Love at 14: features of feelings in adolescence, manifestation of sympathy

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Love at 14: features of feelings in adolescence, manifestation of sympathy
Love at 14: features of feelings in adolescence, manifestation of sympathy

Video: Love at 14: features of feelings in adolescence, manifestation of sympathy

Video: Love at 14: features of feelings in adolescence, manifestation of sympathy
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No matter how parents deny the fact that their child has already grown up and can experience a feeling of love, sooner or later this will have to be admitted. Teenage love is a very difficult period in the life of children at the age of 14. Most likely, adults know about this firsthand, but from their own experience.

Teen love at 14

The feeling of falling in love is an obligatory stage that is associated with a person growing up. For some, these emotions remain warm and tender memories for life, and someone is sad because the relationship did not work out. It also happens that teenage love develops into true love, which lasts for more than a dozen years, or even a lifetime. Such people are said to be truly lucky.

Love at 14
Love at 14

Often, parents of teenagers start to panic when they notice signs of love in their child. This happens because people tend to forget about their past experiences. Of course, parents in such a situation are perfectly understandable. They tend to worry aboutthe safety of your child. But we must try to understand it, because it is now that a teenager begins the process of gaining experience in communicating with the opposite sex.

Signs of love

Adolescent love at the age of 14 is usually accompanied by the following signs:

  1. Sharp mood swings throughout the day.
  2. Distractedness and forgetfulness. This is especially true of minor things.
  3. The emergence of new hobbies and interests.
  4. Increased attention to one's appearance.
  5. Deterioration in school performance.
  6. Permanent control of your smartphone.
  7. Loss of interest in usual activities and hobbies.

First love at 14 and its features

It is so arranged that the feeling of falling in love is built on instincts. The boy likes girls. And when he starts his first relationship, they are insanely interesting to him. The emotions received from communication with the object of adoration resemble a state of mild euphoria. And I want to stay in it as long as possible.

First love at 14
First love at 14

Moreover, teenagers tend to love this state much more than the person who contributes to its development. This means that in order to prevent the loss of the feeling of "butterflies in the stomach", it is common for a teenager to idealize a lover so that the relationship does not come to naught. This state of affairs is the absolute norm and almost everyone goes through it.

Teen love - hormonal adjustment

First love at the age of 14 often occurs through the fault of the biological processes of the body. ATDuring this period, teenagers tend to look closely at the opposite sex. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is at this age that the first love occurs.

Most students are excited about this feeling. They do not yet know when and where it is waiting for them, but they are looking forward to it. Therefore, the first love is very desirable and necessary for every person. Feeling teaches teenagers to experience, to experience passion.

Parents need to understand that if your child has not fallen in love or suffered from unrequited love, and also does not worry about the absence of this feeling, then this is not always good. After all, it is better to feel the first love at this age.

Regarding boys

At the age of 14, girls are already aware of love as a feeling. And the boys, it would seem, behave absolutely illogically, and sometimes even very strangely. Initially, they tend to express their feelings rather rudely. The thing is that they do not yet know how to deal with these emotions and what happens to them. This is how love manifests itself at the age of 13-14.

Guy's look
Guy's look

Fear and inability to express their feelings can make them look rather stupid. They tend to pinch or push the girl they like or ask her a lot of stupid questions. Moreover, in front of his beloved, he can behave very defiantly, trying to attract attention or look like a real hero in her eyes. And also male teenagers tend to stare at the girl they like for a long time. Then approach her and "accidentally"touch.

What about the girls?

When boys at the age of 14 may not yet realize love as a feeling, then girls very well understand everything. Therefore, most are already well aware: if a boy pesters her, constantly looks and pesters, then it is obvious that he has fallen in love. And girls, whom boys do not pay attention to, even if in a rather strange way, are often offended and feel deprived of attention. Often they themselves try to draw attention to themselves or provoke the guy they like into this action.

Sometimes it also happens that a girl who is actively cared for by a guy answers him with complete disregard. But at the same time, he does not give a refusal either, unconsciously leaving hope. But he continues to avoid communicating with him, because so far none of them understands how to behave in a state of love. There is also no understanding of how to communicate about these feelings.

Often girls are very assertive in trying to please their lover. They laugh out loud in his presence, they can call names or tease the object of adoration. Shy and modest girls tend to behave differently. They try to attract the attention of a lover with new clothes or a hairstyle. And they can also "accidentally" sit with him in class at the same desk.

Even older

Love at the age of 14-15 takes on completely different forms. Teenagers are ready to speak frankly among themselves. They already perfectly understand their feelings and are aware of emotions. At this age, stupid "tackles" in the form of pinches orloud laughter.

Mutual sympathy
Mutual sympathy

Girls and boys are seriously concerned about how to approach a person, as well as what topic to start a conversation so as not to seem boring or intrusive.

This is a very important stage in the development of a teenager, when he begins to realize that the person he likes may not be ideal. Girls during this period learn to properly accept courtship, and boys learn to court.

Benefits of teenage love

Some couples can last only a few weeks or months. But despite this, such relations are already beneficial for both parties. In conditions of confidential contact, it is easier for people to recognize each other. They can share their fears, dreams and plans for life. In addition, there is a comparison with the experience of another person. And it is important to understand that such equivalent communication is simply impossible without feelings.

Boy and girl in a cafe
Boy and girl in a cafe

In relationship, teen learns:

  1. Talk not only about your hobbies and interests, but also listen to your interlocutor. And also give a huge amount of time to the partner to speak.
  2. Try not to overload each other with their problems and troubles in life.
  3. Create a conversation in such a way that it becomes more trusting. To do this, questions are asked about possible problems and personal experiences.
  4. Learns to talk about feelings, and not just about current situations and events.
  5. And also smoothly transition from conversation to hugs and kisses.

That is, a person in such a relationship tends to acquire many important skills that he will need throughout his life.

Declare feelings

How to confess your love to a girl at 14? At this age, shyness takes over. Often this is associated with the fear that the object of adoration may reject feelings. To overcome the feeling of self-doubt, you need to think through the situation in the worst case.

Possible options for opting out should be considered. And understand for yourself whether it will really be so scary to get rejected. Perhaps in your situation it will seem like a complete trifle, of which there can be many in life.

How to confess to a girl
How to confess to a girl

Of course, denial is always painful and unpleasant to hear. Moreover, your feelings may end there. Sometimes teenagers tend to deceive themselves. It seems to them that they are afraid to confess their love. But in fact, behind this lies a reluctance to disturb a person who most likely does not have mutual feelings.

It is important to understand the situation and understand that absolutely any reaction of this person does not depend solely on you. And accepting recognition or rejecting it is solely the choice of the individual based on her feelings and emotions. And it is unlikely that this decision will change dramatically after your confession. But until a teenager takes the first step to express his feelings, he will not know the answer to his question.

Now recognition can be done using a messenger or social networks. In addition, you can do it anonymously. And there alreadyit all depends on the reaction of the girl.

Can teenage love be real?

You can often hear from psychologists that love at this age is just a rehearsal for a real feeling. Despite the fact that teenagers wake up the need to get closer and maintain relationships on a romantic note. In fact, for them, their own interests and experiences always remain in the first place. Therefore, it is customary to say that schoolchildren are attracted not so much by a pretty object of the opposite sex, but by the emotions received from the feelings that he experiences.

This stage of "love selfishness" is a perfectly normal developmental process.

It should be noted that true love at the age of 14 is quite rare. Most often, this age is typical for fleeting hobbies and short-term love. But this does not affect the strength and quality of emotions that teenagers tend to experience.

Therefore, parents should not tell their children that this is all a temporary phenomenon that does not apply to true love. And also to emphasize that such feelings do not arise at the age of 14 and so on. In such a situation, you need to take your child's feelings seriously. But in no case do not panic and do not sound the alarm, but try to support the teenager.

Parents' reaction

As you know, the feeling of falling in love affects almost all teenagers. And for parents, a rather difficult period begins, because it is undesirable to interfere in this process. But despite this, it must be remembered that feelings canlead to sad consequences.

dad with son
dad with son

Trying to help, parents begin to actively learn from a teenager about his personal life. The student, in turn, perceives this as an attack on his personal boundaries of freedom. On this basis, there are many conflicts that are easier to prevent than to resolve later. Unable to withstand long resistance, parents begin to take extreme measures and forbid the child to communicate with the object of adoration. And in this situation, few people pay attention to the spoiled relationship with their own child, believing that soon everything will get better on its own.

This is a rather difficult period for both the child and the parents. However, it is important to understand that parents need to support their child. You can talk about your first love, share your opinion about the object of your child's adoration, and it is also very important to let the teenager have his own experience. But this should all happen within reason, as the safety of your own child should come first.