Tefal vacuum cleaners: customer reviews
Tefal vacuum cleaners: customer reviews

Video: Tefal vacuum cleaners: customer reviews

Video: Tefal vacuum cleaners: customer reviews
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Reviews of Tefal vacuum cleaners are additional confirmation of the popularity of this brand all over the world. The company has been operating in more than 120 countries since 1954. After the presentation of a unique non-stick coating, the company actively took up the production of various household appliances, including irons and vacuum cleaners. The corporation employs highly qualified specialists who provide consumers with the highest quality and reliable products. The motto of the enterprise - "Tefal - thinks of you", optimally characterizes all the novelties produced under this brand. In the article, we will consider the types of home cleaning equipment from this manufacturer, as well as the feedback from the owners.

Reviews about vacuum cleaners "Tefal"
Reviews about vacuum cleaners "Tefal"

General information

Reviews of Tefal vacuum cleaners make it clear that among the most popular models, consumers distinguish not only wireless modifications, but also standard versions with a dust bag. In the line of cyclonic variations, the following models are successful:

  • compact vacuum cleaner TW332188;
  • ergonomic Tefal TW535388;
  • option TW539688;

As confirmed by reviews of silent vacuum cleaners "Tefal", and also says the instruction manual,devices are strictly not recommended for use with any type of liquids, construction debris, broken glass and burning materials. Also, do not treat surfaces that contain alcohol-containing liquids or gasoline. This is fraught with equipment failure and the possibility of injury or fire of the unit.

Popular dust bag modifications:

  • TW185588, 1800W power and 2.5L dust container;
  • TW524388, 2200W;
  • TW529588.

The instructions for using these models are similar to cyclonic vacuum cleaners. In the domestic market, a variation of the brand in question, which is powered by a battery, is in demand. In addition to their low weight, they are compact and do not depend on an electrical connection. True, it takes several hours to charge the battery. This is enough for one cleaning.

Tefal cordless vacuum cleaner

Reviews in this line most often concern two popular units:

  1. "Air Force Extreme Lithium" (Air Force Extreme Lithium). The device runs on a lithium-ion battery, one charge lasts almost an hour. User responses indicate that the actual operating time does not exceed 45 minutes.
  2. Air Force Extreme. This modification differs from the above version only in the battery. Here it is nickel, which significantly reduces the cost of the device.
  3. Vacuum cleaner "Tefal" with a container: reviews
    Vacuum cleaner "Tefal" with a container: reviews


The battery-operated unit operates with the help of innovative technology, which includes the cleaning of air masses during cleaning. According to the manufacturer, the dust is separated before entering the collection compartment. After the garbage enters the bin, the purified air is returned to the room. This design made it possible to reduce the volume of the waste container, but the efficiency of this unit remains in question.

As evidenced by the reviews, Tefal vacuum cleaners of this type have a number of advantages over wired models:

  • mobility, no need to be constantly connected to the network;
  • ease of use (the wire does not interfere with moving the device in different directions and does not cling to furniture);
  • designed mechanism to make it as easy as possible to transport the device;
  • Economical in terms of low energy consumption.

Reviews about the vacuum cleaner "Tefal" TW2522RA

This model combines compactness and power. The unit is perfect for processing rooms. The kit comes with an additional filter that can be used if the main analogue is in the process of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner perfectly collects not only dust from carpets and other coverings, but also perfectly copes with animal hair. The model takes up little space, convenient to transport and store.

Modification 3753

Many consumers (as confirmed by reviews of the Tefal 3753 vacuum cleaner) choose this particular variation. Its value ranges from 8 to9.5 thousand rubles. The release of the model began in 2016. Despite the fact that the brand in question is from France, its production has also been established in China.

Vertical vacuum cleaner "Tefal": reviews
Vertical vacuum cleaner "Tefal": reviews

The device is sold in a beautiful cardboard box with useful information for users. Appearance is attractive and ergonomic. The product is made of high quality plastic, has no backlash at the seams. Overall dimensions - 400/270/290 mm. The unit can be stored both vertically and horizontally. Light weight of 3 kilograms and excellent maneuverability allows the vacuum cleaner to be operated by a woman and a child.

As the reviews of the Tefal vacuum cleaner with a container show, its power of 0.65 kW is enough to clean carpets, linoleum and upholstered furniture. A high rate of efficiency, along with decent quality, allows you to further save on electricity consumption. The kit comes with a set of nozzles, including a turbo brush for cleaning pet hair. This does not require additional processing of the clogged surface.


The Tefal vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter (reviews of which are given below) is equipped with a special plastic container with a capacity of 1.5 liters. This volume makes it possible to cope with the cleaning of a large apartment and a multi-level cottage. Noise during operation is observed, but its level is much lower than that of many analogues. If we express this indicator in numbers, it will be 79 dB.

Reviews of the Tefal vacuum cleaner confirm the highbrand quality. Many consumers attribute it to the best variations among identical models. It is worth noting that the unit in question has an additional filter that prevents excessive heating of the motor. Working with this device will not be a problem for any user; it is also not picky in maintenance. The air freshening option allows you to get rid of not only dust and debris, but also unpleasant odors. As for the shortcomings, they relate mainly to repairs and prices, but in no way outweigh the pros.

Vacuum cleaner "Tefal" TW2522RA: reviews
Vacuum cleaner "Tefal" TW2522RA: reviews

Quality vacuum cleaner

Reviews of the Tefal TW3798EA vacuum cleaner say that this model is of good build quality and equipment. The set includes a brush for floors, carpets, crevices and furniture. The device functions well, equipped with a convenient telescopic tube. Among the shortcomings, consumers note the rapid heating of the device and a rather loud sound. For example, it is really possible to clean a two-room apartment in 2-3 visits. A special feature is the cyclone filter, which cannot be compared with standard bags. The cord is strong and quite long.

Air Force Extreme Lithium

When purchasing this device on batteries, you should prepare for its self-assembly. Customer reviews of Tefal vacuum cleaners in this category indicate that the manufacturer delivers the goods unassembled. The set comes with detailed assembly instructions and a screwdriver for attaching elements.

The new brush configuration may be confusing, howeverafter testing it, it becomes clear that it is practical and as convenient as possible to use. The triangular pointed shape of the nozzle allows you to thoroughly clean around skirting boards and in corners. An ordinary brush is not suitable for such manipulations.

Vacuum cleaner "Tefal 3798": reviews
Vacuum cleaner "Tefal 3798": reviews


The Tefal vertical vacuum cleaner (reviews additionally confirm this) in the Air Force Extreme Lithium version is equipped with two rows of LEDs on the working part, which makes it possible to illuminate dark places when cleaning. This applies to cleaning surfaces under the bed, other furniture or car seats. This design has one significant drawback, which is the accelerated discharge of batteries.

According to the manufacturer, the unit will collect a minimum amount of dust and debris in the trash compartment (no more than two teaspoons). There is some nuance here. If the device works on the principle of a separator, separating air masses from debris, then a small amount of dust indicates poor-quality filtration. As a result, the purified air after cleaning is returned back to the room. Rinse and dry the foam filter together with the dust container after each use.


Reviews of the silent vacuum cleaner "Tefal" speak of its superiority over the model with a nickel battery. The benefits are as follows:

  • quick charge (6 hours instead of 10);
  • increased power;
  • light weight (3.4 kg);
  • equipment with rollers that increase the maneuverability of the device;
  • presence of original charger.

Disadvantages of battery models

As evidenced by the reviews, the Tefal cyclone vacuum cleaner on batteries has a number of disadvantages. Among them:

  • the need to rinse the filter and trash can after each use;
  • susceptibility of foam rubber to various fungal and mold infections;
  • brittleness of plastic parts;
  • need for regular charging;
  • low capacity of the unit, not designed for one-time cleaning of large areas;
  • not all modifications are equipped with charge level sensors;
  • high cost compared to wired counterparts.
  • Vacuum cleaner "Tefal" with a cyclone filter: reviews
    Vacuum cleaner "Tefal" with a cyclone filter: reviews

Interesting facts

The new Tefal vacuum cleaner with a container, reviews of which are different, looks very stylish after unpacking. The color scheme consists of a dark blue or black plastic body with a lacquered surface. It is worth noting that the material requires careful handling, as it is prone to scratches and chips. As a result, the body quickly becomes rough and worn.

The dust collection tank is completely transparent, which allows you to visually determine the amount of accumulated debris. The inner surface also scratches over time under the influence of chips and hard particles. Scuffs are filled with dirt, which negatively affects the appearance of the device. Most battery models are stored vertically. This leads to falls and deformation of the unit. The principle of operation and the devices of most modifications from the manufacturer in question are identical. They differ in terms of power, color, battery type and minor details that do not affect the overall functionality.

Consumer feedback on other models

Among popular vacuum cleaners, the following modifications can be noted:

  1. Tefal 3798 vacuum cleaner. Reviews indicate that this is a reliable and fairly powerful device at 0.75 kW. It is equipped with a cyclone filter, the length of the power cord is 6200 mm. The type of cleaning is dry, the pipe is telescopic, the set of nozzles includes a parquet, crevice and flexible brush.
  2. Tefal TW2521RA model. The advantages of consumers include compact dimensions, ease of storage, maneuverability. The negative aspects of the owners include weak power, problems when cleaning animal hair and hair. Despite the fact that the build quality is top-notch and the motor is stable, cleaning will require a lot of nerves and strength.
  3. "Tefal" TW3786RA. Among the advantages are a high power indicator, a set of various nozzles, a telescopic tube, high-quality assembly, a cyclone filter, and a long cord. Cons: fast heating, high noise level during operation.
  4. Tefal TY8813RH. The advantages of this model (according to users): ease of use, additional filter, light weight. Features: charging lasts for 30-35 minutes, not suitable for a large room. Also, the disadvantages include smallthe volume of the flask, the lack of special nozzles and long-term charging (about 8 hours).
  5. TY8871RO. Advantages: the vertical model holds a charge for a long time, it is convenient to use, the continuous operation time is about fifty minutes, the main nozzle is equipped with a backlight. Disadvantages: only one brush is supplied in the kit, a small volume of the cyclone filter.
  6. TW3786. The owners of this modification consider the following points as pluses: efficiency and quality of cleaning, ease of cleaning the garbage tank, powerful motor, the ability to store in a vertical or horizontal position, and economy. The kit comes with several special interchangeable nozzles and a charger. Cons: there is no power regulator, the battery takes several hours to charge. The overall impression of this device is mostly positive.
  7. TW8370RA. This unit belongs to the usual type of vacuum cleaners, designed for dry cleaning. Suction power is 0.75 kW, consumption is 2.1 kW. The device is equipped with a power regulator, a cyclone tank and a fine filter. The capacity of the dust collector is 2 liters. The type of the working tube is telescopic, a turbo brush is included in the kit. An automatic cord winder is provided, the length of which is 8400 millimeters. Noise level - 68 dB.
  8. Silent vacuum cleaners are represented by variations of Silence Force 4A with a bag and the top bagless Silence Force Multicyclonic model. Both novelties have a special Silence technology system, providing a minimum noise level during operation of the device (about 66 dB). The included device will not interfere with watching your favorite TV program, will not scare a pet or wake up a child.


The cost of Tefal vacuum cleaners with a nickel battery is lower than that of analogues with lithium versions. The price of models varies from 200 to 500 US dollars. Many consumers note that these devices are designed for dry cleaning in not very polluted rooms, which calls into question the expediency of their purchase. In the domestic market, the high price of vacuum cleaners from this manufacturer is one of the main factors that reduce the popularity of the brand. At this price, you can easily choose an option with the possibility of wet cleaning and dry cleaning of carpets.

Reviews of the silent vacuum cleaner "Tefal"
Reviews of the silent vacuum cleaner "Tefal"


There are not many modifications in the model line of Tefal brand vacuum cleaners. The high price, along with a limited choice, led to the fact that these devices were not widely used in the post-Soviet space, although most owners of the units of this brand leave positive feedback about them.

It is worth noting the fact that the presence of foam filter elements in cordless vacuum cleaners classifies this technique as a dangerous machine for allergy sufferers and people with asthma.

Users also note the original triangular shape of the backlit brush, which allows you to clean up in uncomfortable and dark places. Nevertheless, for high-quality general cleaning, a separator analogue without a filter is better suited. The manufacturer recommends that you repair and service your equipment at specialized service centers, which, unfortunately, are not available in every city.