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Baby development: when newborns start holding their heads

Baby development: when newborns start holding their heads
Baby development: when newborns start holding their heads

As soon as a baby is born, adults begin to be interested in doctors when newborns begin to hold their heads.

Waiting for up to 3 months

Sure, because it is this basic achievement of those that the baby has to achieve in this period that will be the very first. And it will be an important proof that the baby's physical development is on the right track, and very soon he will learn to roll over on his own.

When do newborns start holding their heads?

So, when do newborns start holding their heads? Pediatricians do not give exact dates, because the nature of the development of each child is individual. Of course, there are certain norms that you need to focus on, but if the baby is a little behind or a little in a hurry, there is no need to be scared.

It is believed that a newborn baby holds his head well by 3 months, and by 4 he does it quite confidently. By 2 months, the baby is only able to make attempts to control his head, but he is unlikely to be able to do this without respite. By the way, doctors say that today's children beginhold the head much earlier than the babies in the 80s - many by 9 weeks already manage it confidently.

Don't rush things

Many mothers and fathers are looking forward to when the baby masters this skill, most want the child to be ahead of their peers in their development. And not knowing what time the newborn holds his head, they rejoice if he does this already a month and earlier.

newborn baby holding his head

And they do it in vain, because in this case it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible. After all, when newborns begin to hold their heads at such a young age, this means that they have hypertonicity or high intracranial pressure. Your baby may signal these problems to you with frequent crying and hardly sleeping.

If the child himself does not hold his head even by 3 months, then it is also advisable to inform the doctor about this. Perhaps the baby has a very low muscle tone, or there are neurological problems. At such a young age, they are solved easier than after a year. Perhaps a massage course or vitamins prescribed by a doctor will help your child. The main thing is not to start the process. Also pay attention to whether the baby keeps his head straight. If not, check with your pediatrician - the baby may have torticollis, which needs to be addressed immediately.

Gymnastics for kids

When newborns begin to hold their heads, they no longer need postures where their head is supported without fail. If your child has not yet learned to control his body, continue to himhelp, otherwise there is a risk of injury to the neck.

If you want to help your baby acquire this important skill, then start developing his neck muscles. Lay the baby on his tummy more often (just wait until the moment when his umbilical wound completely heals), let him first lie in this position for 30 seconds.

What time does a newborn hold his head

Gradually increase the time - you will notice how the baby is trying to raise his head and seem to turn it to one side. This is how the reflex given to him from birth works so that the child does not suffocate while in this position. Once your baby is a month old, carry him upright more often so he learns to keep his head in line with his body, but keep holding it.

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