The riddle about the goat, the cabbage and the wolf

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The riddle about the goat, the cabbage and the wolf
The riddle about the goat, the cabbage and the wolf

It seems to be such a simple pet, but how many fairy tales have been invented about him! And the riddle about the goat, the cabbage and the wolf? Yes, it’s not only interesting to guess it, it’s nice to tell it, and put cartoons on its plot, and make computer games!

goat riddle
goat riddle

The riddle about the goat, wolf and cabbage

And it was like this. Once a man was going to cross in a boat to the other side of the river. Yes, not alone. He also needed to transport a wolf, a goat and a fork of cabbage. So the riddle about the goat begins to affect.

And why the old man needed a wolf, no one knows. Probably, he picked him up in the field as a wolf cub and raised him in his yard. So this beast was trailing after him, running around like a little dog on his heels. And all one wild beginning of it sat like a nail inside. He could not calmly watch the gray goat having fun and fawning over the owner. So the wolves strove to stay somewhere alone with the horned one and eat it, right raw, with hooves and a tail, without a knife and fork. That was such an ill-mannered and selfish beast.

Only the owner was not a fool. He figured out the nature of a wolf a long time ago, but he didn’t show much of it.

So they got to the riveryes stopped. All together they do not fit in the boat. Maybe an old man can take only one passenger with him or carry cabbage. How to be here?

And the wolf rejoices in his soul, he thinks: “The man will take the cabbage to the other side - then I will get even with the goat! And if he takes me away first, the goat - brainless cattle - will chew cabbage, he will get good cuffs from the owner! Everything is my joy.”

Riddle about the wolf goat and cabbage
Riddle about the wolf goat and cabbage

And this is where the riddle about the goat ends - at the most interesting place. Because, as a man coped with his task and transported everyone to the other side safe and sound - you have the answer to that, my precious listeners.

The answer to the riddle about cabbage, goat and wolf

The man faced a difficult task. You can’t leave a goat with cabbage, or a wolf and a goat alone. Here is such a riddle about a goat, here both logic is needed, and creativity of thinking.

Only the man realized quickly: he loaded the horned cattle onto the boat, and left the wolf to guard the cabbage. Yes, yes, he said so directly: “Sit, Sharik! - he gave such an offensive nickname to a wild beast, it’s just trouble from her to the wolf. – Sit and guard the cabbage!”

The man just took the goat, turned back. The wolf swallowed his saliva again … Now the old man will definitely take him to the goat! Indeed, the man took Sharik this time. As soon as he drove to the other side, the wolf jumped from the boat, and sat down modestly as if he had nothing bad in his thoughts.

But you can't fool an old man on chaff! He's a goat and a wolf from under his nose - and again into the boat. Oarspicked it up and swam back. The wolf's eyes almost popped out of their sockets: the old man is completely crazy, since the goat is lucky for the cabbage!

The man transported the animal, landed it on the shore. And he took the cabbage with him. The goat even stopped bleating in surprise. I tried to understand everything, why is the owner taking him back and forth. Where is he? Although he has horns, he is a cousin to a ram, so they are somewhat similar in mind.

And the old man unloaded cabbage to the wolf. Then again he repeated his insulting command to him, but he went for the goat. The wolf tried to bite cabbage with his teeth, but he became so disgusted that he howled from bitter resentment. Since then, he howls often - he remembers how the man outwitted him.

Recover Mystery Game

If a company is gathering, you can entertain them by offering a creative task. For him, a not very well-known riddle is taken, all nouns are written out of it. The answer is placed at the very beginning of the list.

riddle goat beard bast bast shoes
riddle goat beard bast bast shoes

Participants of the "Restore the Riddle" contest are offered a difficult job. Will they make it? After all, it is almost impossible to guess from the proposed words what kind of riddle it is: goat, beard, bast, bast shoes.

It actually sounds like this.

Who shakes his long beard, pulls his bast off limes, but doesn't weave bast shoes?

And everyone remembers the answer, because this word was the first in the line. It's a goat, of course!