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How to choose highchairs for feeding from 0 months? Reviews, prices

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How to choose highchairs for feeding from 0 months? Reviews, prices
How to choose highchairs for feeding from 0 months? Reviews, prices

As soon as a baby appears in the family, parents begin to purchase many convenient and necessary devices for him. Also, mothers immediately go to the store and look at high chairs from 0 months. This item is really able to make life easier, because you do not have to constantly keep the crumbs in your arms. But what should you pay attention to when choosing such an item?

At what age do you need a high chair?

high chairs from 0 months

Some mothers want to buy highchairs from 0 months, but at what age do babies really need them? Usually, when the baby reaches the age of six months, he no longer wants to eat lying down, and it is inconvenient for parents to feed the child when he sits in his arms. It is also during this period that the baby begins to sit down, since his spine is already strong. He gets used to eating various vegetable foods from a spoon. Therefore, it is time to think about buying this important item.

What are chairs

The highchair consists of a seat with legs, a backrest, a footrest and a table that can be removed or adjusted in height. On such a chair, you can feed your baby or play with him. In some models, the backrest can be reclined and adjusted. They come in wood and plastic.

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What are

There is a huge selection available today. Marketers offer high chairs from 0 months, which are equipped with various functions. But they all fall into a few basic categories.

  1. Multiposition. They can be easily adjusted in height. This is very convenient, because if necessary, the chair with the baby can be moved to the chair on which the mother sits, and it is convenient to feed your child. If adults are sitting at the table, the baby begins to act up, because he also wants to sit like everyone else. This chair can be adjusted to your desired height. And the baby will sit with everyone. Usually such items are equipped with four or five positions. You need to change the height when the baby is not sitting on the chair.
  2. Folding model. Usually this option is purchased by those families who live in small apartments. The model quickly and easily folds and sets aside. You can also take it with you on trips.
  3. Multifunctional option. These models usually have additional options that change depending on age. This option can be called a complex chair.
  4. Wooden models usually have uniqueconstructions. Often they can be transformed into a table for preschool children.
  5. Transforming chairs. They include a stand-table and a low chair. The kid can play even when he is a little older.

Parent reviews

perego high chair

Many parents have already faced the choice of which highchair to choose. Reviews show that it should be stable and inspire confidence. If the baby is still not sitting well, it is better to choose a model in which the back tilts and is fixed. It is also necessary to have belts that will hold the crumbs so that they do not jump out accidentally or intentionally. There must be a removable cover on the seat, otherwise it will quickly become dirty, since this is a high chair. Reviews also show that covers should only be made of fabric that is easy to wash and dries quickly. Also, the table itself should be liked by the baby, otherwise he will not sit in it. To do this, it is better to take your child and go to the store. Put him in several chairs and get one in which he will feel better, because this item will be his property. Highchairs from 0 months old can last up to five years.

Tatamia Chair

Modern, innovative highchair designed to be used from birth. It is valid for 36 months. In the early days of life Tatamia (high chair) is usually used as a relaxing swing. You can also lull your baby to sleep and play with him. It can be adjusted to the babyconsidering his age and needs. When the child learns to sit, the high chair can be reconfigured for feeding. With age, the tray is removed, and the baby can be at the dining table with adults.

tatamia high chair

Also Tatamia (highchair) is equipped with a brake system. By pressing two buttons, you can unlock the wheels and move the baby to a convenient place. As soon as you release this mechanism, the chair will again become motionless and stable. In addition, the child seat is equipped with a comfortable bumper that can change position (nine modifications).

Also Tatamia perego - a highchair for feeding, has a back tilt function. And this makes it very comfortable for the baby. If necessary, you can change the height of the footrest. To clean the seat, all you need is a damp cloth. The chair can be folded, in this position it does not take up much space.

Chicco Highchair Polly Magic

polly high chair

Another option is the Polly Highchair. It also looks modern and its height is adjustable. For babies, the high chair is equipped with a padded insert so that the baby does not fall out. Over time, it can be removed. From six months to a year, the functions of the high chair are to feed the child. From a year to three years, the table can be removed, and the seat can be moved to the usual adult table. Many parents choose this highchair for feeding. This model folds into a compact position.

Happy Baby William

Another baby-friendly highchair Baby. This model can be fully recumbent, making it suitable for babies who are not yet able to sit up. It is equipped with wheels that roll well, and therefore it is very convenient to carry the child around the apartment with you and not leave it unattended. There are straps that keep the baby in the chair well. Also there is a removable convenient table-top on which the necessary utensils are placed. There are shallow holes for plates. The tabletop can go to three depths - a special button is provided for this. If necessary, the chair folds up and becomes compact.

baby high chair

High chair: product price

Most often today on sale there are chairs made of unbreakable plastic. Their cost usually depends on the functionality, quality of the material and the manufacturer. If necessary, you can purchase an inexpensive and attractive high chair. The price for them starts from three thousand rubles and increases with equipment and quality. But the choice of this subject should be taken responsibly. If you buy a product cheaper, you can harm your own baby.

What to look out for

high chair reviews

When choosing a highchair, you should not forget that your baby will not only eat in it, but also play and spend some time. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the quality of the goods, and not to cheapness.

  1. Safety. It is important to pay attention to how stable this design is, whether it will roll over if your baby spins and sways. If the model has wheels, then it must have a brake. If the chair has soft liners, then they must also be equipped with special latches.
  2. It is always important to consider the age up to which you can use a high chair. The baby is growing rapidly, and it is advisable to purchase a model that can withstand as much weight and size as possible.
  3. Also, all parts, especially the tabletop, seat, fabric, must have an eco-friendly label. If possible, it is better to purchase a wooden model, as it contains far fewer chemicals. If a plastic chair is cheap, you should consider what materials it is made of.

There is no doubt that if you are serious about choosing this design, then your baby will grow up he althy. And you'll have less trouble feeding your baby quickly.

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