Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow: activities, photos
Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow: activities, photos

Video: Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow: activities, photos

Video: Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow: activities, photos
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Marriage is a very important moment for those who have decided to conclude their marriage. Therefore, it is very important for the bride and groom to choose exactly the institution in which everything will be beautiful and solemn.

Brief description of the Wedding Palace No. 4

Wedding Palace No. 4 (Moscow) is one of the most famous registry offices in Russia. And this is no accident, since this institution began to receive the first visitors since 1981. Since its opening, the Wedding Palace No. 4 (Moscow), among other things, has been the only institution in the city where you can register a marriage with a foreign citizen from far abroad. The registry office accepts visitors on weekdays (except Monday) and on Saturday.

Activities of the Wedding Palace No. 4

The main activities of the Palace are:

– Registration of legal marriage.

– Determination of the fact of dissolution of a legal marriage.

– Registration of other significant events in the life of citizens (facts of death, birth, etc.)

– Correcting typos or errors in entries.

– Restoring or canceling these records.

– Issue of duplicate documentsand their copies.

– Solemn congratulations to the spouses on the anniversary of their family life.

Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow
Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow

Wedding Palace No. 4 of the Moscow Civil Registry Office, at the request of those who use its services, can hold an event (congratulations on anniversaries and registration of marriage) in a solemn atmosphere.

Among the most popular services are also:

– Live music performed by a small ensemble of six musicians. His repertoire includes more than a hundred different pieces of music.

– Photo and video shooting – in order to capture the most important events in the life of citizens, you can order the services of an experienced photographer and / or video operator when applying.

Today, for the convenience of citizens, there is a system of reserving dates when applying for any action from the registry office. For example, you can assign a date and time at which it would be convenient for a young couple to register a marriage, but not earlier than three months before this event. However, it must be borne in mind that the date is saved only if the bride and groom submitted an application directly to the registry office on the day indicated in the notification and reservation.

Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow. A photo
Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow. A photo

You can learn more about which events you can book a date for, as well as how to use the electronic reservation system, on the website of the Moscow Civil Registry Office.

Location of Wedding Palace No. 4

Many futurespouses wish to apply specifically to the Wedding Palace No. 4 (Moscow), the address of which can be found on the website of the registry office of the city. It is located in the Northern District.

Wedding Palace No. 4 (Moscow) is located in a picturesque two-story building. There will be no problems with car parking, since there is a spacious parking near the Palace. Wedding corteges will be waiting for the newlyweds near the exit.

Interior layout and decoration

The interior of the registry office will certainly create a solemn, festive mood. Everything is done for the convenience of visitors to the Palace.

The path of the bride and groom will run through the front doors, past massive marble columns. Next, the bride and groom, as well as their guests, need to climb the wide picturesque staircase. On the second floor, guests of the institution will be able to admire skillfully made panels depicting views of Moscow. These places are the most favorite for photographing, polka commemorative pictures are solemn and fabulous. Each room of the Palace is distinguished by the height of the ceilings and spaciousness. The floor is covered with parquet and in some places with floor tiles. The path to the marriage registration hall is carpeted.

Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow
Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow

The entire interior is designed in pastel colors with a predominance of brown and white-gold palette of colors. All rooms are decorated with mirrors, flowers and curtains. Crystal chandeliers, decorative elements and live music, which are in perfect harmony with everything else, give a special solemnity to the atmosphere.interior ensemble.

The main premises to be used by the newlyweds are:

– The waiting room is a comfortable room with beautiful sofas that serve as a place for guests of the bride and groom to relax.

– Hall for the ceremonial registration of marriage – this is where the main romantic action in the life of the bride and groom takes place: the registration of their marriage union.


The hall can also accommodate a lot of people who are quite comfortably seated on comfortable chairs. The whole solemn process can be accompanied by live music performed by skilled and experienced musicians.

After marriage is registered, the newlyweds and their guests will be able to celebrate this happy moment in their lives in a buffet hall with a capacity of up to 200 people. It will delight guests with an equally refined interior with comfortable sofas, round tables covered with snow-white tablecloths, and very friendly staff.

Wedding Palace Staff 4

The entire staff of the Wedding Palace consists of highly qualified experienced professionals with higher legal education. If you have any questions regarding the activities of the registry office or the features of the ongoing registrations, the specialists of this institution will easily give you all the information you need.

Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow, address
Wedding Palace No. 4, Moscow, address

If you have any complaints or suggestions, you can contact the head of the Palace, who will definitely listen to the visitors and help solve the existing problem. What to know about whatdocuments are required to apply, you can come in person or ask about everything by phone.

Photos of the Wedding Palace No. 4

Wedding Palace No. 4 (Moscow), the photo of which is provided in this article, is a great place to capture a solemn, happy wedding day. Then the memory of the event will remain for life.

So, Wedding Palace No. 4 (Moscow) is the perfect place to hold your solemn ceremony. That's why it's so popular with couples who want to marry here.