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Riddle about an apple - for children and their parents

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Riddle about an apple - for children and their parents
Riddle about an apple - for children and their parents

Rosy, liquid, rejuvenating, golden, heavenly… Every person in the world knows what an apple is. This is a simple and at the same time quite complex, widely known, beloved and widely eaten fruit. We have known him since early childhood. Due to the presence of unique beneficial properties, most modern mothers start complementary foods with it. Getting acquainted with the characteristic properties of the fetus, the baby gets his first ideas about the world around him. Perhaps that is why the riddle about the apple for children is one of the means of developing thinking and understanding natural processes.

Eh, bullseye…

For the smallest, the characteristic properties of the fruit can be conveyed through rhyming quatrains and poems. For example:

  • apple riddle for kids

    I'm on a tree in the garden

    Everything is wrapped in foliage

    Through it, as if in a window, The sun hits me.

    I bathe in warm rays, I pour myself with deliciousness.

  • Round and juicy, Grow on the tree.

    Red, green, Sun-grown.

    Ripe in summer, They fall collect.

Children's riddles about an apple can be like this:

  • Round greens hang on the branches, When everyone turns red, they will be eaten right away.

    Very neatly collected in baskets

    Ripe and delicious, just like the picture. Here is such a wonderful fruit!

    He gives us he alth!

Riddles with answers about an apple

They can also be used in verse form. However, to simplify the task, you can apply the keyword rhyme selection method. For example:

  • Both sweet and sour, With smooth skin.

    Rosy, fragrant, With radiant pulp.

    apple riddles with answers

    It is useful for all people.

    Heals us from all diseases!

    Even for finches

    Delicious. This is…. (Apple)

  • Red-skinned sides, And maybe green!

    Slightly sour, But not s alty!

    Ripe, juicy and tasty. They fall off with a twig!

    They are full of vitamins -

    They increase strength!

    Often, birds peck at them -

    Sparrows and finches…

    Guessed who they are, kids, This is …. (Apples)

Let's not forget the math

An apple riddle for older children can be a math puzzle, including in a rather comic form.

For example, you can find a funny poem about an aunt from Gomel who sent a box of apples. The brothers and sisters began to count these apples and eventually ate them all equally. In the condition it is known that the count was taken for eight sittings. And there were only 50 apples without a dozen. Question: how many eaters of this delicacy were there?

Also fit more famous ones from schoolmath puzzles with simple arithmetic.

apple riddles for kids

For the development of ingenuity

A riddle about an apple for children to a certain extent can contribute to the development of ingenuity if non-standard questions are offered as a task:

  • How to put a big apple in a glass bottle with a narrow neck?
  • What does half an apple look like?

A bit of history

And, of course, even an adult will be interested to know what the fruit is famous for throughout the existence of mankind. The first association is the paradise apple of Adam and Eve, a description of which can be found in the oldest book of the Bible. It is associated with the image of the Fall and carries a rather negative meaning.

Other historical facts will help correct the situation. It is known that this fruit took part in the creation of the physical law of Newton's universal gravitation, falling on the scientist's head when he was thinking about science, sitting under an apple tree.

The cross section of the apple core is considered a symbol of knowledge in the scientific community.

Summing up, we can say that a simple acquaintance, including through such folk art as the riddle about an apple, opens up a lot of new and interesting things for children. From it you can learn not only the characteristic properties and ideas about the form, color, taste. Children's ideas about the change of seasons, the processes of growth and maturation are significantly expanding.

apple riddle for kids

It is not for nothing that many holidays are dedicated to the apple inevery country in the world. In our country, for example, everyone knows Apple spas. Not to mention the Apple dance, songs, fairy tales and cartoons dedicated to this wonderful fruit.

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