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Festivals in St. Petersburg: description
Festivals in St. Petersburg: description

Modern festivals are bright mass holidays. They originate from medieval fairs with festivities and carnival processions. Currently, the festival movement has covered many cities. St. Petersburg is no exception. More than 400 different festivals are held here throughout the year, of interest to both citizens and tourists.

Festival movement in St. Petersburg

You will not find a complete list of events taking place in the city on the Neva anywhere. Some holidays have clear dates, others may shift according to the calendar or not be held at all in some years. Usually, before the festival, posters and posters appear on the streets of the city warning about the upcoming event.

The theme of the holidays is very diverse. It should be noted that there is a noticeable predominance of academic festivals dedicated to classical art and especially music. This allows the city to maintain its status as the cultural capital of Russia. Often at the festival you can get in touch with various types of art.For example, the tulip festival in St. Petersburg will allow viewers to see not only the work of florists. Live sculptures, performances by animators in historical costumes, theatrical or ballet scenes, live music, master classes for children - all this is gracefully woven into the program of the event.

Music festivals

Music lovers can fully enjoy their favorite works during the celebrations in St. Petersburg. Specially for them, festivals dedicated to different areas are organized. Thus, lovers of opera, ballet and classics will like "Petersburg Spring" (in May), "Stars of the White Nights" (June-July). At the Palaces of St. Petersburg festival (May-June), famous singers and musicians from different countries give concerts in beautiful churches and palaces.

Festival "Palaces of St. Petersburg"

The three-day event "Stereoleto", which takes place on Yelagin Island, is very popular. Famous groups and individual performers, both domestic and foreign, come here. Of the rock festivals in St. Petersburg, the most striking are "Windows open!" (June) and "Live!" (August). The inhabitants of the city love jazz. Festivals in St. Petersburg dedicated to this trend are the oldest "White Night Swing", "Petrojazz" and "Jazz Triumph". The "Roof Music Fest" event was quite interesting, during which you can listen to live music on the roof of high-rise buildings, which offer an excellent view of the city.


Show lovers won't be disappointed either. In June, Yelagin Island turns into a stage for colorful performances. The international festival in St. Petersburg gathers street theater masters not only from Russia, but also from Germany, France, Australia, Poland, Spain, Holland, Estonia, Belarus.

Festival in Elaginskiy Park

You can get acquainted with contemporary art at the summer event "Access Point". Performances here are staged not on the stage, but in spaces unsuitable for this. Spectators are completely immersed in the simulated reality and become full participants in the action.

Festivals of puppet, student, drama and other theaters are held in St. Petersburg. Much attention is paid to the younger generation. The festivals "Rainbow" and "Harlequin" are called upon to support modern Youth Theaters.

Getting to know the art

Many festivals in St. Petersburg are multi-genre. For example, the competition "Cultural Capital", which presents such areas as vocals, choreography, playing musical instruments, various types of theater, including fashion theater. Urban Culture Fest is dedicated to different facets of street culture. At this festival, you can listen to live music, meet famous DJs and tattoo artists, buy designer jewelry, play streetball, ride a skateboard.

You can see with your own eyes the world's dance trends and learn from the best choreographers at the OPEN LOOK event. It has become a tradition for the city"Night at the Museum" event. On this day, interesting excursions, master classes, historical reconstructions, lectures are held in galleries and exhibition halls. The list of St. Petersburg festivals is endless, especially since every year the organizers come up with something new.

Festivals Recently Launched

For example, in 2018, for the first time, citizens were invited to an event with the unusual name "Lapot Fest". Its task is to promote the popularization of arts and crafts and folk crafts. During the festival, you can listen to live music, purchase interesting products, participate in master classes, and get advice from professionals from Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Italy or Germany.

Festival "On the Fontanka"

In May 2018, the first St. Petersburg circus festival "On the Fontanka" was held. It was attended by artists from 20 countries. Clowns, acrobats, trainers, magicians demonstrated their performances. Titled circus performers not only competed with each other, but also introduced the audience to different facets of their magical art.

Geek Picnic

Relatively recently (in 2011) in St. Petersburg, and then in Moscow, another interesting event dedicated to science and modern technologies began to be held. Geek Picnic quickly became popular thanks to the most interesting speakers who deliver exciting lectures. Here you can see world-famous scientists, famous leaders, writers, representatives of culture.

As part of the festival, there areexhibitions featuring unusual inventions. Those present have the opportunity to experiment, test new devices. Championships in robotics, programming, various shows, unmanned drone competitions are held. For those wishing to relax, there is an area for board and sports games. At the huge food court you can try unusual dishes. For example, cryo ice cream.

Festivals for the sweet tooth and gourmets

You can eat sweets on other holidays. The Ice Cream Festival in St. Petersburg has been held for over 20 years. On Ostrovskaya Square at the end of May, you can try popsicles and waffle cups, sorbet and multi-colored fruit ice. Artists and musical groups perform for guests, children can watch their favorite cartoons and soap bubble shows.

The annual festival "Oh, yes! Food!" has become a favorite event of many citizens. Here you can have a delicious meal, see the fights of famous chefs, become a participant in a master class. There is a culinary school for children, and an open-air lecture hall for adults. Those who are afraid of getting fat can look into the dietitian's office.

Landscape design and beautiful flowers

In May, many Petersburgers go to the Tulip Festival. In St. Petersburg on Elagin Island, fragrant flower beds await them, surprising with the richness of colors and lines. Gardeners will be interested in the variety of varieties. As part of the event, competitions of florists, master classes from professionals are held. The program of the Tulip Festival in St. Petersburg includes live music, performances by artists and costumed scenes.

tulip festival

In June, guests are welcomed by the gardens of the city. An interesting event called "Imperial Gardens of Russia" starts in one of them. Landscape designers showcase their art. Citizens and tourists can admire garden sculptures and unusual flower arrangements. The program is complemented by musical concerts, dance performances, lectures, excursions, master classes.

Holiday on the banks of the Neva

St. Petersburg is a port city. It is not surprising that some of the festivals are associated with ships and the Neva. Every year, an event with the romantic name "Scarlet Sails" is organized for school graduates. On this day, a theatrical performance takes place on the Palace Square. At midnight, fireworks take off over the river and a light show begins with music. The holiday ends with the appearance of a fabulous ship with scarlet sails.

Festival "Scarlet Sails"

In July, everyone gathers for a sea festival. In St. Petersburg, the venue was the Peter and Paul Fortress. Here you can see thematic exhibitions, learn how to knit sea knots, take part in adventures, listen to music. Magnificent sailboats defiantly pass through the water area. Yachtsmen take part in competitions. Spectators watch demonstration performances by surfers and other water sports enthusiasts.

The most colorful shows

You can get a lot of positive impressions at the festival of colors in St. Petersburg. It takes place in June. Hundreds of people gather at the Kirovets stadium,wishing to plunge into a carefree childhood. Live music sounds for them, the best DJs perform. As entertainment, it is proposed to put face painting on the face, do henna painting or braid hair in many thin braids. The program culminates in fights, during which the audience throws bright colors of holi at each other, and also shoots colored jets from water pistols.

holi festival of colors

Much more peaceful is the lantern festival in the park. Babushkin. They are launched not into the sky, but onto the water surface. The event takes place twice - in spring and autumn. Under light jazz, people make wishes. If it is associated with the achievement of success and we alth, you need to put a flashlight in the form of a cube. Dreaming of meeting a soul mate, they buy colored lotuses. The festival is very romantic. The performances of fire bands make it even more colorful.

You can dive into the fantastic world of installations at LumiFest. The event was first held in autumn 2015. At nightfall, the city is lit up with bright lights and fire shows. The audience is shown holograms, laser theater, short videos. The facades of buildings come to life and are transformed with the help of modern technologies. In parallel with this, a scientific conference is being held for specialists.

Winter festivals

It must be said that Petersburgers have a special love for light shows. Such festivals are held regularly, and often fall on the New Year holidays. So, in 2018, the "Christmas Star" event was held for the first time, when in the city centersuddenly a fabulous winter forest appeared. Fireworks and a theater of fire completed the magnificent spectacle.

ice sculptures

In the cold season, there are no fewer creative events. The Ice Sculpture Festival traditionally takes place in the Peter and Paul Fortress from late December to early February. In a special tent with sub-zero temperatures, you can see unusual compositions illuminated in iridescent colors. In February, everyone can take part in Winter SanyDay. To do this, you need to design a sled of an unusual design. Volunteers test them during a downhill slide.

In bad weather, you can attend indoor activities. At the beginning of winter, one unusual festival is held in St. Petersburg. It's called Easy to Start. Children and adults get the opportunity to plunge into the world of various master classes. You will be taught singing, dancing or foreign languages. Gingerbread painting, carving, board games, clay modeling - 4 floors are allocated for various events in the Piterland shopping mall. It's easy to get lost here without a map. Most workshops are free or relatively inexpensive.

It is impossible to visit all the festivals in St. Petersburg. But each person will be able to choose activities that are interesting to him personally. The city offers entertainment and activities for every taste. The main thing is to have a good rest and spend time with benefit.

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