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What fruits can a child at 7 months: tips for mom

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What fruits can a child at 7 months: tips for mom
What fruits can a child at 7 months: tips for mom

The most difficult months of a toddler's life are over. The kid is not so helpless, he learns the world with interest, shows curiosity to everything new. Mom, in turn, helps him get used to this world, offering new toys and objects for learning.

It is important to know what vegetables and fruits can be given to a baby at 7 months

Baby's nutrition becomes more diverse. With the achievement of a certain month of life, the mother introduces the child to new products.

There are situations when a parent becomes confused, not knowing what fruits a child can eat. At 7 months, it is necessary to strictly observe the amount and frequency of fruit intake.

what fruits can a child at 7 months

Where to start, in what quantity, how often can fruit be offered at this age? How not to harm the he alth of the crumbs? Mom will find the answer to all questions by reading the article.

To begin with, it should be recalled that all products for a baby whose food is breast milk are introduced a month later. That is, ifjuice can be given to an artificial person from 3 months, a breastfed baby - at 4. This rule applies to all new complementary foods, without exception.

What fruits to start with if the baby is bottle-fed?

Let's figure out which fruits. Can a child at 7 months, on artificial feeding, eat apples, bananas, prunes, peaches, pears.

With a pear you need to be more careful. This fruit causes bloating and fermentation in the intestines. Therefore, it is better to give a pear to the baby in a minimum amount and in no case at night.

what fruits can a child at 7 months on artificial feeding

It is advisable to give the apple in the form of mashed potatoes. To begin with, it is necessary to carry out heat treatment of the fruit. The apple must be peeled and pitted and boiled to a puree-like consistency. You should start with half a spoon, increasing to 30 grams.

In its raw form, you can put the fruit in a nibbler. This is a large nipple with holes. The child will gradually suck out the contents. In this case, you can be sure that the baby will not choke.

Prunes are known to have a laxative effect on the human body. Do not give the product to a child suffering from dysbacteriosis. But in the case when the baby suffers from constipation, prunes will come to the rescue. A crumb, based on its weight and age, is enough 0.5-1 berries once a week.

Banana is another valuable fruit. The benefits of fruit for the child's body are very high. Offer your child a quarter of a treat. Can be mixed if neededbanana with milk or cottage cheese.

Peaches are also allowed for a child of this age. Give the baby a small amount of fruit to try and observe the reaction. If no rashes, redness does not occur, you can increase the dose to half the fruit. Now mom knows what kind of fruits a baby can have at 7 months.

Important to know

The burning question is what vegetables and fruits can be. A child at 7 months old must be given new products, following simple rules:

- All products must be fresh, ripe. Worn and rotten food cannot be used for baby!

- You need to start with a minimum amount.

- You should not give the little one several new products at once. If an allergic reaction occurs, mom will not be able to identify which fruit caused the breakdown.

- All vegetables and fruits should be started in a pureed form. This will greatly facilitate digestion.- If an allergic reaction occurs in the form of reddening of the cheeks, rashes, it is better to forget about the new product for up to a year.

what fruits can a child at 7 months list

He althy fruits

Having studied all the properties of plant foods, we can conclude that the presence of fruits in the baby's diet is mandatory. In addition to being he althy, they are also delicious. The kid happily eats such a delicacy. What fruits can be given to a child? At 7 months the list is:

1. Apples. It is better to give preference to green varieties. Source of macro- and micronutrients.

2. Bananas. Yellow, no black. Vitamin B6 is involved in the process of hormone productionhappiness (serotonin).

3. Peaches. Without skin. The mineral content affects the formation of hemoglobin.

4. Prunes. In the absence of loose stools and upset children's stomach.

5. Apricot. Only ripe and in small quantities. May cause allergies.

6. Pears. Carefully. Available as a puree combined with an apple.

After reading the article, the mother can easily decide what fruits the child can eat. At 7 months, you can not give citrus fruits. Despite the high content of vitamin C in them, citrus fruits cause allergies and irritate the mucous membrane of a child's stomach.

what vegetables and fruits can a child at 7 months


When asking what kind of fruits a 7-month-old baby can have, don't forget that instead of a red apple, it's better to give a green one. Peach must be given without peel, as pollen is an irritant for the child's respiratory tract. On an empty stomach and for breakfast, fruits are not given. The best time is an afternoon snack.

From vegetables, it is recommended to introduce zucchini, carrots, cabbage, asparagus, potatoes, pumpkin into complementary foods. Vegetables are boiled, baked in the oven or steamed. And only after that they grind it into a puree. The initial rate is 1 teaspoon.

The more fruits, the he althier for the child, the more varied the table. But in everything there must be a measure. Do not rush to give the baby everything at once. His body is still weak and prone to all sorts of irritants.

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