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Mix "Baby": composition of the product. What is included in the composition of infant formula "Malyutka"?

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Mix "Baby": composition of the product. What is included in the composition of infant formula "Malyutka"?
Mix "Baby": composition of the product. What is included in the composition of infant formula "Malyutka"?

Complete nutrition of the baby is the basis of his he alth and timely development. For a newborn baby, the most preferable is mother's breast milk, which contains valuable nutrients that completely satisfy the needs of a small organism. Unfortunately, for some reason, breastfeeding can become impossible. In this case, you need to choose an infant formula for the baby. One of such well-known products is the “Malyutka” milk formula, the composition of which is carefully thought out by specialists.

mix baby composition
mix baby composition

Switching to artificial feeding

If breastfeeding becomes difficult, then it is necessary to switch to artificial feeding. If possible, this should be done gradually so that the baby's body does not receive additional stress. Before choosing one or another mixture, you need to consult a pediatrician who, taking into account the characteristics of the child, will help you decide. Atwhen buying formula for a newborn baby, it is important to remember that it must be adapted, in other words, close in composition to breast milk.

Mix type. Her characteristic

Malyutka milk formula appeared on the Russian market 30 years ago. It became the first product developed in Russia for feeding children in the first year of life. The mixture "Malyutka", the composition of which has been repeatedly improved over time, is an adapted milk mixture. Only such products can be used for feeding children from the very moment of birth. An adapted formula is nutrition that is as close as possible in composition to breast milk, which a child's body can absorb. The composition of the mixture "Baby", used from birth, fully meets these requirements. Its development was carried out in accordance with WHO recommendations, as well as with the standards of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, which are mandatory for use in the production of formulas for feeding children in the first year of life.

mix baby nutritia composition
mix baby nutritia composition

The energy basis of the composition of the mixture

The energy base of any product, which includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates, is represented in the "Baby" mixture by the following components:

1. Dry demineralized whey.

2. Vegetable oils.

3. Skimmed milk powder.

4. M altodextrin.

The elements of the protein component of the mixture are whey proteins and casein. Due to the content of these substances in the product in the ratio of 60:40, thethe load on the child's immature enzymatic system, which ensures the process of splitting these proteins and their absorption.

Mixture "Baby", the composition of the fatty component in which is also carefully thought out, is designed for the best development of all systems of the child's body. Fats in the product are represented by rapeseed, coconut, palm and sunflower oils, as well as milk. The predominance of elements of plant origin has a beneficial effect on the condition of the child.

The carbohydrate composition of the mixture is also optimal. It includes lactose, which is the main component, and m altodextrin, which is 25%. This proportion provides an acceptable load on the baby's kidneys, which cannot yet function fully. Lactose plays an important role in the absorption of minerals, the formation of normal intestinal microflora. The selected proportion of various types of carbohydrates also contributes to the optimal saturation of the child, sufficient for the baby to be calm in between meals.

mix baby 3 composition
mix baby 3 composition


For the full development of the child's body needs a good supply of all the necessary vitamins. They are in the optimal quantity and enriched with a mixture of "Baby". Nutricia (the composition of the mixture was the result of the development of this particular company) included in the product all the most important vitamins for the baby's body.

Carnitine, vitamins C, E and A are a powerful antioxidant complex that plays an important role in the formation of strong immunity of the child.

Intake of taurine in the baby's bodycontributes to the normal development of brain structures. Choline, which is a vitamin-like compound, is responsible for the process of hematopoiesis, increases the resistance of the baby's immune system to intestinal infections.

composition of the mixture baby from birth
composition of the mixture baby from birth

Folic acid is necessary for the formation of a full-fledged nervous system of the child. B vitamins are of great importance for the development of physiological metabolism.

The composition of the mixture "Baby", used from birth, is also enriched with vitamins D and K. The first promotes the absorption of calcium by the body, is the basis for the prevention of rickets in newborns. Vitamin K acts as an activator of blood clotting processes.


Necessary for the body of a small child and various minerals. These include, for example, selenium, which is of great importance for the formation of a stable immune system of the body. This trace element has anticarcinogenic properties that protect body cells from possible destruction, pathological changes.

Iodine is necessary for the full development of the baby's intellect, iron - for the prevention of anemia of various origins. The presence of calcium in the "Baby" mixture contributes to the growth of the child, the good condition of the bones, and the timely teething.

Mix preparation

In order for the baby milk formula "Baby", the composition of which is optimal for the full development of the baby, to be really useful, it must be properly prepared for feeding. This process can bedivided into the following steps:

1. Preparation of bottles and nipples. They must be thoroughly washed and sterilized. This ensures that there are no pathogens that can enter the finished mixture.

baby milk formula baby composition
baby milk formula baby composition

2. Water preparation. It must be boiled, the optimum temperature is 45-50 degrees.

3. Dilution of the mixture. To comply with the necessary proportions, you need to use a special table placed on a pack of the "Baby" mixture. Pour a certain number of spoons of the mixture into a bottle of water.

4. After closing the bottle, you need to shake it well so that all the lumps disappear.

5. Before feeding, you need to make sure once again that the temperature of the resulting mixture is optimal. To do this, you can drop a little liquid on the inside of the wrist.

Mixture should be prepared right before feeding, unused amount should not be left for the next time.

Choosing the "Baby" mixture according to the age of the child

infant formula baby 1 composition
infant formula baby 1 composition

For feeding babies of different ages, a certain mixture "Baby" should be used. The composition of each of them has small differences in order to best meet the nutritional needs of children. The most adapted mixture for feeding newborn babies. For this, the baby formula "Baby 1" is used, the composition of which is closest to breast milk. After the child is 6 months old, you can move on to the next stage. FROMFrom this point on, it is preferable to use formula marked 2 for feeding. For feeding children after one year, the mixture "Baby 3" is intended, the composition of which meets the growing energy needs of the baby.

milk formula baby composition
milk formula baby composition

When choosing baby food, parents should carefully read the information on the package, which indicates the age of the child for whom this mixture is intended, and the corresponding digital marking.

Baby mixes for little gourmets

As a child gets older, it becomes more and more difficult to persuade him to eat. If newborn children require the next feeding, obeying instinct, then a one-year-old baby may refuse to eat something that is useful, but he does not like it. For little gourmets, a special mixture "Baby" is produced, the composition of which still contributes to the full development of the child. The peculiarity of the product is its different tastes. There is, for example, a mixture of "Baby 3", which has the taste of wild berries. The baby will definitely like this product, and he will drink the whole bottle with pleasure.

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