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Jealous friend to friends: a destructive force or a catalyst for strengthening relationships?

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Jealous friend to friends: a destructive force or a catalyst for strengthening relationships?
Jealous friend to friends: a destructive force or a catalyst for strengthening relationships?

Jealousy can kill not only the strongest love, but also a strong friendship. This feeling deprives us of most of the positive emotions and peace of mind, it acts in a destructive way on our psyche and self-esteem. If you are in the jealous category, you should start working on yourself immediately.

Is it okay to be jealous?

Zealous attitude causes completely different emotions in people. For some, such a feeling from the outside proves the power of love or friendship, for others it irritates and strains.

Work on yourself

If the relationship is long-term and built on mutual understanding, love and respect, then the value of such a partner is high. And the feeling of jealousy in this union plays the role of a kind of catalyst that allows you to keep both partners in good shape.

A completely opposite situation occurs when people have known each other not so long ago, but someone obsessively begins to make claims about meetings, correspondence on social networks with other colleagues. And few people carewhy people are jealous of each other. Psychology is such a subtle science, where it is customary to consider each case individually.

Accordingly, two types of jealousy can be distinguished - he althy and pathological. The first type serves as an additional incentive to strengthen relationships, while the second, on the contrary, destroys them.

Manifestations of jealousy

Each person has this feeling individually. Some hold back emotions in themselves, become isolated. After they begin to look for evidence of love or friendly infidelity. Unfortunately, this type of people is prone to "self-eating", and this does not lead to anything good. "Jealous of a friend of friends," they often say.

pathological jealousy

Hot-tempered and emotional personalities can flare up like a match from any wrong step or glance of a partner. This is often accompanied by tantrums, screams and interrogations. Not seeking a complete analysis of the situation, they are capable of surveillance, control of correspondence on social networks and on the phone. And sometimes there is no understanding that it is necessary to stop this process and think about how to stop being jealous of friends for other friends or a lover for others.

People who are self-confident react more calmly to situations like this. They are ready to analyze and analyze the situation. Sometimes they do not raise this issue ahead of time, but try to wait a while. After all, it happens that the problem is minor and resolves itself over time.

Jealous friend to other friends. What are the consequences of this feeling?The feeling of jealousy brings great experiences and suffering to people who are notorious and unsure of themselves. Personalities of this type prefer to hush up the problem and not utter their fears and experiences to the partner. And as you know, an unresolved problem accumulates like a snowball, and has a destructive effect on the psyche. And in a situation with such a temperament, it can even have a detrimental effect on self-esteem.

Are all people prone to jealousy?

This feeling comes from many factors. This is not a consequence of one unpleasant situation that occurred in life. How often do we see threads on forums about why friends are jealous of each other.

Harmony in relationships

Let's consider the main causes:

  1. Negative attitudes. They can be embedded in the subconscious. You may have heard inaccurately thrown phrases from relatives or relatives. They made you feel stressed and unhappy. For example, a woman who insisted that all men cheat. Or a representative of the strong half of humanity, who assured all people from his environment that friendship does not exist, and all his friends are traitors who are unable to come to the rescue in difficult situations.
  2. Fear. This feeling can be of different nature. A person may worry that he will be left alone, unloved or rejected. Fear that destroys a person as a person. His hands drop, there is no desire to build the future he dreamed of. He simply takes what is happening for granted, with a clear understanding that this andworthy.

Among loved ones, relatives and friends, you can see who is a self-confident person who has achieved many desired goals. People of this type are not familiar with the feeling of jealousy, and if it makes itself felt, it does not leave devastating consequences. And perhaps even serves as a good catalyst in a relationship.

Understanding ourselves

"Jealous friend of friends, what to do?" - such a question can often be heard. Try to understand why you are having this feeling. Perhaps you feel hostility towards the person with whom your friend communicates. In this case, you should put up with it, as someone may not like you either. And that's okay, we are all different!

Friendly jealousy

If you are an egoist and you have an irresistible desire to eliminate everyone around, so that all your partner's free time belongs only to you, then the problem is only in you. Start working on yourself, otherwise sooner or later you may lose some of your friends. The same applies to individuals who like to divide people into their own company and someone else's. People are not things, we are all individuals, and someone who doesn't like you may find a lot of common interests with your friend.

Jealousy as a way to get attention

It is not uncommon to notice that a person who tries to be in the center of the company, where the person of interest is located, involves a third party in the process. He can flirt with the girlfriend of the object of adoration. And he does it just to get attention.

Attention of parents

This approach can be used not only in love relationships. Note that young children also often compete for the attention of their parents. They try to draw a picture better than a brother or sister. And praise from an adult is perceived as a huge victory.

drawing conclusions

So that the feeling of jealousy does not destroy your relationship, try to work on yourself. Take care of yourself, don't waste time worrying. Stress is not needed by our body, it has a detrimental effect on our entire life system.

If you are very jealous, maybe you should get rid of anger and aggression. Go in for sports. If you are a girl, then visit a beauty salon. Pleasant changes in appearance will have a more favorable effect on your loved one than another portion of discontent and interrogation.

Think only about the good, because our thoughts are material.

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