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Velcro diaper: benefits and recommendations for choosing

Velcro diaper: benefits and recommendations for choosing
Velcro diaper: benefits and recommendations for choosing

When replenishment appears in the house of a young family, each of its members begins a new period in life. You have to learn a lot of things, one of which is proper swaddling. In truth, this is a whole science that is not so easy for young mothers and fathers to master. Fortunately, recently such a convenient thing as a Velcro diaper has appeared, and many young parents have appreciated this invention. It's time for us to find out what it is.

Velcro diaper

What good are Velcro diapers

The modern market of accessories and clothes for newborn babies offers such a rich assortment of products that it makes your head spin, and making the right choice is not so easy. On the one hand, classic cotton and flannel diapers for children have proven themselves for a long time, and on the other hand, why not try new ones? After all, technology does not stand still, and certainly newinventions will be much better than the old ones. Their name alone says a lot: a waterproof diaper, a knitted diaper, a disposable diaper and, of course, a Velcro diaper. Each of these types, of course, is good in its own way, but only the latter allows you to dress the baby very quickly so that nothing tightens his body, there are no extra folds, and the process itself is so simple that even a schoolboy could handle it.

Velcro diapers

Velcro diaper can be either disposable, which can be purchased in special departments selling all kinds of accessories for newborns, and reusable (fabric), which is made from fleece, knitwear and flannel. There are models for both home use and for walking on the street. The latter are somewhat reminiscent of a small blanket.

What to look for when choosing baby diapers

Here are a few simple tips to help you make the right choice and keep you and your baby happy with your purchase:

baby diapers
  1. Always pay attention to how well the edges of the product you like are processed. It is best when an overlock is used instead of a simple hem, thanks to this, hard seams are avoided. In addition, if the edges of the diaper are not neatly made and threads protrude from them, there is a risk that they will get into the baby's airways.
  2. When choosing a diaper, be sure to look at the composition of its fabric. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that unscrupulous manufacturers use artificialmaterials, and therefore you need to make sure that the diaper is 100% made of cotton, linen, cellulose, wool or silk, i.e. from natural raw materials.
  3. To the touch, such products should be soft, and if knitwear was used in their composition - plastic.
  4. It is best to buy diapers in trusted stores, giving preference to firms with a proven reputation.
  5. The color of the product should not be too flashy, otherwise it may be harmful to the eyes of the baby, not to mention the fact that soon it will simply begin to annoy everyone who sees it. In addition, a bright Velcro diaper probably contains dyes that can contribute to the baby's allergies.

Let your baby feel natural and comfortable in diapers. These qualities are very important for his proper development!

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