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Different types of transport for children: list, description and features

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Different types of transport for children: list, description and features
Different types of transport for children: list, description and features

Means of transport for children - a fascinating, interesting topic that introduces their classification, tells about the features and purpose of each variety. At the same time, the task of parents or teachers is not only to conduct a conversation, but also to consolidate the information received through various games.

modes of transport for children
modes of transport for children

Why kids need to know about transportation

The full development of babies is carried out through acquaintance with the outside world. Such questions for children are interesting: what kind of transport is, why do people need it. Acquaintance of preschoolers with the transport classification forms their new knowledge about various types, their features, purpose, enriches the vocabulary, reinforces the generic concept of "transport". In addition, a detailed consideration of this topic allows you to learn the following:

  • compare different types of transport, it is important for children to be able to find common and distinctive features;
  • combine them into groups on the same grounds, classify;
  • learn the rules of conduct invarious types of transport.

Studying new material also contributes to the formation of personal qualities of preschoolers: criticality, responsibility, thinking, memory, speed of reaction, imagination develop.

different types of transport for children
different types of transport for children

Transport classification

All vehicles are classified according to different bases: mode of transportation and purpose.

The following types are distinguished by the method of movement:

  • ground - movement occurs exclusively on the ground or rails (bus, trolleybus, train);
  • water - moves by sea or river (motor ship, boat, barge);
  • aviation - flies through the air (plane, helicopter).

The following modes of transport are distinguished by purpose:

  • passenger - transports people, delivers them to the right place (bus, river tram, plane);
  • drawn - for the transport of various goods (wagon, barge);
  • special - used in a specific activity, equipped with professional equipment (fire engine, ambulance, police car);
  • agricultural - used in the preparation of arable land, harvesting and similar work (tractor, combine).
what kind of transport is for children
what kind of transport is for children

Characteristics of land transport

Ground transport carries out movement on the ground with the help of wheels, rails, animals, caterpillars. It can be passenger, cargo or specialized. Here it is necessary to describe the following main modes of transportfor children:

  • Bus - transports passengers, delivers them to the desired point in the city, has a strict route and special places for stops where people are boarded and disembarked. The same function is performed by a trolleybus and a tram, which differ from the bus in that they do not run on gasoline, but on electricity, in addition, the tram runs on rails.
  • Train - railway transport, moving on rails, can be both passenger and freight, transports between cities and villages.
  • Fire truck - used to extinguish a fire, equipped with special equipment, has a sound signal to warn other drivers of its approach.
  • Ambulance - designed to transport sick people, has all the necessary equipment to deliver the patient to the hospital in a satisfactory condition. Like a fire truck, it has a special flasher and a sound signal that an ambulance needs to be skipped.
  • Police car - used for patrolling roads, catching criminals. The car is equipped with a powerful engine that allows you to develop good speed, which is so important when chasing.
  • Truck - designed to transport various goods: food, construction, household and many others. May have yellow flashing lights to indicate that the vehicle is carrying dangerous baggage.

Transport can also be underground, for example, the subway delivers passengers to their destination, like a bus or tram.

transport game for kids
transport game for kids

Features of water transport

Considering different types of transport, water transport moving along the sea, lake or river will also be interesting for children. Like land transport, this transport can be passenger and cargo:

  • Ship - can transport people to their destination or be used as a pleasure boat on the river, acquainting residents with the picturesque places of the water. The steamboat performs the same functions as the motor ship, the main differences of these ships are in the technical characteristics.
  • Boat - has various purposes: it is used as a rescue vessel, for walking around the pond, for excursions.
  • Barge - used to transport various goods. It is characterized by convenience, fast delivery, cost-effectiveness.
different types of transport for children
different types of transport for children

Air transport, its characteristics

Air transport carries out movement by air, while it can carry passengers, cargo, participate in rescue operations or extinguish forest fires. The most interesting will be the following modes of transport for children:

  • Aircraft - depending on its size and purpose, it can perform various functions: transport people and various cargoes, cultivate fields, put out fires in the forest, participate in hostilities.
  • Helicopter - rises into the air with the help of special blades that spin quite strongly. This type of transport can also be passenger, cargo or military.
  • Airship - its feature is the development of a relatively low speed and rise to a low altitude, used for tourism, in rescue operations, for patrolling the area.

Games for kids

To better remember the types of transport, it is worth organizing a variety of games for children, among which are the following:

  • Riddles - will help to highlight the distinctive features, classify transport, in addition, develop logic, thinking, ingenuity.
  • Mobile game "Find my house" - children are given cards with some type of transport, houses are determined for them: airfield - airfield, ground - garage, water - pier. The task of preschoolers is to stand near the desired base after the signal.
  • Puzzles - pictures cut into small parts with an airplane, train, bus, steamer - are mixed, children are invited to find the necessary elements, assemble the picture and say what it shows, what it is used for.
  • Game "Modes of transport". Various roles are being prepared for children - passengers, driver, captain, pilot. The leaders of the courts recruit passengers, whose task is to demonstrate the correct and incorrect behavior on the bus, on the ship or on the plane.

Thus, getting information about modes of transport, children learn about their features, distinctive features, get acquainted with the rules of behavior in them, enrich their vocabulary.

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