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Russian-style wedding: features of the celebration
Russian-style wedding: features of the celebration

Don't know how to spend the upcoming wedding or are you tired of foreign traditions that are firmly gaining ground both in modern life and in familiar events? Then a wedding in the Russian style, modest, wide on a grand scale - this is exactly what you need! Recreating the folk flavor to the smallest detail, you will arrange for yourself and your guests a real holiday of the Russian free soul. Our article will introduce the reader to some of the traditions and immerse him in a world where bravery, dancing and fun reign.

Wedding in Russian style
Wedding in Russian style

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It must be remembered that a wedding in Russian folk style takes the newlyweds and their guests to the traditions of medieval Russia from the 16th-17th centuries. Familiarize yourself with the history, stock up on accessories from that era. To keep the whole event stylistically, order a bachelorette party in an old manor, where an embroidered sundress, scarves and a kokoshnik will be an indispensable attribute of the clothes of all those invited. Girls will weave braids to each other and trust intimate secrets. An ideal place for a bachelor party would be a trip to the Russian bath.

Don't forget about matchmaking

If you have already begun to get acquainted with the history of weddings, you probably noticed about the numerous traditional rites. And the wedding begins with matchmaking. In ancient times in Russia it was customary to send dressed matchmakers to the house where the bride lived. For the ceremony, the matchmakers will have to stock up on a freshly baked loaf, small money, a staff, as well as a towel for the ceremony of dressing the matchmaker. Traditionally, matchmaking is not complete without a glass of honey, vodka and snacks. It is customary to give a towel to the newlyweds after the wedding.

Wedding in Russian folk style
Wedding in Russian folk style

When is the event?

There is an opinion among the people that a Russian-style wedding is most appropriate in the summer or autumn, when the harvest is over and the tables are bursting with dishes donated by the land's nurse. In the old days, weddings on Krasnaya Gorka, the first Sunday after Easter, were also widespread. The alliances concluded at this time were considered unusually strong and happy. Well, due to the fact that in Russia the winter period is the longest, it is not a sin to celebrate a large wedding, where a trio of horses will become an indispensable attribute, taking the newlyweds to registration on a sleigh.

Wedding invitations should be in the style of

If you're planning a folk-style wedding, you'll have to work hard on the invitations. There are several options for how you can arrange wedding invitations in the Russian style. It is worth discussing this moment with a professional photographer, and he will arrange a real photo shoot for the newlyweds in folk costumes in advance. Believe me, no one has yet had invitations with the image of the bride and groom, designed in the style of the event. In your area, you will become a kind of trendsetter. Also in the text you can use old Russian words, ornate font with painted pictures in capital letters.

Wedding in Russian style script
Wedding in Russian style script

Give up limousines and modern cars

A wedding in the Russian style excludes the presence of modern vehicles. Agree that the groom getting out of the limousine, dressed in folk attire, will look ridiculous. The bulk of the guests will happily proceed to the registration hall, accompanied by musicians to songs, dances and jokes. Many of the guests themselves will gladly pick up folk songs and go dancing. As a vehicle, depending on the time of year, you can order a sleigh pulled by horses or a carriage. Decorate the stylized transport with bells and fresh flowers, dress up the driver in a painted shirt.

What can the bride and groom wear?

A Russian-style wedding invitation implies a dress code for all guests as well. This point must be discussed in advance, and it is best to include a list of requirements in invitation cards. If you do not have ready-made costumes and you do not know what is appropriate, butwhat is not in the attire of the newlyweds, then our advice will come in handy for you.

Russian style wedding invitation
Russian style wedding invitation

The bride must abandon the traditional wedding dress that came to us from Europe. The main colors of a simple cut and long dress are red or light blue. The outfit may contain prints, patterns, as well as embroidery in folk style. Shoes or boots must also be red. The head of the bride, as a rule, is decorated with a wreath of wild flowers, or braids with flowers woven into them and bright satin ribbons. The bride's makeup should also be in a style where bright cheeks, red lipstick and black eyebrows are indispensable touches.

For the groom, a Russian-style wedding suggests wearing a shirt with national patterns, canvas pants and boots, an elegant wide embroidered belt, and a cap with a visor, decorated with a bright large flower.

Where to organize a photo session?

Surely in your area you can find interesting historical buildings, churches, cathedrals, temples, and other monuments of architecture and architecture. You can also arrange a photo shoot against the backdrop of untouched pure nature, cute birch trees on the edge of the forest or on the coast of a quiet river. All these pictures will become the pride of the newlyweds and will be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

Wedding decor in Russian style
Wedding decor in Russian style

Russian style wedding: where to celebrate?

You will be incredibly lucky if you can rent a Russian restaurant as a venue for the event.kitchens. The style of the interior is already designed in the Russian folk style. Excellent dishes from the head chef will relieve the hostesses' headaches about the upcoming holiday menu. The restaurant staff will already be dressed appropriately. But what if all you have enough money for is renting an ordinary banquet hall? In this case, you yourself will have to do the decor. A Russian-style wedding cannot be held without the appropriate attributes. We suggest you follow some tips below:

  • Antique horseshoes, ribbons and bouquets of ordinary wildflowers (cornflowers, daisies, poppies) can be used as decorations for the hall.
  • On the tables, place tablecloths embroidered with folk motifs, as well as napkins designed in red and white colors.
  • Replace chairs with long carved wooden benches.
  • Dishes should also be designed in folk style. Look for wooden cups and spoons decorated with painted patterns. Put earthenware jugs on the table, and instead of glasses and goblets, use traditional wooden goblets. Berries and fruits can be served at the table in real birch bark tueskas. Traditional dishes for cold appetizers can be replaced with decorative dish-style bast shoes.
  • Wedding cake can be ordered based on Khokhloma painting or with decorations in the form of heroes of Russian folk tales.
  • Russian style wedding invitations
    Russian style wedding invitations

What should entertainment be like?

If you want to be sure of the success of the holiday, invite an experiencedtoastmaster, who has his own experience in this area. A wedding in the Russian style, the scenario of the whole event, as well as the success of the whole action, directly depends on the invited artists, buffoons, harmonists. No one will like a feast with the usual contests and attractions, keep that in mind. If you want to spend an unforgettable fun holiday, trust the professionals in their field who know about all the pitfalls, trends and secrets of such stylistic events. A chic solution seems to be an invited harp orchestra, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford such musicians. However, you can invite a daring balalaika player to join the accordion players.

If you want to hold some competitions on your own, discuss all the nuances with the toastmaster, because in this case it is better to avoid amateur performances. For example, traditional sack jumps, archery, folk dances, as well as a competition for the best ditty fit well into the theme of the evening. Surely an experienced specialist will advise you on many other memorable non-standard contests, just such that can stir up even the most inveterate skeptic among the invited guests.

Wedding in Russian style in summer
Wedding in Russian style in summer


We talked about only some of the main stylistic directions for holding a wedding celebration in the Russian style. Recently, folk wedding celebrations have become more and more popular among young people. And this is no wonder, because our people are returning to their roots.

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