Age spots on the skin: causes, signs, methods of dealing with pigmentation and advice from cosmetologists

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Age spots on the skin: causes, signs, methods of dealing with pigmentation and advice from cosmetologists
Age spots on the skin: causes, signs, methods of dealing with pigmentation and advice from cosmetologists

Video: Age spots on the skin: causes, signs, methods of dealing with pigmentation and advice from cosmetologists

Video: Age spots on the skin: causes, signs, methods of dealing with pigmentation and advice from cosmetologists
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Unfortunately, the human body loses its strength over the years, which means that the beauty of youth can disappear in the blink of an eye and leave beautiful ladies without a single chance to return to their former glory.

The first sign that the body's metabolic processes are disturbed is the detection of senile spots on the skin on the body. Sadly, the appearance of pigment marks is most often associated with the aging of the body.

deal with makeup problem
deal with makeup problem

What is this?

Age spots on the skin (scientifically speaking, senile lentigo) can have different sizes and shapes. The first pigmentation mainly extends to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Few people will be delighted with such changes in their appearance - unpleasant spots cause frustration and headaches for a large number of ladies at a respectable age.

Further in the article we will talk about the causes of the appearance and how to get rid of age spots onskin.

old age
old age

Where the roots of the problem grow from

Where does pigmentation come from? There are four causes of age spots on the skin (photos of examples can be seen in the article):

  • Firstly, it is natural to assume that the aging of the body is the key to unraveling this problem number one. Being in an unfavorable environment for him, the body gets tired of fighting and eventually begins to accumulate toxins instead of removing them with the help of internal organs. As a result of the lost struggle, we see the reflection of this process on the epidermis. That is why we can see how the skin loses color uniformity.
  • Second, the abuse of sunbathing. The sun's rays negatively affect the top layer of the epidermis, which leads to an unbalanced production of melanin and, therefore, causes brown spots on the skin.
  • Thirdly, the lack of vitamins C and PP, which can be found in large quantities in sour fruits, greens, carrots, beef liver and other products, negatively affects the appearance.
  • Fourth, an important role in the formation of dark age spots on the skin is played by diseases of the internal organs that are responsible for the condition of the epidermis and its color.

Important to know

If you find age spots on the skin of your hands, face, neck or décolleté, do not rush to sound the alarm and deal with them yourself. The causes of the appearance can only be established by a qualified specialist. Therefore, if pigmentation causesconcern, consult your physician immediately.

How to eliminate senile pigmentation in the salon

Experienced specialists in the field of cosmetology know how to easily remove age-related changes in the form of age spots on the skin - for this they have a whole arsenal of procedures at the ready.

age spots on face
age spots on face

In the salon you can get rid of pigmentation on the face, head, legs - on any part of the body. The following cosmetic manipulations are recognized as the most effective:

  1. Surface chemical peeling. This procedure is done at any age. It helps to easily get rid of senile spots all over the body. The main active element in this procedure is fruit acid.
  2. Phototherapy - helps to get rid of the problem through the use of light pulses.
  3. Laser resurfacing. This procedure completely removes the signs of unwanted senile spots on the skin. As a result of such exposure, the skin acquires greater firmness, elasticity and amazing smoothness, worthy of Hollywood stars.


Do not choose any of these procedures yourself. After all, only an experienced specialist will be able to make the right choice on an individual basis. After he carefully examines the problem area and familiarizes himself with the state of your he alth and lifestyle, he will prescribe the appropriate procedure for you. Such caution is understandable - any of the listed procedures carries a whole train of contraindications.

dark spots
dark spots

Howsolve the problem with cosmetics: an overview of popular remedies

If you do not want to resort to hardware procedures, you can use one of the proven whitening products from a trusted manufacturer.

It is most convenient to remove age spots on the skin (a photo of this defect can be found in the article) using high-quality whitening creams. Beauticians and their clients identify two creams that have shown the best result in this matter:

  1. Clinicians Complex. A noticeable result can be observed after two weeks of regular use of the cream. The use of the product consists in applying it in a thin layer on the skin twice a day. According to customer reviews, the cream helps to get rid of even pigmented scars. It has a significant advantage - despite its high efficiency, the product does not tend to overdry the skin.
  2. Donell Super Skin. It is a cream-gel for washing. It has a unique composition in which active amino acids are selected as precisely as possible - they are able to influence the production of melanin. Thus, the remedy affects the old formation and helps prevent new age spots. Prevention and treatment in one bottle.
beautiful skin
beautiful skin

Other remedies

There are other well-established remedies that help to cope with pigment age prints. The following is a list of the most effective remedies that have received numerous responses from women of different ages. Categories:

  • Iklen serum with rucinol from Novera (French manufacturer);
  • Whitening Anti Spots Fluid Concentrate Frais Monde (Italian manufacturer);
  • whitening emulsion Depiderm Intensive from Uriage (France);
  • secret-based concentrate from the German CNC manufacturer called White Secret Concentrate;
  • corrective tool from the French manufacturer Ducray called Melascreen;
  • Daily whitening scrub from Adonia Organics (American manufacturer);
  • Cleansing Nose Mask Mud from Dizao (China);
  • highly effective whitening toner called Whitening Toner from the Chinese manufacturer Herborist.

Of course, if you are not a supporter of salon and cosmetic methods, then you may be interested in folk remedies to combat pigmentation.

Fighting age spots with folk remedies

It is worth mentioning right away that if you do not use folk traditions in tandem with other cosmetic procedures, their effectiveness will decrease significantly. You will be able to achieve a positive result, but it will take much longer than usual.

beauty at a mature age
beauty at a mature age

From generation to generation, these funds prove their effectiveness, so they are beyond doubt. However, do not forget that the impact will be slow.

The most highly effective remedies for age pigmentstains are the following means:

  1. Castor oil. Usually castor oil is mixed with lemon juice, observing equal portions. The product must be applied to the problem area and kept for at least two hours. After that, the excess gets wet with a napkin.
  2. Freshly squeezed lemon juice. The natural remedy is diluted with water in the following proportions: ten tablespoons of liquid are taken per spoon. This solution is used as a daily tonic for washing.
  3. Kefir. Wiping the epidermis with a fresh product on a daily basis will be useful.
  4. A mixture of cucumber and parsley juices, taken in equal proportions. Recommended as a tonic after waking up in the morning and before bed.
  5. Aloe juice. Recommended for use in its pure form. It can also be used as an additive to any cosmetic product.
  6. Potato starch mask. It is prepared by diluting the dry matter with lemon juice to a paste-like state. The product is kept for half an hour after application. Then it should be washed off with warm water. It is recommended to carry out these manipulations three times a week.
  7. Grapefruit juice. Rubbing age spots with this tool will help to significantly lighten them. As a result of prolonged use, large age spots become less noticeable, and small ones completely disappear without a trace.


Many people who have repeatedly searched for ways to get rid of age spots on the skin say that the fastest and most effective way to get rid of unpleasant formations are salonprocedures. For example, the same chemical type peeling gives results after the first session.

The most durable result was observed with laser resurfacing. However, this method will not be affordable for average citizens of the Russian Federation, and rehabilitation after the procedure is quite painful and unpleasant. Among salon masters, phototherapy is now considered an outdated procedure, so it is practically not done (a laser or peeling is used instead).

spots on the hand
spots on the hand

Cosmetics, selected according to the opinions of cosmetologists and their clients, also effectively eliminate unsightly spots on the skin. But their cost again exceeds the budget of the average population. And the best effect, judging by the reviews, can be achieved by using a whole series of products from foreign manufacturers at the same time.

Folk remedies are also very popular. What matters most is their availability. The effectiveness of such methods can only be seen over time, and few like to wait.

It is always worth remembering that beautiful skin is the dignity of any woman. Pigment spots spoil the appearance and mood of the fair sex. Choose the way you like and do not close your eyes to the problems, because the sooner you start to deal with them, the better!