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Affordable veterinary clinics in Ukhta

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Affordable veterinary clinics in Ukhta
Affordable veterinary clinics in Ukhta

For successful treatment, timely access to a specialist plays an important role. It is important to record any changes in the behavior, appearance and nutrition of the animal in order to provide these data to the veterinarian. This will help to understand the reason for the deterioration of the he alth of the pet.

Consultation with a specialist
Consultation with a specialist

Worrying symptoms for going to the clinic

If the animal is in critical condition (cannot give birth on its own, got hit by a car, poisoned, etc.), you should immediately call a veterinarian at home or come on your own. Some veterinary clinics in Ukhta provide services to their clients around the clock.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • temperature increase;
  • refusing food and water;
  • lethargy, drowsiness;
  • discoloration of mucous membranes;
  • rapid breathing;
  • suffocation;
  • fainting;
  • vomiting, diarrhea;
  • change in color and smell of excrement, urine;
  • baldness, scratching;
  • strong smell;
  • foreign body (splinter, ingestion of objects);
  • physical injury, bites;
  • allergy and poisoning;
  • birth;
  • fear of light;
  • changing the color and smell of discharge.

If your pet suddenly has behavioral deviations (for example, the dog becomes nervous for no apparent reason, or the cat refuses the tray), you should ask the veterinarian for advice (for example, at the Veles clinic in Ukhta).

Services offered by clinics

The range of services for pets depends on the competence of specialists and the availability of the necessary equipment. If one Ukhta veterinary clinic does not perform a certain procedure, you can look for it in another.

Some types of animals require a veterinarian who specializes in them. For example, for the treatment of rodents, you need to look for a rodentologist, and for reptiles, a herpetologist. Some private clinics, for example, do not take house calls to rural areas for large animals.

adult dog vaccination
adult dog vaccination

To find out what service your pet needs, you can contact any veterinary clinic in Ukhta. The cost of services in different institutions may vary.

Standard services:

  • inspection and consultation;
  • collection of tests;
  • sterilization and castration;
  • obstetrics and gynecology;
  • surgery;
  • dermatology;
  • vaccination;
  • cardiology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • diet prescription;
  • chipping (with entry into the official database);
  • branding;
  • diagnostics (including ultrasound);
  • delivery of the biomaterial to the laboratory.

In addition to medical procedures, hygiene procedures can also be ordered:

  • bathing;
  • haircut (if groomer is available);
  • nail clipping;
  • ear cleaning;
  • teeth cleaning (including stone removal);
  • cleaning the paraanal glands;
  • remove tangles.

If necessary, you can call a veterinarian at home (for example, in the Veles veterinary clinic). In this case, the cost will be higher than at the clinic. Sometimes hospitalization is required after a home examination. In any veterinary clinic, there is a hospital for monitoring four-legged patients.

Examination at the veterinarian's table
Examination at the veterinarian's table

Sometimes a pet's treatment fails, or there is no hope of improvement. In this case, they decide to euthanize the animal (euthanasia). The procedure is painless. If desired, you can spend it at home.

Some hospitals cremate animals. This allows you to bury your pet in an environmentally friendly manner.

At the veterinary clinic there is often a pharmacy where you can find drugs, vaccines, medicated shampoos, blankets and parasite remedies. In addition, they sell pet supplies, food, vitamins and clothing for animals. Some therapeutic food lines are easier to find at the clinic than at the pet store.

Some veterinary clinics accept animals for overexposure. The cost of the service depends on the type and size of the animal, the period of accommodation.

The clinic draws up a veterinary passport, order the necessary certificates and documents.

Search for a veterinary clinic in Ukhta

Veterinary institutions are located in different areas of the city, which increases the convenience of visiting. You can choose a clinic or a specific specialist based on distance or recommendations.

Some veterinary clinics have their own website or group in social networks. Thanks to this, you can get an online consultation, make an appointment, find out the cost of services and find customer reviews.

List of veterinary clinics in Ukhta:

  • "Aibolit": Ukhta, Lenin Ave., 34.
  • "Veles": Ukhta, st. Timanskaya, 11.
  • "Vetdoctor": Ukhta, Lenin Ave., 79.
  • "Ukhta animal disease control station": Ukhta, pos. Podgorny, st. Podgornaya, 10.
  • "4 paws": Ukhta, st. Pionerskaya, 6 (on the map).

The rights of animal owners

Each client has the right to get acquainted with the price list of the selected clinic. The list of services and the conditions for their implementation are negotiated in writing in a standard contract, which is signed by both parties.

In case of improper performance of the service, the clinic is liable under the law "On the Protection of Consumer Rights". In the event of the death of a pet or injury, the situation is resolved in court.

Four-legged patients
Four-legged patients

Any veterinary clinic values its customers. If the doctor was competent, and the institution left a good impression, you can leave a positive review on the clinic's website or in the guest book.

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