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Parrot solar aratinga: photos and reviews

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Parrot solar aratinga: photos and reviews
Parrot solar aratinga: photos and reviews

Recently, keeping unusual pets at home is becoming more and more widespread. But in many cases, the owner faces some problems. Caring for any iguana or outlandish bird is fraught with certain difficulties. Don't let this scare you, the experience and feedback from experienced breeders will help you cope with the task. The main thing is to be aware of responsibility from the very beginning.

solar aratinga

If you are thinking about how to settle in your exotic birds, carefully study the materiel in advance. Our article will help those who decide to have such an unusual parrot as the solar aratinga. This is a very beautiful and vociferous bird, which, with proper care, can live with a loving owner for quite a long time.

Solar aratingas in the wild

This bird is named solar not without reason. Bright yellow color is the main feature by which this type of parrot is determined.

The solar aratinga lives in the northeast of Brazil, in Guyana and in the southeastern regions of Venezuela. In their natural habitat, birds settle in tree hollows or nests. Solar aratingas gather in large flocks that occupy vastterritories in palm groves and light forests.

type of parrot solar aratinga

Reminder for a beginner

Sunny Aratinga is a southern bird accustomed to warmth. Take care of the proper temperature.

In nature, this parrot has the ability to fly at its pleasure. He may not have enough space in the cage for physical activity.

Exotic keeping is not a cheap pleasure. Calculate in advance whether you can afford the purchase of special feeds and everything necessary to ensure the life of the bird.

The most important thing you will face is a loud, expressive voice. Get ready for it! If you like peace and quiet, a more silent pet may be more suitable for you.

Chick care

Sunny aratingas breed well in captivity, of course, if they have the necessary conditions for this. If you want to purchase very young birds that will grow and develop before your eyes, remember: the chick must be at least 3-4 months old. Until this age, parrots live with their parents and do not differ in independence.

solar aratinga host reviews

Chicks of the sun aratinga differ from adult parrots in color, which is dominated by green, and there are much more gray spots. Over time, the bird becomes sunny yellow.

In a room with parrots, it is desirable to humidify the air using a special apparatus. Solar aratingas feel comfortable at temperatures around22oS. While the birds are very small, this is especially important.

If you take up the education of little parrots, perhaps they will learn to talk. In any case, solar aratingas are endowed with such an ability. In addition, they have excellent hearing, thanks to which they can reproduce the tunes they like very accurately.

Remember, this kind of parrot (solar aratinga) is distinguished by loy alty and friendliness. A chick raised from a young age will be very attached to you all his life.

Many owners note that Sunny Parrot chicks are inquisitive, though wary. They are interesting to watch. To diversify the life of a bird, equip the cage with toys and a small mirror.

Aratinga diet

Experienced breeders recommend feeding parrots with special food bought at a pet store. It must be balanced and varied. Most good solar aratinga foods contain at least 15 different cereal ingredients. Mineral top dressing is also needed.

Parrot chicks Sunny Aratinga

From time to time you can treat the parrot with pieces of fresh fruits and berries, give raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Fresh bread is unacceptable in the diet of aratinga, ordinary wheat groats and any heat-treated products are very undesirable.


Solar Aratinga is a clean bird. She will not once again surround herself with disorder. But you will have to clean up the cage every few days. You do not need to bathe the bird itself, itcope with their own hygiene without human help, however, it is necessary to install a container with clean water in the cage. At some times, the aratinga just love to take a bath.

Caged content

Don't forget what an unusual bird this solar aratinga is. Owner reviews characterize these parrots as smart, active, curious creatures that love attention and communication with a person. Going for a cage, remember the powerful beaks that nature has endowed most parrots with. The rods must be strong, and the lock as tricky as possible. Sunny aratingas love puzzle toys, so handling a hook or latch is no problem for them.

solar aratinga photo

Volume is also important. The larger the cage, the better your feathered friends will feel.

Parrot in the aviary

Nurseries practice breeding birds in an aviary. This requires a certain amount of space and is unlikely to be feasible in an ordinary apartment. But in a private house it’s quite!

Solar aratinga, which is provided with a whole enclosure with brothers, can grow up to 30 cm in height. On average, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe aviary, designed for a couple, is 100 x 50 cm, and its height should, on average, be slightly larger than human height.

The space is equipped with a chain-link stretched along the walls, along which parrots can climb, snags, branches. The bottom is usually lined with sawdust. Before the start of the breeding season, a closed nest is installed in the aviary. If conditions seem favorable to potential parents,soon you will find 2-6 testicles in it.

Couples brood together, the male taking over from the female at her post. On average, the incubation period lasts about 1 month. The chicks are born naked and become covered with green feathers over time.

solar aratinga

Reviews of breeders let us know what an interesting, contact and intelligent bird is the solar aratinga. Photos of birds convince that she is also very beautiful.

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