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How to apologize to a girl if you screwed up a lot? I seriously offended my girlfriend: what to do, how to make peace

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How to apologize to a girl if you screwed up a lot? I seriously offended my girlfriend: what to do, how to make peace
How to apologize to a girl if you screwed up a lot? I seriously offended my girlfriend: what to do, how to make peace

Girls are fragile, refined, very emotional creatures. The impressionability and suspiciousness of the beautiful half is known to many men firsthand. Sometimes you can offend a girl with just one word, and sometimes absolute inaction can become a reason for insults. In other words, you seem to have done absolutely nothing, but you are already to blame!

The subtlety of a woman's mental organization suggests an increased degree of vulnerability. That is why she is able to react so sharply to any movements of her partner in life. And especially seriously, she can take some really significant oversight of her young man. A logical question arises: “What should I do if I strongly offended a girl? How to reconcile?”.

Don't lose your love

Causes of the scandal

In order to understand how to properly approach the process of reconciliation with a girlafter the scandal provoked by you, you should understand the reasons for the frustration of your passion. Quite often, only the visible part of those claims that come to the fore as a catalyst for a quarrel lies on the surface. But in fact, the roots of the problem can go much deeper, and from this, the reasons for such a reaction of the woman you love may be completely different from what they seem at first glance. You may initially not even suspect how deeply you hurt and offended her.

How to apologize to a girl if you screwed up a lot? First you need to do two things:

  • analyze what happened, remember all the words said by the girl during the skirmish;
  • understand the additional hints thrown by her snatches of phrases - they can hide a much deeper meaning with the true reasons for upsetting your lady.
Wait a certain amount of time

Develop an action plan

After identifying the reasons for such a strong reaction to the situation you provoked that caused a scandal, develop a strategic plan of action. Tactical steps should be built on the basis of specific causes and prerequisites for misunderstanding. The whole scheme of reconciliation events will depend on how much you offended your loved one.

How to apologize to a girl if you screwed up a lot? The first task after finding out the specific cause of resentment is a clear and constructive understanding of how to act correctly. Do not smack the fever, do not rush to run toher to apologize and upholster the thresholds of her house, let the person cool down. Otherwise, you will only aggravate her hostile feelings towards you and add, as they say, fuel to the fire. In the meantime, develop a plan to reach consensus.


Before you apologize to the girl, if you messed up a lot, you need to wait a certain pause. Immediately after the incited scandal, she will not want, and simply will not be able to listen to you and objectively judge the appropriateness of your arguments. Let some time pass. A day, two, a week - each couple has its own time threshold of materiality in a relationship. However, it is important that she live this time with the thought that you are full of remorse, that you still consider her the only and most beloved.

Strongly offended the girl: what to write to her? If, during a quarrel, she slammed the door in your face or rushed headlong away from you, just not to continue this egregious scandal, then her emotions are at the peak of the explosion. Give her a few minutes to come to her senses. Send a short message that reflects the pointlessness of resentment and hints to her that without her you will lose the joy of life. Let it be a phrase like: “I still love you very much”, or something like “I was wrong”, “Forgive me for my jealousy”, “I acted like a fool. I repent.”

In a word, at this stage, you do not need to write long petitions: you are both emotional, just let her survive this hitch and cool down in the thought that you are still aware of the extent of your oversight and are ready to atone for your guilt. In thisIn this case, this would be the most correct tactic of behavior: giving time to think and a short phrase about your remorse.

Write an apology SMS


When you think about how to apologize to a girl if you messed up a lot, pay attention to real men's actions. Just do not be naive to believe that a tearful sad audio recording thrown on her wall in VK or deleting an Instagram profile are considered as such. Take serious meaningful steps.

If the cause of the scandal was a broken shelf, which your woman has been asking you to nail down for the second month now, silently take it and fix it: let her at least see that her resentment caught you and you are not indifferent to her protest. If the reason was your immense jealousy and your ban on attending pair dances, give her this freedom, show that you trust her - send her a subscription to her favorite ballroom dance by courier. In a word, let her know that you accepted your wrong and are ready to compromise.

Planned and persistent

If you wrote a single apologetic SMS message to your beloved girl whom you offended and think that your act of conciliation is over, you are deeply mistaken. Consistency and perseverance are your two main weapons in the fight against women's grievances. Remind yourself constantly: it shouldn't be intrusive, but it shouldn't be too dry either. Let your girlfriend feel that what happened between you hurt you too. That you have already realized the extent of yourresponsible for the pain caused to her.

Make more and more steps towards finding a compromise between you. Seek to meet her. Call her. Even if she does not agree to see or pick up the phone, this does not mean that everything is over. She just needs to be prepared and, as they say, “warm up” her feelings with a manifestation of tenderness and care on your part.

Show Attention

But how to show this attention in such a situation? There are several very correct directions in which the delinquent guy can move unmistakably:

Her parents. If you have a good relationship with the mother of your girlfriend, act through her. A visit to her with a hotel and a heart-to-heart conversation will have its effect. Offer a joint fishing trip to her father, if he is a fan of such activities. Word by word, you can talk to him about your quarrel, and he, in turn, will have a conversation with his daughter

Pay a visit to her mom
  • Solution to her problems. For example, if she has been complaining to you about her neighbor and his walks with a muzzle dog for a long time, now is the time to take action. Have a conversation with a negligent dog breeder, make him apologize to your lady of the heart. She will definitely be impressed by his apology visit.
  • Help. How long have you known that she was thinking of moving? Organize your friends, direct to her house on a responsible day. Have them help her assemble, transport, and unload furniture and personal items. This will be quite handy, and will clearly tell her thathow much you care about her life and her problems.

We have given only particular possible situations that would help an offended girl look at the young man who offended her from the other side and soften her heart. Cases and circumstances may be different, but the meaning is clear: such small manifestations of attention will help her dull her pain, brighten up her disappointment and turn her anger into mercy.

Presence effect

How to apologize to a girl in an original way? You can use the tricks of inveterate romantics and love adventurers: create the effect of presence in her daily life. How to do it?

During a long relationship or life together, you probably managed to learn a few mandatory "rituals" of her daily pastime.

Does she like a morning jog along the promenade? Leave her some kind of sign that can tell her that you were here today. On the coastal bench, near which she is doing a warm-up, leave the usual box of food for river ducks, which you sometimes spoil together for joint jogging. Memories of you will flood over her, the girl will feel longing for the old days and will surely be touched.

She likes to have a cup of coffee without sugar and a croissant with raspberry jam during her break from work in a cafe next door to the office? At lunchtime, book her a table with her usual delicious duet of her favorite products already prepared. Notify the administrator in advance. She will be pleasantly surprised that you remember her every second and skillfully try to return her.location.

Pre-order at her favorite cafe

Be present in her daily life. Such steps will be unobtrusive and will fit quite well into her measured rhythm, giving you an opportunity to reflect on how you are actively trying to apologize to her beautifully.

The ability to surprise

In order to surprise your beloved, it is not at all necessary to put on a sombrero on your head, learn to play the guitar and climb a horse to perform a serenade under the windows of her house. Although this option is almost a win-win.

Serenade under her windows

It's enough to do something that is absolutely not inherent in you. Surprise her by the fact that you, contrary to your principles and character, are ready to ask her forgiveness in front of everyone. Order an apologetic sign on a billboard in front of her office windows, send her an apologetic message on the air of her favorite radio show. Do what you used to be embarrassed to do because of your “anti-romanticism”, as you think. If you manage to surprise her, you are guaranteed to succeed in getting her forgiveness.

The Taming of the Shrew

If you are still wondering: “I offended a girl: what to give?”, Then do what all men usually do - give her flowers. Someone once said that this is pure banality. So, I would like to object. Almost every woman on the planet loves to be presented with a bouquet of beautiful fragrant flowers. In this ritual there is a certain note of desperate romance, manifestations of love, attention, care. You will say: flowers do not matterwill you help? But no one says that forgiveness will come for just one bouquet.

If you screwed up a lot, then the apology should be significant - send her a bouquet of flowers every day with a couple of words about your apologies in a miniature postcard with a delivery service. Add a basket with Raffaello or delicious fresh heart-shaped cakes to the present. If you still believe that this is banal and does not work, check it out for yourself - you will be surprised at the efficiency and effectiveness of such a seemingly simple method.

Give her flowers


And, finally, if you still achieved a meeting with your beloved girl offended by you, do not miss this opportunity under any circumstances. Suggest that she go on a romantic trip tomorrow. Let it be a suburb with a small cozy rented apartment for a week, but fresh air and wonderful views of nature will immerse you in an atmosphere of love and unity. Take action, improvise, don't give your girlfriend a reason to be offended by you for longer than your relationship can handle.

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