Birthday invitation template: photo options
Birthday invitation template: photo options

Video: Birthday invitation template: photo options

Video: Birthday invitation template: photo options
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Birthday is a wonderful holiday and the most favorite event for every child. On this day, congratulations pour in from all sides, dear friends come to visit, bring welcome gifts, fun and happy emotions are expected.

Preparing for a birthday

How does a child's birthday begin? Of course, with planning. Parents decide how to celebrate the event, which guests to invite, what delicious dishes to cook. Both they and the child want this event to be held in a special way. Recently, themed birthdays have become very popular.

A party arranged in honor of the child and in a style close to the interests and preferences of the birthday boy will be a pleasant surprise for him. Children and teenagers are very fond of themed parties. Planning such an event is not at all difficult if you think through the necessary actions and follow the steps.

The first step in preparing for the birthday will be inviting guests. Friends and relatives should know the date well in advanceupcoming event so that you can prepare for it in time. For these purposes, they receive charming invitations to the holiday.


Holiday Invitation

A huge selection of birthday invitation templates will allow you to invite guests to a theme party in an original way. The first step is to decide on the style direction of the evening. Their choice is so great that you can satisfy the wishes of birthday people of different ages. Having decided on the direction of the event, you need to choose the appropriate sample invitation for a birthday. The received message will set children and adults in advance for a festive and special holiday atmosphere.

kids with invitations
kids with invitations

All kinds of patterns

When a baby grows up in a family, young parents spend their everyday life in a troublesome bustle. Expecting the first birthday of a child, mothers try to organize everything in the best way. The first holiday of the crumbs is an important event for both him and mom and dad. When preparing for the celebration, mothers are distracted from daily worries and visually bring the joyful date closer.

When choosing a sample invitation for a child's birthday, parents should give preference to pastel colors. The gender of the child will help determine the color of the invitation card.

For boys it is preferable: blue, blue, green, and for girls: pink, yellow, white.

It is permissible to make original invitations with your own hands, it will be interesting and unusual.

for small children
for small children

Samples of birthday invitations can be cut out of cardboard paper: bottles, baby dolls, a flower, a sun, a cloud, a bear, a bunny, a car. Decorated with bows, beads, stickers and photographs of the birthday boy, they will delight the people invited to the holiday. And also you need to stick a number - the age of the child.

If there is no opportunity to do needlework, it does not matter, a sample birthday invitation is printed out, filled in with a friendly text and sent to relatives and friends.

winx invitation
winx invitation

Invitation Ideas

A fun holiday for children has its own bright holiday specifics, and it is very important that the invitation card impresses and sets the guest up for the expected event. A sample invitation for a children's birthday should be bright, colorful, friendly, conveying the unusual atmosphere of the future holiday.

Organizers should think about what style will be fundamental at the celebration and how the invitation can be made.

There are plenty of interesting ideas for creating an invitation card in the form of some object:

  • "Balloon Party" - Cardboard cut-out "balloon" template;
  • "In the country of the ABC" - postcards - letters;
  • "Magic Kotovasia" - in the form of a cat;
  • "Hat team" - hat;
  • "Pajama Party" - pillow, paper blanket;
  • "Rainbow" - postcard - rainbow;
  • "Smeshariki" - paperSmesharik.
  • birthday with mickey mouse
    birthday with mickey mouse

Feather, mustache, bottle of rum

A boy's birthday should be adventurous, perky. The boy's party needs a unique invitation that will tell the guests what theme they will hold this celebration in.

pirates party
pirates party

A sample invitation for a boy's birthday should reflect the essence of the holiday itself. It can be crafted from improvised materials, paper and cardboard, as an associated item:

  • "Pirate Party" - treasure map, treasure chest, "Dead Roger" flag.
  • pirate party
    pirate party
  • "Marine" - ship, lifebuoy, vest.
  • "Military" - tank, pistol, flag, cap.
  • "Indian" - wigwam, feather, figurine of an Indian.
  • "Cowboy" - hat, horse, cowboy figure.
  • cowboys party
    cowboys party
  • "Spies" - hats, black glasses, mustaches, ties, pistols.
  • "Knight's Tournament" - helmet, sword, shield, scroll, castle, flag.
  • "The jungle is calling" - animal figurines, palm trees.
  • Ninja Turtles
    Ninja Turtles

Flowers, heart and palace

Girl's birthday carries more tender romantic motives than a holiday for a boy. Girl's birthday invitation template has pink colors, princesses, fairies and flowers.

ice cream invitation
ice cream invitation

If parents are interested in the original form of the invitation, they can use the following tips:

  • "Barbie Party" - house, pink car, heart, fancy dress.
  • postcard dresses
    postcard dresses
  • "Alice in Wonderland" - cards, roses.
  • card sheet
    card sheet
  • "Winx Fairies" - fairy figure, magic wand, flower.
  • "Princesses" - palace, crown.
  • "Masha and the Bear" - forest dwellers, a jar of jam, berries, figures of the main characters.
  • "Snow White" - mirror, apple, figures of gnomes, birds.
  • "Frozen" - Snowman Olf.
  • "Cinderella" - shoe, pumpkin, carriage.
  • "Disneyland" - images of Minnie Mouse and other characters.

A beautiful sample of a girl's birthday invitation with thematic drawings is presented in the article. Such a product will please both the birthday girl herself and her guests.

Monster High
Monster High

How to fill out an invitation sheet

When the parents have decided on the choice of invitation, they have another, no less creative work to do: write a text. It can be written in prose or in the form of a small rhyme, but the main thing is not to miss important details related to the date.

Usually a sample birthday invitation is in the form of a two-sided card: front and back.

Be sure to take into account all the nuances when filling out an invitation form. On the frontthe main data is indicated, on the back there is an auxiliary text informing about the theme of the evening and setting up a fun evening.

Important instructions

The invitation plan has the following points:

  1. Exact date and time when the holiday will take place.
  2. Detailed address where this event will take place.
  3. Phone number of parents and birthday boy.
  4. Be sure to indicate if the child needs to come with their parents, enter their names.
  5. The rest of the information is written on the back of the postcard.

The invitation is given by the birthday person personally into the hands of the guests. If the children are young, then send a postcard to the parents of the children.

If the organizers of a children's party do not know how to write a birthday invitation, a sample will help them solve this problem.

Friendly text

When writing the invitation sheet, the first thing to do is to indicate on the front part the name of the person expected at the celebration. If the person is an adult, it is necessary to write a middle name. A welcoming introduction, written as in the sample birthday invitation, will show the future guest how important their presence is.

The initial phrase could be:

  • "Dear Svetlana! I will be happy to wait for you and your parents at my birthday celebration, which will take place… Our address…".
  • "Dear Natalya Pavlovna! … our daughter Olga's birthday will take place. We really hope that you and your children, Daniil and Anya, will join our holiday. We kindly requestinform us in advance of your decision. We are waiting for your call on the phone number…".
  • "Dear Maxim and Albina! We invite you to a family holiday, which will be held in honor of the birthday of our son Sasha. We are waiting for you to visit at this address…".
  • sample templates
    sample templates

Pertinent Phrases

A sample birthday invitation written in verse will look funny and enticing:

  • "I invite you to celebrate my birthday! I look forward to seeing you this day. Let's have fun together, sing, laugh, dance. Be sure to come, we'll celebrate together!".
  • "Princess's birthday, our dear Lesya! There will be a holiday in our house, this winter (summer) time. We would like to invite you to celebrate the celebration with us, our dear guests, we will be waiting for you!".
  • "Our cool boy will have a celebration this week. A fun, unusual birthday, you and I want to celebrate it."
  • "Dear friends! Our friendly family is celebrating a birthday, inviting you to the holiday. Vanechka will be glad to see you and your two guys."
  • "My dear girlfriend! My birthday is coming soon! I'm looking forward to seeing you on this cheerful birthday. We'll sing and dance, and I'll treat you."

Invitation to a themed party

If we are talking about a theme party where only children of school or teenage age will be present, then a sample invitation toa birthday can look unexpected and perky.

The following options may be quite suitable:

  • "Would you dare, pale-faced, to come to the important meeting of the Indian tribe that will take place…?".
  • "Aloha my friend! I look forward to seeing you in the Hawaiian Islands (address) where my birthday party will take place. Olu (please) don't forget. Looking forward to the moment when akuy - na - na! (we'll meet again)".
  • "We've got the treasure map! You must be on the deck of our ship right on time or you'll get a black mark, I swear on the bones of Captain Flint!".
  • "Dear Princess… A festive ball will be held in our palace in honor of the royal daughter Tatyana. We invite Your Serene Highness to please us with your presence."
  • "Chief, it's an urgent matter! Lord Basil's laughter, merriment and festive mood have been stolen! A trail has been found! You should be at the address to help with an important investigation."

Parents should use their creativity to look at a sample birthday invitation to make their own version interesting, bright and suitable for the theme of the evening.