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Riddles about the ball and games with it

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Riddles about the ball and games with it
Riddles about the ball and games with it

Ball games are interesting for people of all ages. Very tiny children are drawn to him. They certainly need to grab the ball, and if possible, then push with a pen or kick with a leg. An adult will definitely kick if he rolls in his direction. The full development of the child will be realized in a situation where riddles about the ball are a little ahead of the game with him.

Variants of rhymes-riddles about the ball

Rubber and round. Calling to play with him. Even toddlers will recognize this item. Therefore, they easily solve all the riddles about the ball for children. They have no problem with answers. Because the clues in them are a ball.

  • He can jump better than anyone

    And he rides great.

    And if you throw him up, Definitely comes back.

And two more ball riddles:

  • He is round and elastic, with bright stripes.

    They are fun to play with the guys.

    We know a lot of fun with him, As soon as we take it in our hands, then immediately playing.

  • He pouted, but not offended.

    He is bald, though he never had a haircut.

    They kick him, they throw him against the wall, And he only jumps and across the field rides.

riddles about the ball

A few more mysteries aboutballs

And again they recall the main feature - the ability to bounce when hit. This is emphasized, by which children will certainly recognize the answer.

  • In different games they beat him

    First with a hand, then with a foot, then with a stick.

    And so they send him to each other.To beat him off and I do not mind.

  • I'm round like a bun, But not liver.

    My stomach is firm.Being beaten forever is doomed.

  • I never want to lie still.

    They hit me on the back, and I laugh.

    They throw me against the wall, I'm flying back.They throw me on the floor, and I bounce.

  • He is small in stature, but very fast.

    I let go of his hands, And he, like a bunny, is very nimble, He drove off along the path.

ball riddle for kids

Ball puzzles for different games

Riddles about the ball can be narrowly focused. For example, specifically about football, basketball and handball.

  • He is traditionally black and white, From the characteristic figures of the five corners.

    Handling him is not right at all, Only the goalkeeper is ready for this.

  • This ball is always orange

    With a pattern of black stripes.

    He is kicked on the floor, but never kicked And gets into the ring for glasses.

  • This round ball does not shine and does not slip, For a goal, you need to throw it into the goal.

    But the referee does not order to kick only, Play with it only with your hands need.

Ball sports

There are quite a few of them. Why not remember about football and volleyball when they started solving riddles about the ball?

  • Boys playhim in the yard.

    The lucky kids score goals.

    You can only kick the ball with your foot.And only the goalkeeper can touch it with his hand.

  • This sport forbids everyone

    To drop the ball - it's a goal.

    He flies quickly over the net.Everyone plays … (volleyball).

And the next two riddles are about basketball and handball.

  • To become such an athlete, you have to grow up a lot.

    And be able to keep the ball on the floor without stopping.

    To throw it far and high laterAnd get into the basket, moreover, earning a point.

  • There is a goal, but not football.

    And you need to take the ball with your hands.

    And the goal is also scoredMobile players.

ball riddles for kids with answers

About the places where the described games take place

And what is the riddle about the ball for children, about sports games without such important elements as a stadium and a gym?

  • A flat area, grass grows on it.

    The benches reach the sky around it.

    And along the edges of the area you will see the gate, Athletes play there and someone runs then.

  • There is a clearing in our school.

    You can see a lot of goats here.

    All the guys run around on the lawn, But only when the lessons are in progress.


Kids would love to get to know how the balls look in different games. Football is painted with white and black hexagons. A handball ball is elongated and flattened, and painted brown. Basketball is orange and very bouncy because it should bounce well off the floor.

After the children can solve the riddles andlook at the pictures, it remains to take coloring pages and depict these wonderful balls on your own. Then their appearance will remain in the memory of every crumb for a long time.

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