inquisitive, and can look in search of "the most interesting" in hard-to-reach places where dust and small rubbish accumulate. It is the mote that can get into the eye, begin to mechanically act on the mucous membrane, provoking the start of the protective work of the fiber. Even when the mote is already washed out of the eye by the tears that have appeared, the fiber will remain "on guard" for a long time.

In the same way, a baby can just poke his eye in the eye with a finger, a toy. When looking for a foreign object, parents will not find anything and will start to worry about puffiness.

If the reason is minor mechanical damage, then literally in a couple of hours the bags will go away. If this does not happen, you need to show the baby to a doctor, first of all, to an ophthalmologist. A not very large mote, which is difficult to see, could get into the eye. If the specialist does not find a foreign object, then you will have to visit a pediatrician.

Conjunctivitis and other eye diseases caused by viruses

conjunctivitis infection

The second most common cause of puffy eyes in infants. Bags under the eyes of a child up to a year old and after can occur due to damage to the mucous membrane by viruses. The most common among children is conjunctivitis. This disease is very easily transmitted. Even if the baby does not go to kindergarten yet, other children can infect him. It can be brothers and sisters, as well as strangers who have been visiting.

With conjunctivitis, the mucous membrane of the eyelids becomes red, and blood vessels appear on the whites of the eyes. With further development, green-yellow discharge begins to appear from the eyes. After sleeping, the child develops a crust around the eyes. With such a disease, swelling naturally appears.

Protect your baby from this unpleasant disease is almost impossible if he visits the garden. Any child, when hugged, can infect him. Shared toys are also dangerous. A kid can take an object that an infected child has recently played with, and then rub his eyes, the virus is very tenacious and attacks quickly.

If children came to visit you, and even they look he althy, you still need to wash toys after they leave in order to minimize the chance of infection of the baby.


baby with a cat

Another fairly common cause of puffiness and eye irritation. If a month-old child has bags under the eyes, then the likelihood of a foreign object getting on the mucous membrane is very small. If there are no more children in the house, they do not come to visitfriends with kids, then, first of all, it is worth considering the home environment. An allergy in a child can begin if something new is brought into the apartment. It can be a feather pillow, or a regular bouquet of flowers.

Allergy to already familiar objects appears unexpectedly for parents. Try to remove indoor plants, while you determine the reason to attach pets somewhere. Once the plants and pets have been temporarily eliminated, you need to rinse everything to get rid of hair and pollen. Literally within 2-3 days, the signs of allergy should disappear if the cause has been eliminated.

Change all personal care products and household chemicals. In most cases, a child is allergic to exactly what you perfume, wash and clean with.

Allergies can occur at the start of complementary foods or when new cereals, meat, fish, juices, berries, and so on are introduced into the diet. If you start to give the baby still unfamiliar food, then let's not in portions, but half a teaspoon a day, then monitor the condition of the child during the day.

Junk food

eye inflammation

A one-year-old child may develop bags under the eyes due to too s alty food or other harmful food. S alt, when ingested, retains fluid, which causes puffiness under the eyes. As a rule, many parents already at the age of one give their children the same soups and main dishes that they themselves eat. Some even can stick a chunk of s alted bacon into the baby’s hand, as mother or grandmother taught!

A one-year-old child can already stealfrom the table on their own harmful food for him. These are chips and other very s alty and containing products harmful to any organism. Keep everything away from the baby. When he grows up, he will have time to harm his body, but for now, parents are responsible for it.

Stop feeding your baby processed foods. Of course, in a year it is already possible to give dumplings and cutlets, but only homemade, not store-bought.


why do babies have bags under their eyes

Already in infancy, a baby can begin to develop serious pathologies, which, fortunately, are in last place after the appearance of bags under the eyes. These could be:

  • high intraocular pressure for baby;
  • inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system;
  • hormonal failure;
  • disturbances in the work of internal organs: kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system.

But do not worry too much if, for no reason, the baby has swelling under the eyes. After sleep, this is normal. Especially if the baby fell asleep later than expected, and woke up also late, or did not sleep. Also, bags under the eyes form if the child is overtired and slept more than usual.

Often bags under the eyes appear after the baby has been crying for a long time. This is especially true for the period of teething. The baby eventually gets tired of crying, but the tears come out randomly due to itching, already tolerable discomfort.

In any case, to calm down due to the absence of a disease or to make a diagnosis andearly treatment for swelling under the eyes in children, you need to consult a doctor.

Medicated treatment

a bunch of drugs

Never self-medicate. only a doctor should prescribe therapy, if any at all. Many young parents make the mistake of consulting with friends who have children about puffiness under the eyes. They may advise drops and ointments, or even medicines for oral administration, with the words "It helped us!" Medications can make things worse if they are inappropriate or if they are not needed at all.

Homemade recipes

pharmacy chamomile

If there is a disease, the doctor will prescribe therapy. If the reason is different, then you can remove the swelling with folk recipes that will not harm the baby. Also, these methods can be used in complex therapy - medicines fight the disease, and herbs fight swelling!

  • Make chamomile decoction according to the instructions on the package, moisten cotton pads and wipe the baby's eyes.
  • Potato starch quickly relieves swelling: peel and cut potatoes into circles, apply to baby's eyelids.
  • Like potatoes, cucumber juice helps. If the baby does not let you keep the potato in front of your eyes, then grate the cucumber, dip the cotton wool in the juice and wipe the baby's eyes.
  • Apply pre-brewed and cooled tea bags.
  • Rub small amounts of almond oil into the skin under the eyes once a day.


When appearingbags under the eyes of the baby, you should not both panic and leave the process to chance. An early visit to the doctor and examination will help to exclude dangerous diseases or start treatment in the early stages of development. The sooner therapy begins, the greater the chances of a full recovery without relapses and complications!

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