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Tiffany color wedding: the best ideas for decorating a celebration
Tiffany color wedding: the best ideas for decorating a celebration

One of the most important moments in organizing a wedding event is its design. In this case, great emphasis is placed on the choice of colors. Moreover, not only curtains and tablecloths should be matched, but also cutlery, dishes, napkins, garlands and even sweets in beautiful embossed vases. In addition, invitations, bouquets of flowers and other little things should also correspond to the general theme. An example of such an organization is a tiffany color wedding. We will talk more about it later.

wedding in tiffany color
wedding in tiffany color

What is the color of tiffany: general information

Tiffany is considered one of the most popular flowers among brides. Many modern girls of marriageable age are trying to decorate the celebration hall in a similar color scheme. What is the reason for such excitement? The thing is that tiffany is a very beautiful turquoise color.

It looks perfect in any setting. With it, your hall, decor and even bridesmaids' dresses will sparkle with bright colors. In addition, it goes well with other rainbow palettes, such as white, pink, chocolate, coral,peach and even gold color. In addition, the turquoise color is not only bright.

As it turned out, he has a rather rich palette of shades. Therefore, choosing a color scheme will allow you to maneuver between pastels and more saturated tones. We will talk in more detail about how the wedding is decorated in tiffany color. And, of course, we will share ideas for finding the best solution without missing any details.

Preparation and planning

The most important step in the organizational process is preparation and planning. At this point, you should not only draw up a real plan of action, but also think through all the details. Namely, they play a huge role in creating the appropriate atmosphere.

Pay attention to the things that you think should be aquamarine. It can be clothing or its details (from the bride, honorary witnesses, parents), decor of a limousine, a festive hall, invitations and much more. In order to alleviate your dilemma, with which most newlyweds associate a wedding in tiffany color, we offer you our design options.

wedding in tiffany color photo
wedding in tiffany color photo

Where can I add turquoise color

Firstly, the turquoise color can be present in the bride's accessories, including hairpins and hairpins. For example, a classic white dress goes well with turquoise flowers or a matching hat, gloves and handbag. Also, aquamarine shoes in combination with beads and a boa or a cape will become a bright accent. But for the bride to look harmonious, the groomit is recommended to wear a turquoise belt and bow tie, tie or boutonniere. A headdress with a ribbon, reminiscent of a vintage top hat, and a cane painted in turquoise will look interesting.

Secondly, turquoise, beloved by girls, can be present in the bride's bouquet. To make it easier, any white flowers, such as roses, can be neatly wrapped in a colorful ribbon. Bright decorative elements will also be a great addition to them, for example, turquoise butterflies on long skewers, large and small beads, and even light feathers. Your tiffany wedding will be even brighter if you replace white flowers with artificially colored orchids or hydrangeas.

tiffany and pink wedding
tiffany and pink wedding

For the best effect, we advise you to dress your bridesmaids in aquamarine dresses. Or provide them with the same turquoise accessories, such as gloves and neat mesh hats. At the same time, the honorary witness must also be in harmony not only with the groom, but also with all the other participants in the celebration.

Decoration of the wedding procession

Tiffany wedding (see photo below) will not have its logical continuation if your limousine does not match the chosen palette. To do this, the door handles and the hood of the car must be decorated with aquamarine ribbons, bows, artificial bouquets, ruffles and tulle. By the way, earlier on the hood of the festive cortege they liked to seat a children's doll. So, if you wear her in a turquoise dress, she will also fit perfectly into your aquamarine ensemble.

Invitation cards forwedding

Your next step will be postcards for guests, with the help of which you, in fact, notify them of the upcoming celebration. Therefore, you should make bright and beautiful wedding invitations. Tiffany colors in this case can vary from soft blue to bright aquamarine with purple elements.

Alternatively, you can choose a neutral white base color and complement it with a variety of turquoise decor. For this, small paper butterflies, doves, rings and other attributes in the appropriate color are suitable. Lace made of fabric and paper, as well as satin ribbons will be a great addition to them.

tiffany color wedding invitations
tiffany color wedding invitations

Tiffany color for wedding: hall decoration, photo

If everything is clear with clothes and accessories, then the decoration of the room (party hall) still raises a number of questions. Of course, everything is much easier if your wedding is organized by professional designers and decorators. In this case, you should not worry, but it remains only to discuss the proposed options and choose the right one. The experts will do the rest for you.

If you prefer to do everything yourself, you should initially think about what your wedding will be like in tiffany color. To do this, you should first come to the restaurant or cafe where the event is planned to be held and visually assess the situation. At the same time, pay attention to the decor of the room, look at the curtains, tablecloths, etc. Then close your eyes and imagine how you think the room should be decorated. For example, curtains on windows and tablecloths on tables shouldbe turquoise.

tiffany wedding decor
tiffany wedding decor

Alternatively, white tablecloths with blue ribbons at the bottom are allowed. A bright addition to this will be floor vases with flowers and decor in aquamarine. At the same time, it is not necessary to stop at only one turquoise, you can always combine it, for example, with dark blue, light blue, green, white and even yellow (gold). For example, one of these vases might contain navy blue, white, and turquoise flowers.

You can hang a variety of installations and paintings on the walls, in which your favorite turquoise color will be present. A variety of garlands can also be hung on the ceiling and walls, for example, with the inscription "Happiness, love and we alth in marriage", "Just married", etc.

By the way, before entering the room, you can install a kind of stand (on such advertising signs, as a rule, they write menus or inform visitors about interesting promotional offers). Sometimes they write on it or create the initials of the newlyweds from ready-made letters on magnets. Accordingly, this design will be made in aquamarine color.

Decoration of a candy bar for a wedding in Tiffany style

No wedding hall decoration in Tiffany color is complete without a spectacular candy bar. This table, decorated according to the theme of the event, will be a wonderful bright spot in the entire design. For example, beautiful figured candlesticks and turquoise candelabra can be present on the table.

They can also be tied with bright blue ribbon. On beautifulbookcases and carved shelves with woven white threads or paper napkins, you can put dishes with turquoise muffins, gingerbread, sweets and other sweets. A decorative tray with delicious compliments for guests can be placed on a separate place on the table.

tiffany and chocolate wedding
tiffany and chocolate wedding

Table setting and decoration

The table setting deserves special attention. A bright accent on it, for example, will be the plates with the names of the guests. They can be decorated in the form of a decorative cloud or a beautiful plate with a bow on a skewer. Tablecloths can be light pink, pale blue, white and blue.

On the table you can set decorative vases with aquamarine flowers, matching napkins and cutlery neatly wrapped in colorful ribbons. The chairs can also be dressed up in light covers with turquoise bows on the back.

tiffany color for wedding hall decoration photo
tiffany color for wedding hall decoration photo

Correct selection of colors

Designing the table and the hall, you can safely experiment with colors. However, don't overdo it. Your design should not contain more than three colors. Otherwise, the design will be too catchy. And in the photo it looks very sloppy and ugly. In addition, you should consider how the turquoise color is combined with the shade you have chosen.

Turquoise and pink combo

For example, you are planning a tiffany-colored wedding, and you plan to use pink as an addition to the main one. Q: How much are these twoshades will look harmonious? And how do you make a design like this look spectacular?

As experts advise, in such variations one of the colors should be a couple of tones brighter. That is, you can choose bright turquoise and pale pink, almost peach, tone or, conversely, hot pink and light blue. Alternatively, both colors can be in the same tone, for example, light pink and light blue are perfectly combined.

Combination of turquoise and chocolate

Let's take another example. A wedding in tiffany color is planned, and chocolate (meaning the color of the decor) in this case will complement the turquoise motifs. According to experts, the color of dark chocolate and light turquoise is considered the most compatible. For example, the curtains on the windows can be aquamarine, and the ribbons with which they are tied can be chocolate.

In a word, choose the right colors. But remember: everything should be in moderation.

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